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B2B Social Media with Linkedin

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This deck is from a presentation made by Sarah Kloth from Top Floor on the best ways to leverage Linkedin in B2B marketing.

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B2B Social Media with Linkedin

  1. 1. B2B Social Media with LinkedIn _____________________________ Sarah Kloth SEO Team Lead, Social Manager TOPFLOORTECH.COM @TOPFLOORTECH @SARAH_KLOTH
  2. 2. Do You Know Why?
  3. 3. TOPFLOORTECH.COM @TOPFLOORTECH @SARAH_KLOTH WHY? • LinkedIn is 277% more Effective for Lead Generation then Facebook & Twitter WHY? • In Fact, 80% of Social Media Leads Come From LinkedIn WHY? • 50% of LinkedIn Members Are More Likely to Buy From a Company That Engages With Them.
  4. 4. TOPFLOORTECH.COM @TOPFLOORTECH @SARAH_KLOTH Increase Brand Awareness Humanize B2B Companies Establish Company as a Thought Leader Connect With Prospects, Clients and Industry Influencers Increase Lead Conversion Rates
  5. 5. 1. Build a Winning LinkedIn Company Page 2. Leverage Your Staff 3. Incorporate Recruiting Efforts 4. Participate in Group Discussions 5. Utilize LinkedIn Advertising Features 6. Don’t Be Boring!
  7. 7. TOPFLOORTECH.COM @TOPFLOORTECH @SARAH_KLOTH COMPANY BIO - KEYWORDS - SPECIALTIES - LINK TO WEBSITE - ADVANTAGES - CULTURE WHY? • Don’t disappoint. Make it easy to learn and search about your company
  8. 8. TOPFLOORTECH.COM @TOPFLOORTECH @SARAH_KLOTH COVER PHOTO Capture’s people’s attention and lures them in to take a closer look at your Page content. Include a message in your cover image that describes what your company does in a few words. WHY? First Impressions matter
  9. 9. TOPFLOORTECH.COM @TOPFLOORTECH @SARAH_KLOTH EMPLOYEES Ask your employees to connect with your page WHY? Appear as employees on your Company Page for prospects and current clients to learn more about the team.
  10. 10. TOPFLOORTECH.COM @TOPFLOORTECH @SARAH_KLOTH SHOWCASE PAGES • Highlight certain brands or product lines. • Attract a distinct set of followers to a dedicated page. WHY? • More focused content = higher engagement
  11. 11. TOPFLOORTECH.COM @TOPFLOORTECH @SARAH_KLOTH Make Your Presence Known • Website • Email signatures • Blogs • Newsletters WHY? • Make it easy for users to connect with your company.
  13. 13. TOPFLOORTECH.COM @TOPFLOORTECH @SARAH_KLOTH Industry-Adjacent Content Industry-adjacent content gives you the opportunity to showcase other topics you’re familiar with that could be helpful to clients. WHY? People remember smart folks who offer up sound advice.
  15. 15. TOPFLOORTECH.COM @TOPFLOORTECH @SARAH_KLOTH Latest and Greatest Trends Users want timely, relevant content. Share new blog posts, stories from industry journals or whatever you find that’s in the moment and of concern to either you and your industry, or the network of followers you’ve amassed. Why? This helps promote you as a thought leader within your own network, and it positions you as a professional who’s always in the know.
  17. 17. TOPFLOORTECH.COM @TOPFLOORTECH @SARAH_KLOTH •Positions Company as industry leader •Promotes company continuing education
  19. 19. TOPFLOORTECH.COM @TOPFLOORTECH @SARAH_KLOTH Your Opinions Did you know that 60 percent of LinkedIn users report being interested in industry insights? Why? What better way to develop your brand image than to define your voice with an established opinion. Increase the interest of others. Agree or disagree; people love to read about what other people think to help them form an opinion too.
  21. 21. TOPFLOORTECH.COM @TOPFLOORTECH @SARAH_KLOTH Tips, Tricks and How-Tos You can’t go wrong with sharing content that’s meant to teach. Why? Become less of a sales-driven entity and more of a personal friend looking out for the well- being of readers.
  23. 23. TOPFLOORTECH.COM @TOPFLOORTECH @SARAH_KLOTH Videos and Presentations Photos and videos are huge, share- worthy fodder for your network. Post it! Why? Great for promoting yourself as an insightful person in your industry.
  25. 25. TOPFLOORTECH.COM @TOPFLOORTECH @SARAH_KLOTH Make Predictions You don’t have to be right or wrong; it’s just another way to get a discussion started. Why? Start looking like a leader and not a follower. Dare to be different and start building your own following.
  26. 26. TOPFLOORTECH.COM @TOPFLOORTECH @SARAH_KLOTH -Leverage Visual Mediums to Display Data -Provides own opinions on industry trends -Delivers sharable visuals
  27. 27. TOPFLOORTECH.COM @TOPFLOORTECH @SARAH_KLOTH Company Updates - Career openings - Employee features - Company news Why? Humanize your brand and provide a personal touch.
  28. 28. TOPFLOORTECH.COM @TOPFLOORTECH @SARAH_KLOTH WHY? •Promotes company expansion • Helps reach new talents • Help reach recruiters
  29. 29. TOPFLOORTECH.COM @TOPFLOORTECH @SARAH_KLOTH WHY? •Helps display company culture •Drive Employee Morale
  37. 37. TOPFLOORTECH.COM @TOPFLOORTECH @SARAH_KLOTH Create Your “In-crowd” - Sales team - Marketing Team - Production Team - Custom service - Management -And more WHY? Professional voice/ view from all aspect of the business.
  38. 38. TOPFLOORTECH.COM @TOPFLOORTECH @SARAH_KLOTH PULSE / POSTS Original Long-Form Content Have staff write and publish your own original work to their content platform, Pulse. WHY? When you write your own original content on LinkedIn’s Pulse, you give yourself an instant leg up on the competition.
  39. 39. TOPFLOORTECH.COM @TOPFLOORTECH @SARAH_KLOTH LIKE, SHARE, COMMENT Ask your staff to like, share, and comment on your company updates. WHY? Your staffs’ connections will see your posts as well. This will help expand the reach of your company posts.
  40. 40. TOPFLOORTECH.COM @TOPFLOORTECH @SARAH_KLOTH Encourage Staff to Nurture Their Professional Relationships Make an effort to connect with valued clients or leads on a regular basis. WHY? Keeps your company front and center of their mind. Make them comfortable that you know and care about their business.
  42. 42. TOPFLOORTECH.COM @TOPFLOORTECH @SARAH_KLOTH Starting a New Group Vs. Joining An Existing Join • Is Their need for a new group or does one already exist •Are you dedicated to maintain and frequently posting discussions on the group • Sometimes it best to start by joining other groups
  43. 43. TOPFLOORTECH.COM @TOPFLOORTECH @SARAH_KLOTH Find leads by searching for groups: • Search and Join groups • Maintain some level of activity in these groups • Nurture leads
  44. 44. TOPFLOORTECH.COM @TOPFLOORTECH @SARAH_KLOTH Group Posts and Discussions • Post relevant and thoughtful responses to discussion. • Post questions of your own WHY? By engaging with others, you’re helping boost your reach. Position’s your team as industry experts
  45. 45. TOPFLOORTECH.COM @TOPFLOORTECH @SARAH_KLOTH Do Not Self Promote Group discussions or links you post should offer value beyond self- promotion WHY? No one likes a know it all.
  46. 46. TOPFLOORTECH.COM @TOPFLOORTECH @SARAH_KLOTH STAY POSITIVE It’s great to participate in groups, but avoid overly critical or negative comments in group discussions. WHY? No one likes a negative Nancy
  48. 48. TOPFLOORTECH.COM @TOPFLOORTECH @SARAH_KLOTH Job Postings • Position your company as an employer of choice • Engage top talent WHY? When you’re posting openings for your own business, it reflects growth.
  49. 49. TOPFLOORTECH.COM @TOPFLOORTECH @SARAH_KLOTH Talent Outreach -Great way to find passionate and talented individuals. -Do NOT leave the default message when connecting. -Take the time to research your talent. WHY? Don’t be THAT GUY – the annoying recruiter.
  51. 51. Benefits: • Reach a high-value audience of business professionals • Target just the right people to increase brand awareness with those who matter most • Launch your brand into new verticals • Multiple Ad Options: Sidebar text ads, Boosted Post, Job Posting • Very Targeted: By job title and function, by industry and company size, by seniority, etc.
  52. 52. Targeting options: • Location • Company Name • Company Industry • Company Size • Job Title • Job Function • Job Seniority • Member Skills • Member Schools • Degrees • Fields of Study • Member Groups • Member Gender • Member Age
  53. 53. Text Ads Start generating leads in minutes • Add a compelling headline, description and even a 50x50 image • Choose your target audience with precision B2B filters • Set your own budget and measure performance in Campaign Manager
  54. 54. Sponsored Updates Boost your company's content across all devices • Attract new followers to your Company or Showcase Page • Reach just the right audience with our comprehensive targeting options • Get your message out on every device: desktop, tablet, and mobile
  55. 55. Job Postings • Smart targeting that puts your job listing in front of candidates with the right skills and experience even if they aren’t active job seekers • A curated list of members who could be a great fit for your hiring needs • InMails to reach out to prospective candidates
  56. 56. Identify and Provide Solutions to Customers’ Problems • Help your target market solve problems. • Your prospects may not care about your whitepaper, but they will care if your content helps them solve a business problem. • Ads should focus on your target’s problem and the solution that you offer to meet their needs. TOPFLOORTECH.COM @TOPFLOORTECH @SARAH_KLOTH
  57. 57. Create Messaging That Resonates • Create content that speaks directly to your audience. • Messaging for a CEO should be different from that for a Manager or Consultant. TOPFLOORTECH.COM @TOPFLOORTECH @SARAH_KLOTH
  58. 58. Establish Call to Actions • Create clear call to actions • Request Demo, Download Whitepaper or Case Study, etc. TOPFLOORTECH.COM @TOPFLOORTECH @SARAH_KLOTH
  59. 59. Be Mindful About Images • Steer away from stock photography • Your imagery should be used to support your content. • No iPhone photos please! TOPFLOORTECH.COM @TOPFLOORTECH @SARAH_KLOTH X BAD
  60. 60. Brand Recognition with Imagery • Use other brand images to create familiarity to your brand. • Utilize logos that immediately identify with your target audience. •Example: • Case study about solution provided for Toyota • Utilize Toyota’s logo in your ad image •Other big players will identity with your ad TOPFLOORTECH.COM @TOPFLOORTECH @SARAH_KLOTH
  61. 61. Utilize Landing Pages • Make landing pages relevant to the ad and targeted to the demographic groups you’ve specified for your ad. • Make landing pages simple and uncluttered while giving a strong sense of your brand and clear call to action. TOPFLOORTECH.COM @TOPFLOORTECH @SARAH_KLOTH
  62. 62. Campaign Objectives: • Promote Tradeshows • Promote Product Launch • Offer Free Trials • Download Catalog • Subscribe to Newsletter • Register for Webinar • Promote Blogs / Articles • Download Case Studies TOPFLOORTECH.COM @TOPFLOORTECH @SARAH_KLOTH
  64. 64. TOPFLOORTECH.COM @TOPFLOORTECH @SARAH_KLOTH GE has been dubbed the 'most exciting boring brand’
  65. 65. TOPFLOORTECH.COM @TOPFLOORTECH @SARAH_KLOTH Post: “What if we could explore Mars as holograms?” inviting its community to discuss the future of innovative tech in the solar system. Result: 435+ Like and over 44 comments
  67. 67. TOPFLOORTECH.COM @TOPFLOORTECH @SARAH_KLOTH Humanizing B2B •Injecting emotion into posts •Taking it past products to customers employees
  68. 68. TOPFLOORTECH.COM @TOPFLOORTECH @SARAH_KLOTH Industry Participation •Promoting National Days •Highly Industry Advancement Focused •Participation in Groups
  69. 69. 1. Build a Winning LinkedIn Company Page 2. Leverage Your Staff 3. Incorporate Recruiting Efforts 4. Participate in Group Discussions 5. Utilize LinkedIn Advertising Features 6. Don’t Be Boring!