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The Poetry Quiz

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The quiz session from the FB group Quiz-Wiz on 10.04.18

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The Poetry Quiz

  1. 1. © anirban biswas Quiz-Wizwall| 10.04.18
  2. 2. Mirza Ghalib had dedicated many beautiful poems to his muse, Purani Delhi. In one of his mid 19th century poems, we see Ghalib lamenting: "Dilli na rahi, chhavni hai Na qila, na shaher, na bazar, na nahar Qissa mukhtasar Shahar Sahra ho gaya" What was Ghalib describing?
  3. 3. The fall of Delhi in 1858. Written after the English forces took Delhi from the Sepoy forces during Sepoy Mutiny.
  4. 4. Ernest Dowson was a turn of the century English poet, often associated with the decadent movement. Died only 32, in 1900, his primary fame rests upon two of the English phrases that he given to us. If one of the phrase is days of wine and roses, what's the other?
  5. 5. “I have forgot much, Cynara! gone with the wind, Flung roses, roses riotously with the throng…” -Non Sum Qualis eram Bonae Sub Regno Cynarae, 1894.
  6. 6. One Mechanical Engineer from BE College, thus remembers his old flame: "আমরা দুজনে মমনে মজনে গেমি বহুমিে হনো। গোমার োনের রঙ এখনো আনের মনো, েনব েু মম আর মহন্দু গেই, খৃষ্টাে হনেনিা। েু মম আর আমম মিন্তু দুজনেই বুন া হনে গেমি... " Id both.
  7. 7. Binoy Majumdar & Gayatri Chakraborty Spivak
  8. 8. X is a fictional donkey, meaning ‘silvery’ in Spanish. A creation of poet Juan Ramón Jiménez, X is considered one of the famous characters Spanish literature has ever seen. Originally written for children, Jiménez continued with X in his poems as well, creating the donkey as an alter ego of the poet. Since, X has crossed boundaries and even one Bengali poet also fell under its charm. Id X.
  9. 9. Platero. First published in Platero y yo (Platero and I) by Jimenez. The Bengali poet was Shakti Chatterjee, who has sonnet sequences featuring Platero.
  10. 10. It was 1915, the WW1 was raging and two poet friends, one American and one British, were spending their life in the warmth of English countryside. One day, the American counterpart sent one of his freshly written poem to his friend, a poem about choices, and it became a decisive moment. Inspired by the poem, the British friend shrugged off all his hesitations and joined the Great War, only to be killed in action. His friend returned to America, dejected. Who are these poets? And which is the decisive poem that made all the difference?
  11. 11. Robert Frost & Edward Thomas The decisive poem was “The Road Not Taken”, which Frost wrote in 1915 and Thomas was its first reader.
  12. 12. After Premendra Mitra won the 1958 Sahitya Akademi for his book of verses সাের গেনি গেরা, a joke came circulating in the literary circles. Contrary to the apparent belief that the poem was written after a trip to the sea, a rumour was started that the title poem as well as the whole collection was named so for one certain reason. What reason?
  13. 13. That Sagarmoy Ghosh, the legendary editor of গিশ once rejected these poems. Premendra Mitra compiled the rejected poems and named his collection সাের গেনি গেরা
  14. 14. Allen Ginsberg visited India for the second time in 1971. Bob Dylan wanted his friend Allen to get a first- hand experience of the Bangladesh refugee crisis and Allen came up with ‘September on Jessore Road’. While one reads the poem, one of the stanza go like this: “Is this what I did to myself in the past? What shall I do _____ Poet I asked? Move on and leave them without any coins? What should I care for the love of my loins?..” Fill in the blanks.
  15. 15. Sunil. Mentioning his good friend Sunil Gangopadhyay.
  16. 16. X is an 1890 Rudyard Kipling poem, written to highlight the extreme hardships of remaining twenty war veterans of one particular battle, and the typical British indifference towards it. The poem starts from where an earlier poem had left, even echoing the name. Though intended to be a sequel of the earlier poem, X had never achieved the fame the former attracts. X?
  17. 17. ‘The Last of the Light Brigade’ Which narrates the hardships of the veterans of Battle of Balaclava, famously featured in the Lord Alfred Tennyson’s poem ‘The Charge of the Light Brigade’.
  18. 18. He was the owner of an electrical shop in Bankura, that's why Bimal Kar used to call him electric poet. Born in 1933 at Benaras, his biggest contribution to the Bengali poetry came in 1965, when one of his friend wrote a poem. Which poem?
  19. 19. ‘অবেী বাম আনিা’ Abani Nag was a friend of Shakti Chattopadhyay and he was said to be the অবেী of Shakti Chattopadhyay’s ‘অবেী বাম আনিা’ fame.
  20. 20. The grandeur of this town was well documented as early as in 15th century, when we found Chand Saudagar of মেসামঙ্গেিাবয seeing this town en route and commenting: “অমিেব সুরপুরী গিমখ সব সামর সামর প্রমে ঘনর িেনির ধারা োো রত্ন অমবশাে গজযামেমমে িাাঁ চ চাে েজমুক্তা প্রেমিে ঝারা।” The town lost its importance after Mughals laid a siege and defeated its inhabitants in 1632. Which town?
  21. 21. সপ্তগ্রাম Established by the Portuguese in 1533, the town fell to Mughal forces after Shah Jehan sent his army to get rid of the Harmads.
  22. 22. Connect:
  23. 23. The poem “শীেিাে িনব আসনব সুপর্মা” by Bhaskar Chakraborty “শীেিাে িনব আসনব সুপর্মা আমম মেেমাস ঘুমমনে োিব- প্রমে সন্ধ্যাে গি গেে ইোমিম িনর বযানঙর রক্ত ঢু মিনে গিে আমার শরীনর- আমম চু প িনর বনস োমি- অন্ধ্িানর েীে োেুস উম নে গিে িারা, সারারাে বামজ গপা াে...”
  24. 24. Those who were a regular listener of Akashvani and a certain shortwave transmission from Kolkata in the early 70s, can still remember frequently listening to Jibanananda poems over radio. Jibanananda Das was a known poet to Bengali bhadralok by that time, but he yet to became an enigma as he is now. Still some of his poems got considerable airtime. Why?
  25. 25. Poems from রূপসী বাাংো were used as codes during Liberation War of Bangladesh. Poems from other poets were also used sometimes, but রূপসী বাাংো poems were the most popular among Muktibahini. The short wave station being Swadhin Bangla Betar Kendra.
  26. 26. Neil Perry and his friends were instrumental in reviving this long defunct poetry club in the year 1959. Over the year, they had studied some fourteen poems in all, which includes: “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day” by William Shakespeare, “She walks in beauty” by Lord Byron and “Ulysses” by Lord Tennyson. What’s the name of this poetry club?
  27. 27. Dead Poet’s Society Features famously in the 1989 Robin Williams movie of the same name.
  28. 28. Feng Tang is a Chinese author. Some three years back, he found himself in the eye of a storm, when he wrote the following lines while translating a book of poems into Chinese: "The world unzipped its pants in front of his lover." The Chinese media and critics lambasted Feng for unnecessary turning a classic to obscenity and his publishers had to withdraw books off the shelf. The original collection of poems were in English and was published in 1922. Who was the poet?
  29. 29. Rabindranath Tagore. Feng was translating the line: “ The great earth makes herself hospitable with the help of the grass.” (Poem XC, Stray Birds ) Tagore’s Stray Birds was a compilation of lines he had written during Japan tour in 1921. Almost all of its English poems were itself a translation of ক্ষমর্িা and গেখেী।
  30. 30. Edger Allan Poe met Jane Craig Stanard in the year 1820. Poe was 14 at that time and motherless. She was 28 and mother of his class friend Robert. They soon struck a chord and their friendship flourished until her death in 1824. Poe immortalised Jane in one of the poem he wrote in 1831. This particular poem generates a considerable interest among the readers of the Bengali poetry. Why?
  31. 31. Edger Allan Poe wrote ‘To Helen’ (1831) in memory of Jane Stanard. This is the poem, which inspired Jibanananda Das to write ‘বেেো গসে’।