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Classroom Guidelines and Expectations 1

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Classroom Guidelines and Expectations 1

  1. 1. “It’s a teacher’s RIGHT to be able to TEACH and it is a student’s RIGHT to be able to LEARN in class without any DISRUPTION.”
  2. 2.  Students must bring all the required books and resources to class, e.g. pens, exercise book, poetry book, work book, etc.  Students late to class will be marked accordingly.
  3. 3.  Students are to enter the room in an orderly manner.  Nothing is to be thrown about the room, e.g. hand objects, such as pens, to another student or put rubbish in the bin.  Students must remain at their tables and not walk around the room.  Students are to remain quiet while the class roll is being taken.
  4. 4.  During teacher instruction, all students need to be listening. No one else should be talking.  When students are sharing in a whole class discussion, only one student is to share at a time. Other students need to be listening.  That is, only one person to be speaking at a time.  All students are encouraged to participate in a positive manner in class discussions on a topic to show your knowledge and understanding.
  5. 5. English is a reading and writing, and a speaking and listening subject, therefore students are to participate in all activities to show their knowledge and understanding of the content of the unit of work, for example:  Participate in class discussions  Read the required material  Write appropriate responses
  6. 6. Homework is a subject requirement and must be completed and handed in by the due date.  If homework is submitted late, then one point will be deducted for each day late  After one week from due date, homework will not be accepted and the student will receive a zero for the task
  7. 7.  SACs are to be completed in class on the allocated date.  If you are absent, you need to supply a doctor’s medical certificate to sit the SAC on another day (to be determined via consultation).  If you fail a SAC (minimum of 45%) you will be asked to re-sit the SAC to show your knowledge and understanding and attain an ‘S’ (satisfactory), or an ‘N’ (unsatisfactory) will be shown on reports. Your original SAC mark will remain.