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Social media for startups

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A workshop for startups who want to use social media.

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Social media for startups

  1. 1. Social Media for Startups Amrita Chandra | Communitech Workshop | September 2013
  2. 2. My story starts in a tiny gallery in Toronto…
  3. 3. What we will cover today 1:05-1:15 Some Inspiration 1:15-1:35 Exercise 1: Content Planning 1:35-1:45 Avoiding the Social Media Wall of Shame 1:45-2:15 Exercise 2: Social Media for Your Startup 2:15-2:30 Q&A
  4. 4. Cloud Backup company Asigra uses social media to champion backup heroes
  5. 5. In less than 2 years, Buffer’s blog reached 700,000 readers per month
  6. 6. BRIKA’s visual content makes Pinterest a great channel for showing what’s popular
  7. 7. Pressly got their content in front of >100,000 readers through guest blogging
  8. 8. Manning Canning shares recipes of mouth-watering preserves, Tweets locations of upcoming farmer’s market stalls
  9. 9. LookBookHQ uses their product to create LookBooks on newsworthy topics. They have built relationships with leading content marketers (their target audience) who have in turn featured LookBookHQ in their own content. LookBookHQ has gone from launch to landing major enterprise
  10. 10. Don’t have a product in market yet? Start building an audience through your blog & outreach to others in your industry
  11. 11. What do they have in common? They know who they are (and what they stand for) They know their target customer well They work with what they have They show some personality They engage on and outside their own platforms They have something valuable to share They help their customers be amazing
  12. 12. What situation(s) are moving her towards switching to your product? What current habits are holding her back from switching to your product? What anxieties does she have about your product? What about your product is attracting her? Four Forces Framework developed by: Bob Moesta, The ReWired Group CurrentSituation NewProduct
  13. 13. Your startup makes a wristband that tracks a person’s physical activity. It’s targeted at affluent men & women 30-50 who are trying to get back into shape. Instructions: Pair up with a neighbour and come up: • A list of 3 goals your customer is trying to achieve • A list of 3 types of content (any format) that can help your target customer achieve their goals Image credit: Flickr Creative CommonsUserDieselDemon
  14. 14. Be prepared for negative feedback. Hint: Don’t call your customers trash.
  15. 15. Oops! You might want to rethink that auto-Tweet
  16. 16. Zzzzz….
  17. 17. Doesn’t know this kind of product exists Knows this category exists, not actively looking Actively looking for something like this Is currently using a similar product
  18. 18. Your customers’ goals Your content Format & channelYour area of expertise Startup marketing How to create awareness on a small budget PR on a shoestring Slideshare presentation Infographic shared through Twitter & Google+
  19. 19. So… how do you know if all this social media activity is working???
  20. 20. How many are interacting with it? Seeing Interacting Converting What is their perception of you?
  21. 21. Cisco’s measurement grid is great but may be overkill for startups; Choose the handful of metrics that really matter for you
  22. 22. If you only remember 3 things from today: Know what you stand for (& show some personality!) Know your customer really well (listen, watch, talk) Find the intersection of 1+ 2 to create & disseminate content that will help you build relationships with your “tribe”
  23. 23. Thank youfor Open Q&A Amrita Chandra | @amritachandra