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  1. 1. Alex RichmondAlexandria Srbinovski Anella Mujezinovic Christine Lee Shalini Gandhi
  2. 2. Water Education Safety Notebook Motivation Comfort Love BookPencil Security Teacher Freedom
  3. 3. Parish of St. Ann is requesting $25 USD tohelp with supplies and raise teacher’s salaryfor children in rural areas. The goal is toincrease attendance to 400 students by theend of the 2010-2011 school year.
  4. 4. With $25, YOU can contribute to: the expansion of the classroom size and more students can be accommodated for=refuge from everyday struggles Training teachers=quality education Increase salary=Motivation25 US Dollar(s) = 1008.05 Haitian Gourde
  5. 5. Haiti is located in theCaribbean Sea on theborder of the AtlanticOcean. It is a.collection of fourislands: most of theland is mountainous.The current presidentis René Préval andprime minister isAlexis.
  6. 6. 75% of the populationlives in rural areas.2008 there is looting/ riots regarding the food shortagePopulation continues to grow despite earthquake. From 9.6 million to 13.4 million by 2050
  7. 7. There are 4 classes: upper, middle, peasants,and urban lower class.Upper class=light skinned, French customsMiddle class=have to know French andLiteratePeasants=75% of the populationUrban Lower=live by the coast and face the worst health & sanitation
  8. 8. 12% ofchildrendie beforetheir firstbirthday1/3 ofchildrennever seetheir fifthbirthday
  9. 9. In 2000, only 40% can read andless than 20% finish primaryschool
  10. 10. "Toxic Stress"-post earthquake; children separated fromfamily-exposed to horrendous, terrifying images-psychological problems; fear of collapse ofcertain types of buildings (ex. brick andmortar) [according to UNICEFCommunications Specialist, Tania McBride]school provides:securitya sense of normalcysafe spaceinteraction with caregivers
  11. 11. prior to 2010 earthquake, quality of schools were very poor"...unfit to contribute to socio-economic development"ex. New Orleans-Hurricane Katrina -one of the worst urban public schools in the country; 60% of schools academically unacceptable -Post Hurricane Katrina, Legislation passes law allowing State of Louisiana to take control of under-achieving schools. -Now, 61% of New Orleans is Charter Schools (privately run public schools) -High increase in student achievement -Chance to, not only increase quantity of schools but the quality of them also.
  12. 12. Quality Education Well- educated citizens Increase in Knowledge Better, healthier decisions Increase in Survival rate Pass knowledge on to next generationOver time, Haiti will build a strong foundation of people
  13. 13. Frances MaschalLanders Funds…  Medicine  Food  Water  Shelter
  14. 14. RattrapageTutoring Program: Three times a week Mathematics- Reading- Writing- Science
  15. 15. The Remote School System Pilot: -- Technology Benefits --
  16. 16. Donatetoday! For every $1.00 you contribute to selected projects, The Vincentian Family will contribute $1.00! Remember, your $25 can put food on the table and help create a future for many: perhaps the next doctor or even teacher.
  17. 17. Aristotle“Education is an ornament inprosperity and a refuge inadversity.”