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Generating leads with Inbound Marketing


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Generating leads with Inbound Marketing

  1. 1. Delivering Inbound Marketing Services using Hubspot to help our clients generate more leads April 2014 BSG Marketing Services
  2. 2. The Lead Generation Challenge … Marketing is changing … 2
  3. 3. Suppliers need an integrated marketing and sales engine to deliver against sales targets. 3 Opportunity Proposal Short List New Business Qualify & Route Lead Identify & Nurture Lead 5% Suspects qualified as Marketing Qualified Leads & passed to Sales for follow-up 50% Win Rate 33% of New Relationships lead to a Proposal £10m / 40 Wins 40 wins at an average of £0.25m/contract = approx 3+ wins per month 80 Sales Qualified Leads (ie. Proposals) = approx 6-7 proposals per month 242 Sales Accepted Leads = approx 20 new meetings per month 1% Suspects are identified per month 4850 Marketing Qualified Leads = approx >400 marketing qualified leads per month = Database of 40,400 prospects (replenished with additional 930/month) Illustrative - based on £10m target and average contract value of £250k ARO Prospects
  4. 4. To understand how to SELL, we need to start with an understanding of how people BUY. “What’s important to the FM Manager” changes along the buying cycle 4 Contract Expiry Expiry minus 6 months? Expiry minus 12 months? RFP Supplier Selected PQQ Possibility of market test/tender? Current supplier service issues? Questionable value for money? Poor supplier relationship? Contract lifecycle Buying process Resolving daily issues Keeping abreast of changes & industry trends Researching Understanding Relationship-building Potential suppliers Relationship-building Exploring needs & solutions Decision to market test/tenderBuyer’s issues Contract Handover Mobilisation Compliance Price The right supplier Viable suppliers
  5. 5. Service providers face various Sales & Marketing challenges along the buying cycle. Sales challenges along the buying cycle 5 Buying process How to FIND enough of the right prospects? How to CONNECT with, be NOTICED? How to STAY CONNECTED, NURTURE the relationship with, and IMPRESS, the buyer? How to UNDERSTAND the buyer’s CHALLENGES & PRIORITIES (better than competition)? How to INFLUENCE the requirements? How to submit a WINNING RESPONSE? How to develop a TRUSTED ADVISOR relationship? 1 2 3 4 5 7 6
  6. 6. Buyers journey – the old way. Marketing create brand awareness and Sales do the prospecting. Branding & awareness … Sales reps found buyers, helped diagnose pain and prescribe solutions Sales Rep 6
  7. 7. 71% of all buyers start with Google as they begin researching their purchases. (Source: Base One) Now … Buyers find Sellers, not vice versa Buyers shop anonymously until the …. formal process starts Sales Rep In 80% of purchases, the BUYER finds the SELLER. (Source: Sirius Decisions) 7
  8. 8. The way buyers discover & research products has fundamentally changed 44% of direct mail is never opened 86% skip TV commercials 91% unsubscribe from emails 200 million say “Do Not Call”
  9. 9. Recent BSG research also demonstrates that buying behaviour is changing … Comments  Personal referrals rate as the most important source of information early in the buying cycle  How to create referrals for a new product?  Online sources rate as the next most important primary source  For a new product, this is arguably more important 9 Source: BSG research, 2014 Which sources of information do you use when deciding which suppliers to include in a supplier selection? 40% 47% 50% 50% 53% 57% 70% 87% 0% 25% 50% 75% 100% Print or online advertisements Supplier directories Supplier newsletters or emails Personal calls or visits by supplier sales representatives Trade press articles Supplier-sponsored conferences, events and seminars On-line articles (including social media, web, blogs etc) Referrals from colleagues or associates
  10. 10. Traditional “interruption” marketing isn’t working 10
  11. 11. In fact, interruption marketing may be REDUCING your chances … 11
  12. 12. Suppliers need a cost-effective marketing engine to find prospects and build trust 12 ….. HOW?  Use inbound marketing (supported by telemarketing) to attract, convert and nurture leads  Handover over to Sales only leads that are worth pursuing and that are already warm  Ensure Sales are properly equipped (sales skills, bid mgt, proposal development, estimators, sales tools) to build Trusted Advisor relationships & win the business Dotted lines show what will happen if the relationship is neglected at any stage Trusted Advisor RELATIONSHI P STRENGTH Predisposed Transactional / Indifferent Antagonistic / Unknown TIME TO PURCHASE DECISION (months) THE SWEET SPOT DANGER ZONE LOST / NO HOPE -36 -24 -12 0 A B C Suppliers need to develop “Trusted Advisor” relationships with (currently unknown) prospects in target segments, so that they are in the “Sweet Spot” when the client is ready to buy …. A B C
  13. 13. The Solution? Inbound Marketing 13
  14. 14. What is Inbound Marketing? 14
  15. 15. Blogging Social SEO Tools to Attract Visitors Tools to Convert Leads Tools to Nurture Prospects Landing Pages Forms Email Marketing Automation Analytics Salesforce Sync Calls-to-action Lead Management All the tools you need to do marketing – all in one place. What is Hubspot?
  16. 16. Traditional vs Inbound marketing 16
  17. 17. BSG offers an end-to-end service to define and run your inbound marketing using HubSpot 17 Plan (2-4 weeks) Prepare (4-6 weeks) Agree target segment(s) Research market segments Define lead gen. & new business targets Define Ideal Client Profiles Develop Value Proposition by Segment Define Content Creation & Campaign Plan • Needs • Solutions • Proposition • Uniquenes s Review existing marketing assets Prepare & load prospect data Setup systems • Marketing Automation • Website • CRM Develop content for launch • Research reports • Whitepapers • Blog posts Execute (on-going) Measure & Optimise Response Analysis Communicate Convert • Landing pages • Profiling • Calls-to-Action Attract • Blog • Keyword Search • Social Media Nurture • Email campaigns • Lead nurturing • Lead scoring • Handover to Sales Exec Workshop Briefing for Sales & Operations teams Weekly status updates Monthly reviews Repeat Review Lead Source Analysis Search Term Reporting Competitor Reporting Sales Activity Reporting Campaign Results Sales Pipeline Reporting 1 2 3 4
  18. 18. It takes much more than software … 18 #6 Reporting Source: Business Services Growth (BSG) & Sales Engine International 2014
  19. 19. … it takes a fractional “village” of people £50,000 £65,000 £12,000£15,000 £30,000£15,000£30,000£25,000 £80,000 19
  20. 20. We start by defining the ideal prospect, assessing the market and building a prospect database. 20
  21. 21. We then define the content strategy and help you develop the necessary content. 21
  22. 22. We run outbound campaigns using a mix of tactics, as appropriate for the audience. Marketing Qualified Lead 22
  23. 23. All interactions and responses are tracked, managed and scored in Hubspot 23
  24. 24. We also provide support materials for Sales to ensure they are fully briefed to follow-up. Sales Qualified Lead 24
  25. 25. Finally, we provide a real-time dashboard to help you track results. Sample metrics  Open rates  Click-Thu rate  # Market Qualified Leads Generated  # Sales Accept Lead  Conversion rates  # Leads Generated  Sample Lead to Close: 25 £££ Conversion Rates Stage Number Suspect 60,200 1% MQLs 1&2 602 5% SAL (appointment) 30.1 33% SQL (opportunity) 10 33% Close 3
  26. 26. Lead generation and nurturing using Hubspot Program Management  Ideal Prospect Profile development  Daily/weekly account management  Monthly playbook development with client’s Sales leader  Monthly executive review Content Development  Keyword research  Content development plan  Top of Funnel content (15 Articles re- purposed into 60 unique marketing assets)  Premium content: (3 White papers, 3 Infographics, 3 Sales Videos, 1 Sales Avatar) Demand Generation  Develop editorial calendar with seasonal content themes  Content integration w/client’s website  Up to 1,000 new leads/month that receive a content offer  Monthly eNewsletter (aggregated content)  Monthly targeted persona based campaigns (up to 3/month)  Social Media posts  Ad-retargeting  Topic based lead nurtures  Real time dashboards (SF.com)
  27. 27. Why us? 27 Business Services is all we do. We understand your business and the issues faced by firms across the sector. #1 Sector Focus #2 Profitable Growth We are committed to working with you to identify and overcome obstacles to growth. #3 Business Model Our Inbound Marketing Services will deliver results using best practice tools and techniques.
  28. 28. delivering profitable growth for clients in the business services industry For further information, please contact: Andrew Shaw Managing Director T +44 845 116 2700 M +44 7921 363 104 E ashaw@BusinessServicesGrowth.com W www. BusinessServicesGrowth.com
  29. 29. # Marketing Software Based On Your Goals
  30. 30. Learn How to Turn Strangers into Customers & Promoters of Your Business
  31. 31. Create Content to Generate Leads Make data-driven decisions on what content to create to fill the top of your funnel with qualified leads. Sources: See which channels drive the best visitors, leads, and customers Smart Content: Personalize content for each viewer Conversion Assists: Understand which content pushes leads through your funnel Keywords: Optimize your content with built-in SEO tools. Landing Pages Your Content Leads
  32. 32. Publish optimized social media message easily • Get recommendations for the best time to publish • Publish across channels and accounts Improve Your Social Media Marketing Take social media marketing to the next level to identify and leverage influencers See how your message performed Clicks, Retweets, Favorites, Replies, Likes, Comments Target highly-engaged contacts View which of your contacts clicked on your messages Reach Engagement ROI Measure your social media ROI Analyze how many visitors, leads & customers social media generates TIP: Build and leverage a list of social media influencers based on the leads that are most engaged with you online.
  33. 33. Empower Your Sales Team Pass valuable lead intelligence to your sales team for faster follow-ups, better connects, and warmer leads. 360° View of Your Leads What companies are visiting our site? What pages have they viewed? What have they converted on? How engaged are they? When are they on our site? What emails have they opened? Who are they on social media? What is their lead score?
  34. 34. Adapt Your Marketing to Your Visitors Plug your content into your contacts database to personalize your marketing based on who your leads are and where they are in your sales funnel. Visitor B: Warm Lead Goal: Nurture for Sales CTAs: How-to Guides, Whitepapers, ebooks Personalized Emails: Top-of-Funnel Offers Workflow: Generate new leads List: Cold Leads Number of Conversions = 3 Lifecycle Stage = Marketing Qualified Requested Consultation? = No Viewed Pricing Page? = Yes CTAs: Request a Consultation, Schedule a Demo Personalized Emails: Middle-of-Funnel Offers Workflow: Warm up existing leads List: Warm Leads Context Visitor A: New Prospect Goal: Convert to a Lead Number of Conversions = 0 Lifecycle Stage = Subscriber Requested Consultation? = No Viewed Pricing Page? = No Context Marketing to a New Prospect VS. Warm Lead
  35. 35. Automate Your Marketing Trigger emails and workflows based on where leads are in the buying process. FACT: Only 5-25% of the traffic on your site is ready to do business with you at that moment. The rest are doing research. TIP: Nurture them through your sales funnel to stay top of mind for when they’re ready to buy. FACT: 25-50% of sales go to the vendor that responds first. TIP: Set up auto- responders to provide immediate assistance to your leads.
  36. 36. Analyze Your Marketing ROI Understand which of your marketing activities are driving the best visitors, leads, and customers to your business. Visitors Leads Customers Sources ROI Number of customers Lifecycle summary Contacts database size # of sales qualified leads Blog subscribers Keyword rankings Blog visits + readership Page views Social media reach Call to Action click-through Landing page conversion rate Time from visitor to lead Workflows progression Social Media engagement Time from lead to customer
  37. 37. # Software Overview
  38. 38. Keywords Discover which keywords will bring the best organic traffic to your site and analyze your paid search campaigns. • Track which keywords drive the best visitors & leads • View difficulty, current rank and search volume • Get recommendations for low-hanging fruit • Compare your rankings to competitors
  39. 39. Blogging Create long-lasting marketing assets by publishing blog articles optimized to get found and generate leads. • Create content to develop your thought leadership and get found online • View detailed SEO recommendations for improving your content as you type • Automatically publish to your social media accounts
  40. 40. Social Media Publish and track messages across multiple platforms and accounts with suggested times for increasing reach. • Publish across accounts and social media sites • Schedule multiple posts at a time • See suggested times for increasing engagement • Shorten and track links automatically • View click and engagement data for your leads
  41. 41. Social Inbox Monitor the social activity of your leads and customers. • Monitor keywords, mentions and links • Find Twitter accounts that match your contacts • Assign messages for follow-up • See a history of responses • Add social contacts to continuing email series when needed Assign messages to others for follow-up Find Twitter accounts that match your contacts See a history of responses Set up streams to monitor Twitter lists, keywords, mentions or links
  42. 42. Website Management Take control of your website with HubSpot's integrated website management solution. Easily create sites that look great on any device. • Build optimized pages for your site without a developer • Edit pages easily with our WYSIWYG editor • Choose from multiple templates • Integrate with your CTAs, contacts and social media accounts easily *Website Management is required with HubSpot Basic
  43. 43. Smart Content At the professional and enterprise level you can automatically personalize your content to each viewer • Adapt to lifecycle stage or any characteristic in the contact database • Use personalization across email, webpages, and landing pages. *Website Management is required with HubSpot Basic
  44. 44. Page Performance View recommendations in key SEO areas for optimizing your pages and generating quality inbound links. • See detailed SEO reports for each of your pages • Receive specific recommendations for improving your pages • View metrics on views ranked keywords, inbound links, clicks, and social media
  45. 45. Prospects Identify which companies are visiting your site, what they’re viewing and how frequently even before they fill out a form. • Drill-down into specific content, people and timeline reports • Receive daily visit reports to share with your team • Create filters to see only certain companies HubSpot Professional Only HubSpot Enterprise Only
  46. 46. Call To Action Build professional CTAs in minutes to convert your visitors into leads, complete with A/B testing. • Build CTAs or upload your own custom images • Display CTAs on your pages, blog posts and emails • Display Smart CTAs based on contact properties • A/B test and track results • Display Smart CTAs based on contact timeline properties HubSpot Professional Only HubSpot Enterprise Only
  47. 47. Landing Pages Capture inbound leads through your website with landing pages that are easy to customize, A/B test, and track. • Build optimized landing pages in minutes without a developer • Choose from multiple templates • View detailed conversion analytics • Integrate with your CTAs, contacts and social media accounts easily • A/B test and track results HubSpot Enterprise Only
  48. 48. Forms Collect valuable information on your leads for segmentation, personalization, and follow up by your sales team. • Build optimized forms with custom fields for collecting data on your leads • Hide fields if data has been captured previously • Set new lead notifications • Embed forms on any page • Sync your data with your CRM HubSpot Enterprise Only HubSpot Professional Only
  49. 49. Contacts Database Manage all of your contacts and leads in one, centralized database complete with robust profiles containing website, email, and social media history. • View detailed information on your leads, including engagement history • Integrate this data with your existing CRM • Create custom lead scoring • Receive lead re- visit notification HubSpot Professional Only HubSpot Enterprise Only
  50. 50. List Management Target your leads by segmenting based on information they’ve given you and how they’ve engaged with you for truly personalized marketing. • Segment your leads based on contact information • Create static and dynamic lists • Choose which leads get synced to Salesforce • Segment leads based on contact timeline properties, such as viewed a page HubSpot Professional Only HubSpot Enterprise Only
  51. 51. Email Marketing Send personalized, beautiful emails that your prospects will look forward to receiving and measure which messages are most effective. • A/B test elements to optimize open and click-through rates • Personalize your message, sender, and subject lines • View detailed engagement analytics • Choose from a variety of pre-tested templates
  52. 52. Marketing Automation Trigger email messages and activities within your contact records, CRM or other 3rd party software to automate your marketing strategies. • Trigger emails, actions in your Contacts database & webhooks • Create custom lead scoring • Move leads easily to different workflows and lists • View detailed engagement data HubSpot Professional Only HubSpot Enterprise Only
  53. 53. Marketing Dashboard See a snapshot of your marketing performance for your key metrics over time and receive important HubSpot notifications. • Compare this month’s progress on key metrics to last month, 3-month average or this month last year • Get helpful recommendations for improving your marketing • Access your HubSpot apps and marketplace
  54. 54. Sources Analyze which of your marketing activities are driving the highest ROI in terms of visits, leads, and customers. • Track how your marketing is performing in terms of visitors, leads & customers • Measure the ROI of your marketing campaigns • Drill into detailed reports on your performance • Compare the effectiveness of your marketing channels
  55. 55. Conversion Assists Understand which content on your site is most effective for helping visitors become leads and customers. • View which pages are influential in driving conversions • Filter to see your website pages, blog posts or landing pages • Learn what content nurtures your prospects through the sales funnel HubSpot Professional Only HubSpot Enterprise Only
  56. 56. Event Analytics Track visitor activity on specific events on your site with detailed reports on visitor history and progression. • Create custom events to track activities on and off your site • Integrate with your 3rd party sites like Twitter and ZenDesk • View Lifecycle reports to see first touch, last touch and assists reports for your events HubSpot Enterprise Only
  57. 57. Competitor Analysis Compare how your marketing performance stacks up to your competitors’ on key metrics over time. • Add up to 10 competitors to track and compare • View detailed Marketing Grader reports to measure your marketing • Track your progress over time across key metrics • Drill-down into what’s causing fluctuations in marketing performance
  58. 58. Salesforce Integration • Pass valuable lead intelligence to your sales team effortlessly • Edit lead information in HubSpot or Salesforce to keep your data in sync • Close the loop between marketing and sales data HubSpot Professional Only HubSpot Enterprise Only Improve your marketing with data from Salesforce. Put valuable lead intelligence from HubSpot in the hands of your sales team. It’s all easy to do with HubSpot’s powerful native Salesforce integration. Fully Bi-Directional Sync • HubSpot effortlessly syncs the right leads and contacts in both directions, so that the data you need is always right where you need it. Better Personalize Your Marketing • Leverage any of your Salesforce data to segment, personalize and hone your messaging. Lead Intelligence for Sales • Help your sales team close more business by giving them easy access to valuable lead intelligence data generated by HubSpot. Blazing Fast Syncing of Leads • Get the right leads into the hands of your sales team more quickly with HubSpot.
  59. 59. HubSpot APIs Connect HubSpot with your existing systems through our developer APIs, complete with live documentation, forums, and developer blog. HubSpot Professional Only HubSpot Enterprise Only • Integrate HubSpot with 3rd party systems • Get sample code for different development languages • Get help through our developer forum, blog, and documentation Blog API Contacts API Contact Lists API Workflows API Available APIs Forms API Keywords API Prospects API Leads API Lead Nurturing API Settings API OAuth
  60. 60. HubSpot Training & Consulting Access our world-class team of consultants, training resources, and support engineers to ensure your ongoing success. • Attend group or one- on-one consulting sessions based on your HubSpot package • Access our help documentation library and customer forums • Work with a dedicated support rep to get you set up on HubSpot HubSpot Professional Only HubSpot Enterprise Only
  61. 61. HubSpot Support Talk with a HubSpot Support rep by phone or online to get the technical assistance that you need. • Get connected with a helpful, knowledgeable support rep based out of our Cambridge, MA office • Use live chat directly in the HubSpot app • Access screen sharing to get your issue resolved quickly
  62. 62. # HubSpot Case Studies
  63. 63. Rezdy leverages HubSpot’s SEO tools to optimize their pages and blog posts, and get the best chance of ranking on Google, while saving thousands in SEO vendor costs. After the content is created and optimized, HubSpot’s social media tools save the company time by auto-publishing each post to social media and measuring the effectiveness of each social channel at generating leads and customers. With HubSpot’s reporting apps, Rezdy can see what social media networks and marketing activities are worth their limited time. Rezdy Software Increases Leads by 500%  Increased traffic by 380%  Increased leads by 500% in the first 4 months “Simon Lenoir Founder & CEO www.rezdy.com HubSpot helps to find all of the elements needed to build a proper marketing automation engine in one product and saved us so much time because we didn’t have to work with five different products to achieve the same outcome.”
  64. 64. Unger & Kowitt Increases Traffic by 350%  Increased traffic by 350%  Increased leads by 200% in the past year “ Unger & Kowitt struggled with a lack of a cohesive marketing strategy. With HubSpot, they now manage their marketing in one place and attract qualified visits & leads to their site through valuable content. HubSpot’s Blogging app makes it easy for them to create posts while getting SEO tips and best practice pointers along the way. The Social Media app allows them to drive visits to their website through social media channels, and their stats are up 100%. They then use the Workflows app to warm up their leads with a series of customized emails, which has resulted in website traffic from email increasing 614% in the past year. Barry Kowitt, Esq. Founding Partner www.ungerandkowitt.com Being able to grab people and quickly move them down our funnel is critically important. The lead nurturing tools handle this for us and it’s so easy to make changes on the fly if necessary. It’s great.”
  65. 65. SEPCO Saves $20k with Inbound Marketing  Ranked #1 for their most important keywords  Increased visits from email marketing by 380% “ Prior to HubSpot, SEPCO struggled with getting found online despite paying an SEO company to generate traffic for them. SEPCO now uses HubSpot’s Keyword s app to find out what keywords they’re ranking for and track their progress over time. Through optimizing their site, they’re able to drive qualified traffic that converts into leads. SEPCO can warm up leads with a series of customized emails through using the HubSpot’s Workflows app. This gets leads coming back to their site to learn more about their products. In the past year, SEPCO has experienced a 380% increase in visits to their website due to email. Liz Karschner Marketing Manager www.sepco-solarlighting.com Everything I could ever need as far as analytics and control is in one software solution through HubSpot. This information and control is available anywhere there is internet access.”
  66. 66. Heritage Environmental Services Generates 500% ROI  Increased social media reach by 135%  Increased leads by 58% “ Prior to using HubSpot, their marketing team struggled to get a full picture of their marketing campaigns because they were using various tools that didn’t work together. Over the past three years, they’ve seen a 500% ROI from using HubSpot’s integrated marketing software. Heritage uses the Social Media app to easily send all their social media posts from one central place, growing their reach by 135%. By using landing pages to convert their visitors and network into leads, they’ve increased leads by 58%. With Workflows, they automate the follow-up process. They are then able to integrate their leads with Salesforce.com to put valuable marketing data in the hands of their sales team. Jeff Ritter Marketing Coordinator www.heritage–enviro.com The hardest part for our company is that we are strictly B2B and we have to reach a wide audience in many different industries. The HubSpot software allows us to customize our inbound marketing program to reach our segregated target markets.”
  67. 67. Thermo Fisher Grows Organic Search by 182%  Increased organic search by 182%  Increased Twitter following by 154% “ Due to their complex product offering, the sales cycle at Thermo Fisher Scientific can be an extremely long process as customers educate themselves about each product. TFS was looking for a way to influence the sales cycle when the prospect was still in the research phase by building their organic search rankings and brand awareness through blogging and social media. With HubSpot’s Keywords and Blogging app, they were able to easily create optimized blog posts and then quickly share them across social media channels. This helped them increase their organic search traffic by 182% and their Twitter following by 154%. They then use HubSpot Lists and Email Marketing app to segment their leads database and follow up with targeted communications. Through HubSpot’s analytics tools, they are able to track which channels and content are most effective at driving visitors, leads, and customers in one place. Sonya Pelia Social Media & SEM www.thermofisher.com I live in HubSpot all day long. It has all the tools and analysis all on one platform.”
  68. 68. Tufts Medicare Increases Leads by 100%  Increased leads by 100%  Increased direct traffic by 69% “ Before Tufts Medicare Preferred started to use the HubSpot software to assist with their marketing, their main challenges stemmed from generating new leads from a very fragmented website. They needed a way to connect the dots and figure out how users on their website use each of the tools they provided and what they could do to improve their experience. Tufts uses HubSpot’s marketing analytics to understand how visitors are navigating their site, what’s driving leads, and how to make each page a better overall experience for the user. In the past year, they’ve increased direct traffic by 69% and leads by 100%. With HubSpot, they are able to follow up with leads automatically and nurture them through the buying process. All of their lead data integrates seamlessly with their systems, making it easier for them to close more business. Scott Johnson Marketing Specialist tuftsmedicarepreferred.org The analytics that you can achieve by using the HubSpot platform are far greater than anything I’ve had before. It breaks it down in a much easier way, and I believe more specific way.”
  69. 69. We’re here to help you succeed with inbound marketing.