26ºEvento Beside- A importância das redes sociais no networking profissional

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A Beside é uma Organização sem fins lucrativos que procura criar uma rede entre profissionais qualificados, que se encontrem em situação de: procura de novos projetos, vontade de mudar de funções e desemprego.
Acreditamos que com esta iniciativa podemos contribuir para uma Sociedade melhor.

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  • Here’s the core challenge and this is how social selling became the catalyst to my entire business started with one simple book, the Challenger Sale.

    It changed the world. The Challenger Sale did a study from the CEB and they found that nearly 60% of the buying journey is done without you and I. The buyer journey is being done without your involvement. That’s a problem, that’s a challenge.
  • And the Forrester research backs this all up, 65% of deals are awarded to the person and to the team that are first to add value. That’s it is important that you keep up to the minute with changes taking place in your clients and prospects business so that you are the first to be notified of any changes, because it’s the best way to get in the door.

    Get on these people early and influence the way that they think.
  • And whether you like it or not, your buyers are going to choose the most convenient suppliers.

    Your buyers are also doing their due diligence with or without you. They are listening to the blogs and the e-books and the webinars of your competitors.

    They are checking out this content to arm themselves with the information to make informed decisions.
  • The increasing popularity of social media websites is not only changing the way we socialise with friends and family, it’s also changing the way customers research, compare and inform their buying decisions.
    Rather than seeing this trend as a threat; social sellers should see it as an opportunity. Social selling is leveraging web technology to deliver insight and value to the buyer’s ‘sphere of influence’ when making buying decisions.

    1. Identify your targeted buyers’ persona
    Any professional sales process includes developing relationships; the first step to a good social selling plan is to identify the key decision makers, including their level of online engagement.
    2. Intelligence is Key
    Creating a strategy to ‘listen’ and gather relevant intelligence such as understanding challenges and requirements is critical to making a successful online connection – and ultimately in being considered part of your customer’s sphere of influence during their buying process.

    3. Establish a Content Marketing Plan
    Now you understand your customer better, the goal is to share quality, targeted content of your own – as well as syndicating valuable content – which will intrigue your buyer.
    4) Become a Trusted Authority
    You’re now ready to develop your sphere of influence and become a trusted source of information to your target audience. This is achieved by being consistently helpful, approachable and engaging.
    5) Monitor and Improve
    Use tracking technologies to monitor the level of engagement with you and your content – this will enable you to identify what is proving popular and any “trigger events”, and then take appropriate action
  • Develop personas because all your customers are different.
    No two customers are identical, even ones who buy the same product. Every customer will have a different motivation for making a purchase. They’ll also conduct their searches in varying manners and have differing price expectations. If you’re selling to companies, each one will have a different decision-maker and a distinct process for finalizing a sale.

    It can’t be stressed enough how important it is for you to be present where your customers are having conversations. Sometimes, the conversations are about you and if you aren’t active, not only will you be unaware of what’s being said, you’ll also be unable to respond!
  • Getting a handle on where your customers might be having social conversations is actually fairly easy. Every major social media network has an advanced search feature that allows you to enter specific details about the kinds of people you’re looking for. From there, you can view profiles and discussions to determine whether you’re on the right track. There are also a variety of both paid and free discovery tools for each social platform
  • Key events to listed for could include

    1. Your buyer’s competitor gets acquired
    2. Your buyer’s competitor launches a new solution
    3. Relationship severed – competitor sales rep and/or
    the buyers’ representative leaves
    4. Your buyer changes decision-makers
    5. Your buyer wins a major account
    6. Your buyer completes a capital raise
  • Marketing listen for - Corporate Name ,Some key competitors, Macro Buzzwords

    Sales reps listen for - Clients, Hot Prospects, RFP’s, Industry Opportunities / Trends, Trigger Events

    Content calendar round times of the year, new product launches, industry events
  • You need to be active where most of your target audience is active

    Start with a few channels and do them really well
    Don’t spread yourself too thin
  • Think of seasonal events like Easter etc
    Industry events
    New product launches etc
  • You need to be sharing content because if you’re not sharing content, you’re not helping your buyer through their buying journey and you’re not influencing the way that they think.

    Buyers start with general research
    Then more specific product information and comparisons
    When the buyer is closer to a decision they look for testimonials and references
    Like trip advisor

  • There is too much information about, too much noise which we need to cut through

    Share interesting information you do not need to write it all yourself

  • There is too much information about, too much noise which we need to cut through

    Share interesting information you do not need to write it all yourself

  • Ask questions
    Develop a discussion
    Be provocative
  • With social media, it’s pretty easy to get a sense of how you’re doing just by the number of responses and “engagements” you get (likes, retweets, followers, profile views). It won’t happen overnight (especially if you were paying attention since, for the first little while, you’re just supposed to listen) but eventually, if you’re interesting and helpful, you’ll start to get noticed. From there, you can track and measure how successful certain kinds of posts are, figure out what time of day generates the most engagement and all sorts of other little details that can help optimize your strategy.
    You should also be analyzing which content is proving most useful to buyers who are close to a purchase. That way you - or the marketing team - can put more time and energy toward creating the most relevant and effective content for this very important stage in the buying funnel.
    Another aspect of your social selling process you should measure is the quality of the leads you’re getting. You can do this by keeping track of how many leads you generate from the social media pipeline and comparing it with how many of them ultimately become customers. However, you should also keep in mind that part of social selling is becoming an authority and making connections, which is a practice that can boost referrals. This means that you should be monitoring any positive outcome generated by your social presence, even if it’s just extra press or a shout-out from a noted influencer.
  • In conclusion, developing a well devised social selling plan which proactively helps customers through their buying journey will increase your chances of being seriously considered as their next partner.
  • This sums it up really
  • 26ºEvento Beside- A importância das redes sociais no networking profissional

    1. 1. Networking Profissional A Importância das Redes Sociais Por Sikander Jamal e Natália Santos
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    24. 24. PRINCIPAL DESAFIO • 57% of a buyer’s journey is done, BEFORE your sales reps involvement
    25. 25. O 1º a acrescentar valor – GANHA! 65% dos novos clientes escolhe a marca ou empresa que primeiro acrescenta VALOR
    26. 26. RESULTADO: O mais Credível Ganha. O seu persona procura respostas para as suas questões, dúvidas …COM ou SEM a sua Ajuda!
    27. 27. Crie uma rotina e Domine 5 passos do Social Selling Aplique o poder da venda via Redes Sociais 1. Identifique o seu Persona (cliente-alvo ideal) 2. Estratégia é a chave 3. Estabelecer um plano de marketing de conteúdo 4. Torne-se uma autoridade credível 5. Monitorizar e melhorar ©2014 WSI. All rights reserved.
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    30. 30. Persona Marketing - João • Persona Profile • Marketeer (VP, Director) • Empresa de média dimensão (50 – 500 empregados) • 35-45, Casado, com filhos • Objetivos • Fornecer leads à equipa comercial • Construir conhecimento e notoriedade da marca • Desafios • Não sabe bem como obter o melhor ROI • Precisa de reduzir custos com o marketing • Muita coisa para fazer • O que influencia a sua decisão • Experiência e conhecimento do mercado • Casos de Estudo ©2014 WSI. All rights reserved.
    31. 31. Encontrar e definir o seu Mercado-Alvo • Desenvolver personas para cada tipo de mercado? Produto/Solução/Serviço? • Determine onde os seus personas são mais ativos online • Procure nas várias redes sociais • Veja profiles e peça ligação • Siga discussões • Espreite a sua concorrência • Conecte-se com opinion leaders / influenciadores de mercado ©2014 WSI. All rights reserved.
    32. 32. Que Redes Sociais? ©2014 WSI. All rights reserved.
    33. 33. PASSO 2: ESTRATÉGIA É A CHAVE Crie uma estratégia para “escutar” e reunir informações relevantes que irão ajudar a sua marca ou empresa a fornecer conteúdo relevante, para gradualmente passar a ser considerado um expert indespensável em determinada matéria. ©2014 WSI. All rights reserved.
    34. 34. Estratégia é a Chave • Escute para reunir mais informação • Siga as alterações do mercado, prepare novas interações, pesquisando contactos e empresas • “Pergunte às vendas” – Quais são as perguntas, desafios, “dores” dos clientes? • O que fazem os seus concorrentes? • Desenvolva os seus personas e interaja • Construa tantas relações quantas conseguir ©2014 WSI. All rights reserved.
    35. 35. Escute ideias que circulam online • Configure o Google alerts • Twitter – siga events e trade shows. use # • Use o Social Mention – pesquisa no social em tempo real • Configure e salve pesquisas no LinkedIn • Pesquisa de Grupos, • Clientes, • Prospects • Produtos ou serviços • Concorrentes • Palavras Chave, etc ©2014 WSI. All rights reserved.
    36. 36. SocialMention ©2014 WSI. All rights reserved.
    37. 37. PASSO 3: PLANO DE MARKETING DE CONTEÚDO Partilhe conteúdo de Qualiddade, próprio e original ou conteúdo sindicado de valor sobre a indústria Conecte-se e crie curiosidade junto dos seus clientes ©2014 WSI. All rights reserved.
    38. 38. Estabeleça um Plano de Conteúdo • Tenha as Vendas e o Marketing a trabalhar em conjunto • Construa um calendário de conteúdos, incluíndo temas e eventos relevantes • Responda às questões dos novos contactos (internautas) • Use múltiplos canais para distribuir conteúdo • Blogs, press releases, casos de estudos, reviews locais, video, apresentações, newsletters • Re-utilize o mesmo conteúdo • Webinar, whitepaper, FB posts, entrevistas em Video, blog posts, podcasts • Publique, Partilhe e Seja Social • Empresas com um blog geram 67% mais leads por mês ©2014 WSI. All rights reserved.
    39. 39. Conteúdo para cada Sales Stage ©2014 WSI. All rights reserved.
    40. 40. Decida qual a tática mais efetiva ©2014 WSI. All rights reserved.
    41. 41. Crie um calendário de publicações • Considere todos os momentos no Cliclo da Compra ©2014 WSI. All rights reserved.
    42. 42. Partilhe conteúdo que apoie o Ciclo TIP #4 da Compra dos seus Persona
    43. 43. PASSO 4: TORNE-SE UMA AUTORIDADE Desenvolva a sua esfera de influência e torne-se uma fonte de informação de confiança, junto da sua audiência ©2014 WSI. All rights reserved.
    44. 44. Torne-se uma Autoridade na matéria • Partilhe informação interessante e inspiradora • Curated content vs Criação de conteúdo • Identifique 10 entidades que inlfuenciam os seus clientes • Filtre o conteúdo e crie valor • Use Feedly ou outro agregador de conteúdo • Partilhe conteúdo com regularidade • Ferramentas como o Hootsuite ajudam a calendarizar e organizar conteúdo ©2014 WSI. All rights reserved.
    45. 45. Torne-se uma Autoridade na matéria ©2014 WSI. All rights reserved.
    46. 46. Feedly: Agregador de conteúdo ©2014 WSI. All rights reserved.
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    48. 48. Hootsuite: Calendário e monitorize ©2014 WSI. All rights reserved.
    49. 49. PASSO 5: MONITORIZAR E MELHORAR Usar técnicas para acompanhar e avaliar níveis de ligação entre o conteúdo publicado e a sua audiência ©2014 WSI. All rights reserved.
    50. 50. Medir e Analisar • Meça o envolvimento. Avalie o Sucesso. • Likes, re-tweets, mentions, favorites em vez de apenas followers • Qual o conteúdo que é mais útil para a sua audiência? – Crie mais desse • Estarei presente em todas as fases do ciclo da compra (funil de vendas)? • Avalie a qualidade das Leads geradas • Lembre-se que parte do social selling é tornar-se uma referência e tal aumenta as recomendações ©2014 WSI. All rights reserved.
    51. 51. Criar uma rotina diária e estar atualizado • Medir o Sucesso • Crescimento e alcance da rede • Envolvimento • Leads e oportunidades • Vendas geradas • Estabeleça o seu plano a seguir • Use aplicações móveis para estar constantemente ativo • Presença em Redes Sociais e o nível de envolvimento com o seu conteúdo passa a ser uma peça chave na estratégia de marketing • Certifique-se que as Vendas e o Marketing trabalham juntos e alinhados • Transforme o Processo de Venda da sua empresa, com o Social Selling ©2014 WSI. All rights reserved.
    52. 52. Consultor Comercial de Sucesso no futuro • Construa uma reputação online sólida, que espelhe claramente a sua expertise • Usa as redes sociais com mestria e ferramentas de comunicação para criar ligações • Adepto da criação de conteúdo e partilha via digital, que ofereça valor às suas conexões • Tira partido de social CRM e estuda os social signals para entender o comportamento e a compra dos seus clientes ©2014 WSI. All rights reserved.
    53. 53. Persistência e Consistência ©2014 WSI. All rights reserved.
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    56. 56. Sobre a WSI Líder Global em Marketing Digital Conhecimento Global. Resultados Locais Fornecer soluções avançadas de marketing digital Negócios de qualquer dimensão ou indústria A maior rede mundial de Consultores de Internet 5. PERGUNTAS & RESPOSTAS Presente em mais de 80 países, com sede em Toronto, Canadá
    57. 57. Obrigado! linkedin.com/in/nataliasantos twitter.com/Natalia_Santos linkedin.com/in/SikanderSJamal @SSJamal google.com/+NataliaSantosF /SikanderSJamal