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Email Marketing

  1. Hello! I am Farhad Beheshti Account Manager @Anetwork
  2. Email Marketing
  3. The first Email was sent in 1971 by Ray Tomlinson
  4. 4.3 BillionEmail accounts 122,500,453,020Emails are sent every day
  5. ‘’ Email marketing is directly marketing a commercial message to a group of people to build LOYALTY, TRUST, or BRAND AWARNESS
  8. WHY EMAIL MARKETING? 80% of content marketers use email marketing 55% of companies generate more than 10 percent of sales from Email 42% of businesses say email is one of their most effective lead generation channels 88% of marketers say email marketing is bringing them a positive ROI
  9. Email has larger reach who is online has an active email address
  10. Email delivers your message 90% Email gets delivered to the intended recipient’s inbox 0nly 2% of your Facebook fans see your posts
  11. Email has higher ROI
  12. Email drives conversions average click-through rate of an email campaign is around 3% average click-through rate from a tweet is around 0.5% 6x
  13. Reason #1 Low open and response rates will yield crappy results and hurt your reputation 2 problems with buying an Email list Reason #2 You’re doing wrong
  16. Signup form
  17. Signup form
  18. In article links
  19. Website pop-up
  20. CPC and display campaign
  21. CSR campaigns
  23. Don’t Know What to Write in Your Emails? Promote the benefits of your product. Share a case study. Ask for feedback.
  24. . 1.Subject Line 2.Sender Name 3.Images Within 4.Email Copy 5.Call to Action
  25. Subject line the most important factor for users to open an email 41-50 characters are the most popular among marketers 61-70 characters deliver the highest read rates Curiosity Urgency Exclusivity Testing Different Subject Lines
  26. Often, businesses use the company name, brand name, product name, name of a person, Sender name - The first email lacks any information about the brand name.. The email gives little encouragement to users to open it.
  27. Images Within Email Number of Images Using Alt Tags Using Different File Formats for Images
  28. Emaill copy - Write Scannable Copy - Use Headlines - Avoid Spammy Words - Clearly State The Benefits
  29. Call to action -Minimize Number of CTAs -Make the CTA Visible
  30. 45% of Email messages are opened in mobile devices 45%
  31. And tables to compare data
  32. Personalization Segmenting Your Subscribers What to send to people who opened specific messages Why to send based on who clicked certain links What to send to subscribers who haven’t responded to ANY recent message What to give people who provided contact preferences at sign Up
  33. Tools
  34. Sales Clicks Opens Unsubscribes conversion rate
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