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Photographic evidence

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Photographic evidence

  1. 1. Photographic Evidence Amy Hill
  2. 2. Photos I usedI used this photo on the front cover of I used this photo because the story ismy magazine. This is because the story how to use your time wisely. Here, shethat I put to it was, ‘sixth form starting is clearly using her free time to doout.’ I feel that this picture was work.relevant as she is sat working at a As it is for the contents page, I didn’tcomputer, as a sixth former. She is feel it was needed for her to be lookinglooking straight at the camera and at the camera. It is a true to lifesmiling, this shows that she is happy, picture, rather than posed.and gives off the impression that she isenjoying sixth form life.
  3. 3. I used this picture as it shows sixth I used this picture, as not only is it anform interaction with lower school actual picture of an actual class, it has astudents. This picture consists of 2 good amount of students in, and thepeople, 1 sixth form, 1 year 11 student, teacher.actually working. The sixth former is The teacher is stood at the front,teaching the year 11. It is showing that clearly teaching the class, and thethey actually care, and want them to students are clearly working/listening.learn, as this is not a posed picture. This shows that the school is not a school full of students that do not wish to work.
  4. 4. Pictures I didn’t use.I decided not to use this picture as it I didn’t use this picture because notdoesn’t give the best message out. The only has it not got the actual teacherway that she is stood suggests that she one, but lots of the students lookis feeling very awkward, and doesn’t bored, and that they do not want to bewant her picture taking at all. Her there. Not only this but a couple of theexpression on her face doesn’t look too students more towards the front of thehappy. The article was meant to be picture, look like they are talking. Thishow sixth form students are enjoying gives off a very bad message thatschool life, she doesn’t look like she is students here do not listen/learn, orenjoying it very much. are undisciplined.