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Customer Success Tactics that lead to Hyper Growth

A list of top tactics sure to boost customer success and retention

CX ideas and tactics to implement in a solid customer success program. How to align your customer success strategy with sales, marketing, product and business development to create an overall smooth customer experience and design a customer journey that leads to retention and advocacy.

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Customer Success Tactics that lead to Hyper Growth

  1. 1. Customer Success Tactics That Lead to Hyper Growth
  2. 2. Customer Success at a Glance Customer success means: • Establishing a relationship with your clients • Listening and understanding what their needs are  • Supporting them throughout the journey that leads to their own goals. Basic elements of a solid customer success program are: • Competence  • Strategic plan  • A centralized repository to store all the information you collect at different stages of the customer journey  • Consistency • Proper tools to listen, collect feedback, create a feedback loop and optimize the strategy.
  3. 3. Proven Customer Success Tactics that work Onboarding and User Adoption #1 Talk about Benefits, Not Features The truth is that no matter how many sleepless nights you spent creating a great product roadmap, users are not interest in your product’s features. Users only care about one thing: outcome! When presenting features to your users don’t focus on characteristics. You need to focus on the results. People work with your product because they have a picture in mind of how their current situation should improve with it.
  4. 4. Push Users to Doing Things Big presentations, video tutorials, and documentation delay engagement. Don’t focus too much on the learning process. Lead users to engaging with the product as soon as possible instead. Interactive onscreen guidance is essential to speed things up. Provide a Visible Checklist People hate unchecked list items. When onboarding new users, make sure that they know all the steps they need to go through in order to achieve first results with your product. Communicate Individually Users who feel guided during onboarding are more likely to go through the entire process. Onscreen tours allow you to steer users through all the processes interactively and comment on each step while rewarding them individually.
  5. 5. Offer Personalized Reports Personalization plays a key role in modern transactions. The entire customer experience needs to be personalized and users need to monitor their situation and the progress they’re making. Make sure you tie each achievement to a solution of an everyday problem users face. People feel good about their achievements and if you also encourage and facilitate sharing you’ll be able to create a loop that leads to reinforcement. Intervene If a user seems to be stuck it’s time to intervene. Ask questions. Try to understand why they stopped the process. Monitor their behavior and offer to help. Collect feedback and come up with a tailored solution.
  6. 6. Proven Customer Success Tactics that work Activation #2 Habit Formation Make sure you implement clear elements that lead to habit formation. If users see something new unfold and they see new results they’ll be more likely to reserve a time slot to check in. Create daily quests and follow your users throughout the journey! People are tuned to look for novelty elements.
  7. 7. Content and Support Make sure that your users know that they didn’t just purchased access to a piece of software but that they just acquired a whole team of customer success managers, product managers, engineers, project managers and business developers that from now on will work side by side with them towards their goals! Check-in Calls Follow your customers at the beginning of their journey. Try to offer help and make sure that they’re actually following all the right steps to move on with your product. Perks Offer specific perks to your customers in exchange for continuous engagement. Create some form of virtual currency you can use for rewarding active users. Create a series of activities that will add value to your product and contribute to their success.
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  9. 9. Proven Customer Success Tactics that work Churn Prevention #3 Set Reasonable Expectations Make sure that nobody in your team overpromises on the potential outcomes. Their awareness of what the product can or cannot deliver is essential. Have room to surprise your customers by over-delivering and allow them to move from satisfaction to delight! Take Users by the Hand Onboarding walkthroughs are beneficial in terms of customer retention as well. During the onboarding phase you set the tone for the relationship with your customer. Make sure you're in control of what happens when your users first sign up.
  10. 10. Walk in Your Customer’s Shoes and Ask for Feedback The customer experience you created may be optimal to match your own processes, but you need to be aware that your customers may come from a very different place. Keep monitoring their behavior and ask for feedback to continuously optimize adoption and implementation according to their needs. Never Stop Selling People are emotional beings. They need support when they make “rational” decisions but they also need to be constantly reminded that they made the right choice. Underline your competitive advantages and unique selling points to make sure they understand that your competitor is not going to offer them a better solution.
  11. 11. Adapt to Changes Your product will never be perfect or even complete. Deliver the best possible solution at each point in time, show where you’re going and adapt your product to the market in continuous steps. Customers can be patient if they’re sure you’re working on making things better. But they also need a working solution at each step. Monitor KPIs and Identify Signals Customer satisfaction scores and customer success metrics, together with VOC solutions and social listening provide great insights into your customer health. Be sure you put in place proactive measures to prevent dissatisfaction and reactive solutions to curb the damage. Great customer care can often prevent churn.
  12. 12. Proven Customer Success Tactics that work Brand Advocacy #4 Differentiation Create a personality, show your true colors and let people identify with your brand and be part of a whole new world. Don’t engineer a brand personality with the purpose to resonate with your customers. The process goes the other way around. Let your brand personality develop and attract customer who resonate with it! Leverage Differentiated Drivers Identify your main brand advocacy drivers and create a consistent communication throughout the journey.
  13. 13. Ask for Support at the right Time The best time to ask for support from your customers is after helping them solve a problem. They’ll be more prone to drop a review, a testimonial, refer your business to their peers and so on. Enable and Facilitate Advocacy Customer loyalty and partnership programs can be useful to enable advocacy. Referral programs can turn customers into partners and reinforce your relationship with them especially if your growth also effects the level of service you can offer. Personalized services and key account management can also spawn advocacy and create endorsers.
  14. 14. Proven Customer Success Tactics that work Human Interaction #5 No matter what tactics you adopt. The most important element of a customer success program is the human being who listens to the customers, reads their messages, interprets the data you collect, and fosters the relationship with your customers. Fancy tools and measures can bring you up to a certain point, but customer success tactics that work and lead to hyper-growth are those that involve a certain level of human touch. Keep it human….keep it real!
  15. 15. User Guidance that leads to Customer Success PERSONALIZE YOUR CX