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  1. Amrita Datta Assistant Professor Kamala Devi Sohanraj Singhvi Jain College of Education Empowering women : A Path To an Empowered Country
  2. Let Us Go Through The Definition. Empowerment: What Does It Really Mean? According to Cambridge Dictionary: The process of gaining freedom and power to do what someone wants or to control what happens to someone: Some examples are : Female empowerment Youth empowerment Political empowerment Economic empowerment.
  3. Let’s Focus Women Empowerment Women Empowerment may be defined as: 1. Accepting women’s viewpoints. 2. Raising their status through education, awareness, literacy and training. 3. Equip them to take life determining decisions. 4. Redefine gender roles to allow them to the freedom of pursuing desired goals.
  4. The Vedic Women Women Empowerment The Rig-Veda mentions the names of some learned ladies like Gargi ,Maitrayee,Viswavara, Apala and Ghosa who composed mantras and attained the rank of Rishis. Vedic literature praises the birth of a scholarly daughter in these words: "A girl also should be brought up and educated with great effort and care." (Mahanirvana Tantra); and "All forms of knowledge are aspects of Thee; and all women throughout the world are Thy forms." (Devi Mahatya) Women, who so desired, could undergo the sacred thread ceremony or 'Upanayana' (a sacrament to pursue Vedic studies), which is only meant for males even to this day. There is a saying in Manu Smriti. ‘’Where the women are worshipped, there deities will dwell and there will be prosperity.’’
  5. Some Thoughts Women Empowerment There is no chance of the welfare of the world unless the condition of the women is improved.It is not possible for a bird to fly on one wing. — Swami Vivekananda As Rabindranath Tagore said “My fancies are fireflies Specks of living light Twinkling in the dark”
  6. Some Thoughts Women Empowerment Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar Championed the upliftment of the status of women in India, particularly in his native Bengal.He did not seek to set up alternative societies or systems, he sought to transform society from within. A Feminist figure who devoted her life in defeating the patriarchal aggression. Fondly referred to as Rajmata Ahilyabai, she was a bastion of women empowerment.
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  8. Some View Points Empowering Women
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  15. Summary Women Empowerment 1) Women empowerment refers to allowing women the power of participation in the decision-making process of all the fields leading to a quality life. 2) Empowerment of women helps them to take their own decision with respect to life and family. 3) Empowering women is the process of making women independent in all aspects of thoughts, rights, decisions, and actions. 4) Women empowerment promotes gender equality in society and adds to the country’s development. 5) Women's empowerment is necessary for the growth of family, society, and nation. 6) ‘Right to Equality’ act as per the Indian constitution helps in empowering the women in India.
  16. Summary Women Empowerment 7) Poverty, illiteracy, and violence against women are a few of the factors acting as a hindrance to the empowerment of women. 8) Women empowerment gives equal opportunities for employment, education and economic development to women. 9) Education plays a major role in empowering women as educated women can make well- informed decisions in life. 10) The Indian government has launched various schemes empowering women like ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’, ‘Ujjawala Scheme’, ‘Mahila Shakti Kendras’ etc. 11) Women empowerment is important for solving societal issues like poverty, unemployment and birth control in India. 12) Empowered women can contribute to nation-building by joining any sector like an army, social service, politics, education, corporate sector, etc.
  17. Concepts Women Empowerment Women Empowerment is a Belief , a Thought, an Essence. It is how someone perceives it. More than an action it is the process of attaining our supreme self, transcendence which will lead us to the ultimate Empowerment,