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Harbledown Hope: a journey through homelessness Book Launch

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Slides from the book launch for Harbledown Hope: a journey through homelessness. Presented by author Andrew Buller who has co-ordinated this creative arts project with the talented homeless clients at Catching Lives.
in Harbledown Hope you will read about a young orphaned fox’s traumatic journey, drawing on the challenges and experiences faced by the homeless who have written and illustrated this book. It is a story of hardship, pain, loss and discrimination, but through friendship, courage and sacrifice, comes hope. All profits from the sale of the book go to Catching Lives homeless charity in Canterbury to support their work with the most vulnerable in society.
Find out much more at www.andrewbuller.com/catching-lives and invite Andrew to share this fantastic project with your school or organisation

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Harbledown Hope: a journey through homelessness Book Launch

  1. 1. a journey through homelessness Join our Journey 10th October 2017 Presented by Andrew Buller & Catching Lives Book Launch www.catchinglives.org www.andrewbuller.com
  2. 2. Andrew Buller Local author, illustrator, designer, speaker & publishing consultant Volunteer at Catching Lives for 3 years Project Co-ordinator, co-author, designer & editor for Harbledown Hope Facilitator of creative writing sessions Presented work to European partners Personal journey - own challenges fuelled desire to support others at Catching Lives www.andrewbuller.com/catching-lives Twitter: @ABullerAuthor
  3. 3. Projects Journey European Social Fund – “City Ciphers” – art work produced by clients displayed in different locations around Canterbury in 2015 Photographic work encouraged development of “A Walk In Our Shoes” guide to Canterbury through the eyes of the homeless Map created – first sighting of fox
  4. 4. Projects Journey EU ERASMUS+ Transnational project KA2 Literature for Life 2014 – 2016 - with partners in Spain, Italy, France Extract from Harbledown Hope first appeared in “Voices from the Pavement” & presented at European Festival in France “Catching Lives has been the inspiration and the heart of the whole project” Maureen Walby, European Projects Manager French National Agency classed our work as "outstanding" and it was presented in Paris in January 2017
  5. 5. Writing Journey • Brainstorming – everyone & every idea valued • Favourite theme – urban fox Why the urban fox? • “We can identify with it” – maligned, misunderstood, mistreated • Link with previous artwork • Freedom of animal voice • Story-boarding & 1st draft
  6. 6. Emotional Journey “Harbledown is one of us” “Harbledown’s story is a way to share our story” Emotions printing to Emotions in print
  7. 7.  Client Emotions pain suffering distressed their journey through homelessness peace mistreated misunderstood haunted cold alone maligned anguish abandoned let down dark tearful miserable courage community homelessness hopejustice sacrifice depressed anger
  8. 8. Physical Journey A Walk In Our Shoes “The places featured in Harbledown’s story are the places walked by our homeless community.”
  9. 9. Physical Journey Story locations photographed by Catching Lives Catching Lives bookshop Where our story begins… The Black Prince’s Well, Harbledown Canterbury Cathedral Harbledown village Woodland chase
  10. 10. Physical Journey The Greyfriars The Greyfriars shed representing Catching Lives
  11. 11. Historical Journey Dick Sheppard Book dedicated to the memory of Dick Sheppard (1880-1937) Helped the homeless in St Martin-in-the-Fields & Canterbury Former Dean of Canterbury & buried in Cathedral Sheppard & his Great Dane appear in our book Pilgrimage in his honour
  12. 12. Artistic Journey Art work inspired by Harbledown “all are valued and included” “a truly collaborative mix of styles and talents”
  13. 13. Client Journeys “People have left their paw prints”
  14. 14. Client Journeys from rock bottom to realising potential enormous gratitude to Catching Lives capturing experiences powerfully in writing inspiration to others beautiful art work full of emotion
  15. 15. Client Journeys discovering great artistic talent affirmed & valued boosting self-confidence great use of time on book cover!
  16. 16. Client Journeys quiet beginnings to a home & work discovering cover design talent finding peace & safety in art moving on to a job & home art work a conversation starter
  17. 17. Client Journeys outlet for rediscovering musical talent generously shared music for chase scene in story greatly encouraged & valued moved on with no opportunity to say goodbye rediscovered excitement & passion for music https://soundcloud.com/nickers-1
  18. 18. Client Journeys finding a voice for experiences allowing others to “Walk In Our Shoes” through tours of Canterbury sharing experiences openly a born entertainer! great historical knowledge
  19. 19. Client Journeys stepping stones back to work re-motivated trying new things moving on with life learning new skills, regaining lost skills
  20. 20. Client Journeys enable all to access the creative arts featuring within “Voices from the Pavement” catering for the partially-sighted to come: produce Harbledown in audio book & braille writing poetry in braille
  21. 21. Client Journeys bringing our community together “We used to sit on different tables. Creating the book brought us together.” “Everyone here has different talents and this project has helped us discover new talents.” Our number one book marketer on the streets! Project has expressed itself through so many other skill sets including marketing & project management
  22. 22. Harbledown’s Journey begins… “As Harbledown’s journey begins remember you are following in the footsteps of our homeless community, sharing in their pain, distress and anguish, but also in their courage, community and hope.”
  23. 23.
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  27. 27. Journey to come At our Catching Lives bookshop – look out for the crooked door! Selling books – raising money & awareness for charity Amazon – hoping for 5 star reviews! At other locations & events… http://amzn.to/2yGKlMw
  28. 28. Journey to come Audio books Harbledown expressed through many other art forms Animation Sculpture Drama Video Poetry Music Photography Braille Costume Textiles
  29. 29. Journey to come Character development Further books in the Harbledown series Harbledown’s journey of healing & helping Exciting story arcs A voice for many more clients
  30. 30. Journey to come Sharing the message of Harbledown Hope & the work of Catching Lives with many others “Hidden behind suffering is opportunity & hope”
  31. 31. Harbledown’s Journey to be continued…