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Build Scalable Internet of Things Apps using Cloud Foundry, Bluemix & Cloudant

  1. Build Scalable Internet of Things Applications using Cloud Foundry, Bluemix & Cloudant!
  2. Internet of Things , Cloud Foundry, Bluemix and Cloudant Meetup Agenda!! Nov 18th, Bluemix Garage, 543 Howard Street, 4th Floor, San Francisco, CA! ! Crap. Our IoT Kitchen is Broken ! Talk by Renat Khasanshyn - CEO of Altoros Systems – Slideshare link for Renat`s talk coming soon and will be added here! ! Build scalable apps using IBM Internet of Things Foundation Cloud and Bluemix! Animesh Singh! ! Collect Data and Send Commands to Sensor Devices like Arduino and Raspberry Pi! Syed Zaidi and Nicholas Vargas! ! Store and Analyze IoT Data in Cloudant! Dwight Ford!
  3. Build IoT apps using IBM Internet of Things Cloud & Bluemix! Animesh Singh! 9 billion devices around the world are currently connected to the Internet The number is expected to increase within the next decade, ranging from 50 Billion to reaching 1 trillion @AnimeshSingh!
  4. 1.8Bn New Smartphones ! 4Q 2013, Dept store drives 32% of sales online! in 2013! The world is changing…! Tablets outnumbered PC sales in 4Q 2013! @AnimeshSingh!
  5. Forecast 2020 View! 212 billion installed things! 50 billion autonomously connected things! Public Sector, Distribution & Services, Manufacturing & Resources, and Consumers lead segment growth rates! Approximately 3 million petabytes of embedded systems data (excludes streaming, surveillance-type data! $8.9 trillion of business value! Source: IDC, December 2013 !
  6. New Customer Interaction Points for the 21st Century! Devices & Mobiles will be the touch points that drive new revenue streams @AnimeshSingh!
  7. The Internet of Things connects the world around us…! Smart Scales:! Track health in outpatients! Connected car:! Tracks location, status of car parts! Mobile:! Mobile payments! Container Tracking:! End to end tracking, prevent tampering ! Heating and Air Conditioning:! Maximum efficiency using weather predictions and remote control ! Smart Deliveries:! Track parcel ! Monitor and open garage door remotely on arrival! Building Security:! Facial recognition, remote notification! Smart Meter:! Track and control usage! HealthCare:! Monitor patients at home! Vending Machine:! Stock reporting, temperature, shelf life! @AnimeshSingh!
  8. IBM Bluemix! Register now!! @AnimeshSingh!
  9. IBM Bluemix (Powered by Cloud Foundry)! § IBM initiative to develop a Platform as a Services offering ! § IBM and partner cloud services! § Integrated DevOps with both Browser and Eclipse-based tools! Run8mes & Frameworks Services Register now!! Lifecycle Management (JazzHub) Check In Code Check In Code Create & Manage Services Applica8on Composi8on Environment Applica8on Run8me Web IDE (Eclipse Orion) Test/Run Explore Services node java WebSphere IBM Bluemix ™ Eclipse IDE Test/Run Explore Services ruby Worklight Liberty Middleware Applica8on Opera8 Data onal Mobile External @AnimeshSingh!
  10. Run Your Apps! The developer can chose any language runtime or bring their own. Just upload your code and go.! Services! A catalog of open source, IBM and third party APIs services allow a developer to stitch together an application in minutes.! DevOps! Development, monitoring, deployment and logging tools allow the developer to run the entire application! Cloud Integration! Build hybrid environments. Connect to on-premises systems of record plus other public and private clouds. Expose your own APIs to your developers.! Extend SaaS Apps! Drop in SaaS App SDKs and extend to new use cases (e.g,. Mobile, Analytics, Web)! A Platform as a Service ! @AnimeshSingh!
  11. IBM Internet of Things Foundation! IBM® Internet of Things Foundation is a fully managed, cloud-hosted service that makes it simple to derive value from IoT devices. ! Manage! Assemble! Connect! Real Time MQTT! Collect! Simple APIs! Build! REST! @AnimeshSingh!!
  12. IBM Internet of Things Foundation allows you to easily compose IoT solutions! Select from a growing list of device recipes! Simply connect & “recognize” device types! Visualize real-time data stream! Visually define logic flows! Mix with other services in Bluemix to create apps! ! @AnimeshSingh!
  13. Device Recipes in IoT Foundation! @AnimeshSingh!
  14. Internet of Things is part of our Bluemix Platform! @AnimeshSingh!
  15. Bluemix Recipes in IoT Foundation! @AnimeshSingh!
  16. Node RED in Bluemix! A visual tool for wiring the Internet of Things! Node-RED provides a browser-based editor that makes it easy to wire together flows that can be deployed to the runtime in a single click.! Node-RED in Bluemix! 16 @AnimeshSingh!
  17. IoT Foundation powered by IBM MessageSight! • Extends IBM Messaging family with secure, easy to deploy appliance-based messaging gateway! • Optimized for massive scale Internet of Things and Mobile use cases at edge of enterprise! • Exploits hardware acceleration for high performance! • Can extend existing messaging infrastructure or be used standalone! Designed for Things! • Optimized gateway for Things and Mobile devices! • Efficient open protocol ! • Event-driven awareness! • Open and industry agnostic! • Fine-grained security policies! Developer! Friendly! • Active dev community! • Free dev virtual appliance! • Simple yet powerful APIs ! • Simple messaging paradigm! • 40+ MQTT client libraries! Easy to Deploy! ! • Up and running < 30 minutes! • Task oriented UI guides administrator through first steps ! • Simple and scalable management through policies! Easy to Integrate! • JMS! • WebSockets! • MQ ! • Integration Bus! • Worklight! • InfoSphere Streams…! Internet! Scale! • 13M non-persistent msg/sec! • 400K persistent msg/sec! • 1M concurrent connections! • Predictable microsecond latency under load! • Highly available! @AnimeshSingh!
  18. IBM delivers connectivity across IoT deployment options! As-a-service, PAYG Public Cloud Dedicated appliances in datacenter IoT Foundation IBM MessageSight Powered by IBM MessageSight Virtual appliances, Public or private cloud deployed @AnimeshSingh!
  19. Why messaging for mobile and IoT?! HTTP revolutionized how we ! consume data! • Simple request/response model! • Data from known source! • Available on any tablet, laptop, phone, PC! • Slow and unreliable on mobile networks! Mobile and IoT applications have ! additional challenges! • Requires a real-time, event-driven model! • Publishing information one-to-many! • Listening for events as they happen! • Sending small packets of data in huge volumes! • Reliably pushing data over unreliable networks! @AnimeshSingh!
  20. MQTT – the protocol for Mobile and IoT messaging! § MQTT is a machine-to-machine (M2M) "Internet of Things" connectivity and messaging protocol ideally suited to mobile and M2M environments - designed for constrained devices and low-bandwidth, high-latency or unreliable networks! § It has an open specification (! ü There are over 40 different client implementations! ü Standardization with OASIS accomplished a week ago.! § High-quality, open-source implementations of clients! ü Hosted at the Eclipse Paho project! ü Build the clients yourself or use free ones from IBM ! or others! § MQTT is very lean and fast! • Efficient format with minimal overhead! • Client implementations are small and can run on small devices! ! § Communication using messaging is much more flexible than request/response! • Bi-directional, asynchronous “push” communication! • Publish/subscribe decouples the senders of information from the receivers! @AnimeshSingh!
  21. Internet of Things Demo One: Connected Car! @AnimeshSingh!
  22. IoT Demo One: Connected Car! Applying models to predict, detect, optimize and anticipate! Primary Event zone! Sensors tracking real-time location of cars! Secondary perimeter ! Overview of car status! Real-time alerts personalized to each car! Car that had entered and now left danger zone! @AnimeshSingh!
  23. IoT Demo One: Connected Car! Applying models to predict, detect, optimize and anticipate! @AnimeshSingh!
  24. IoT Demo Two: Sample IoT boilerplate in Bluemix with simulated sensor! Node-RED in Bluemix! @AnimeshSingh!
  25. IoT Demo Two: Launch Simulated Sensor – Visualize in IoT ! @AnimeshSingh!
  26. IoT Demo Two: Deploy Node application with simulated device id! @AnimeshSingh!
  27. IoT with Arduino and Raspberry Pi - How to store sensor-generated data, and send commands Syed Zaidi and Nicholas Vargas!
  28. IoT Demo Three: Arduino w/ Light sensor!
  29. IoT Demo Four: IoT application using Raspberry pi & node-red!
  30. IoT Demo Five: The Other Direction! Sending data back to a device l Not just about getting data l Bidirectional network of “Things” l Collect data – then act on it
  31. IoT Demo Five: The Other Direction! Use case l Critical hardware temperature alert l When device reaches dangerous temperature, supervisor should be alerted l Physical world to digital world, back to physical l LED lights change color when temperature crosses a threshold
  32. Store and Analyze IoT Data in Cloudant! Dwight Ford!
  33. 33 Sync Any Device using JSON over HTTP! JSO N Cloudan t JSON JSON JSON JSON JSON
  34. The Cloudant Data Layer! Best-of-Breed NoSQL Database and Clustering Technology Managed 24x7x365 by DevOps Experts Global Data Presence in 35+ Data Centers 34!
  35. Cloudant Overview! • Operational Data Store • NoSQL Document Database • Simple and well-defined HTTP API • Fully Integrated: • Replication & Sync • MapReduce for Real-time Analytics • Full-Text Search • GeoSpatial • Multi-tenant and dedicated-tenant clusters • Powered by Apache CouchDB, Dynamo Clustering, Lucene Search, and a whole lot more…
  36. Document Database Basics! • Documents are stored in the popular JSON format with a flexible schema • A database is a logical collection of documents, with single set of access permissions • Cluster can hold any number of databases
  37. Developing with Cloudant! • Dashboard • HTTP RESTful API • Language Agnostic • Compatible with open source Apache CouchDB • Cloudant and CouchDB-compatible API Libraries
  38. Join the Bluemix App Challenge!!!
  39.! Meetup Groups: Silicon Valley Cloud Foundry and Bluemix Meetups!