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Micromarketing Strategies - NHCWIB

  1. Welcome to   Micromarketing Strategies Make Micromarketing Real & Actionable for 2010
  2. Every Business has at least 100 different things to market.
  3. Target Audiences Audience 1 Audience 2 Tri-state Business Solutions Marketing promotional and targeting solutions. Promotional Products Web Design Juices Plus Whole based food nutrition with juice powder concentrates. Generic Health Nuts Parents Silver Dragon Creations by Patricia C. Vener Flowing, expressive hand-beaded jewelry and fine art creations. Jewelry for Brides to Be Local Artisan Community
  4. Accessible Means Viral + Scalable Common Interests

Notas do Editor

  1. Talk about tag line - summation point of presentation?? Tagline Brainstorm: microMarketing is HUGE think BIG, act micro How micro is the new BIG Because micro is the next BIG thing
  2. Introduce Covered Content - briefing of presentation
  3. And this is the year to do it. Take audience through white board exercise using Restaurant example while they think about their own businesses
  4. Example of different sides of one business Each one of these points is a potential campaign
  5. Adding Value (for audience): What do you do for the consumer?  How do you make a difference?  Differentiation: How are you different? Why does that matter? Call to Action: what do you want the customer to do?
  6. Insert picture of anchor
  7. Basic Example is a Non Profit, two very distinct groups: Donators and the People You're Helping Exercise 2: Ask these businesses about some of the things they wrote down in exercise 1 and use a specific target audience Mention these audiences can be even more targeted- ex. Businesses looking to give out coffee mugs with their logo or a funny message Use example to explain how would use micromarketing: 1, target each individually for different cliental.  2, achieve higher engagement/interaction rates 3, drive traffic to "home base" where can cross sell and give broader information Point: No matter the size your business is, you have different types of customers with different needs - or at the least diff promotions, events and products that you can market separately.
  8. List of basic problems a company may be having- working on a need of yours Once you have an Anchor point you can work on the other 4 elements of a solid marketing campaign.
  9. difference between micro and regular, reinforce. Don’t get caught up on dirty details, refer to the blog. Staying focused. [Verbal:       1. strategy of targeting your potential customers in a more personal way - without "selling" one person at a time      2. Precise - focused messaging for a single, particular audience      4. Authentic, real message that better address the needs of the target audience      5. Non-static, fresh content - shorter life cycle      6. Ubiquitous      7. [Accessible] - do it often] 9     
  10. One customer experience is everyone's experience. Constant updates and fresh contact. Trust, authenticity. Anti-ad age.
  11. Scaling of Micromarketing:  explain how micromarketing is still a scalable effort Target people of similar interests Interaction grows- but won't have to answer alot of things twice, it'll be out there for all, still scalable Grouping like minded souls together
  12. Start of the year: Sum of campaigns- all those bits and pieces that make it up Bottlenecks: specifically tackling where you’re hurting, solving problems, etc. Web Presence: Having your “feelers” out – instead of one static website, many little campaigns spread out (needle in haystack  many needles) Extraordinary: you’ve given people something to care about in you, something unique and special that’s worth sharing! Character + life to your business. - There is an audience, and now the information age is making them accessible- and they’re waiting for you! (to talk about, share, love or hate)
  13. FAQ ideas as follow-up to the group About: talk to Nikki about
  14. FAQ ideas as follow-up to the group About: talk to Nikki about We’ll launch this ripple in a couple of weeks as one of our featured ripples - Ripplecast