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  1. 1. 10480 West. Okeechobee Rd. Unit:102. Florida. USA. 33018. Cell Phone: (786) 234-6333. amilkar_ramos@yahoo.es Eng. Amilkar Ramos Fuentes OBJECTIVE. To get a position as Sr. Software Engineer. It is also my best desire contributes with my effort and knowledge helping to reach the highest company’s goals. TECHNICAL PROFILE. Certifications: 1. Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD). Web Application Development Platform. Cert. #: F457-8494. 2. Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA). SQL Server 2012. Cert. #: F406-8034. 3. Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP, Cert. #: F357-7588) in:  Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3. (Cert. #: F398-2391).  Developing ASP.NET MVC 4 Web Applications.  Developing Microsoft Azure and Web Services.  Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012.  Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Databases.  Implementing a Data Warehouse with Microsoft SQL Server 2012. Programming Languages and Development Platforms: Microsoft Visual Studio.NET (2005, 2010, 2012 & 2013): C#, VB, ASP.NET(C#, VB, MVC 3/4), Visual C++. HTML, JavaScript and JQuery. MIT App Inventor. Eclipse. DB Connection: LINQ to SQL. Source Control: MS Visual Source Safe (LAN & Internet). Team Foundation Service, Tortoise SVN. Methodologies: MetVisual, Agile. Operative System: MSDOS, XP/Vista/Windows 7, 8, 8.1. Windows Server 2000/2003/2008 R2/2012. Others: MS IIS 6/7. EXPERIENCE. March, 2015-December, 2015. Software Developer Consultant. SERVITRAC. Miami-FL. www.servitrac.com  Developed a new Web Application: Web Link to handle GPS Devices information ex.: Show devices on a Google Map, Create Geo-Fence & Landmarks, Show devices events, Search specific locations, etc... (VS 2012: ASP.NET-C#, JQuery, JavaScript, HTML5).  Developed a new Windows Server able to handle UDP/TCP communication from/to devices as: SkyPatrol-8750 plus, SkyPatrol-8850, Global Star-Smart One and GT02A. (VS 2012: C#, Protocols: TCP/UDP/SMTP, Windows Services, SQL: 2008/2012).  Developed a Windows Application: Tracker Manager to administer the Windows Service. (VS 2012: Windows Form Application-C#, Protocol: TCP).  Developed a Reverse geocoder Web API using Google Map, Bing and Map Quest. (VS 2012: Web API-C#).  Implemented SQL-Server Objects (Stored Procedures, Functions and Jobs) to consume and process reverse geocoder’s information. (SQL Server: 2008/2012).
  2. 2. March, 2014-January, 2015. Software Developer Consultant.PHUNWARE.Miami-FL. www.phunware.com  User Control based on HTML5 for uploading images from Web and Mobile (IOS-Android) Apps. (VS 2010: ASP.NET-C#, JQuery).  For DFW Airport I created 3 console Applications which run based on a Windows Task Schedule. The Applications set a connection to Twitter, Instagram and Foursquare APIs for downloading Tweets, Comments and Tips into a SQLite DB which is consumed by IOS and Android Apps. (VS 2010: Windows Console App-C#, MySQL and OAuth 2.0 Architecture).  Developed a Windows Application that import data from xml File and save it into SQLite database. It was also required a Web Service that receive the SQLite Data Base and serve it to the IOS and Android Devices. (VS 2010: Windows App-C#, ASP.NET-C#, SQLite).  Implemented a module in the Admin Software to allow management of multiple delivery packages. (VS 2010: ASP.NET-C#, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, MySQL).  Software troubleshooting and error solutions provider. (VS 2010: ASP.NET-C#, JQuery, JavaScript, MySQL). March, 2013-Dec, 2013. Analyst & Developer Consultan . BUPA.Miami-FL. www.bupa.com  Created a new feature in the main company product (Amigos+) to register all modifications made to BUPA providers. (VS 2012: VB, SQL 2012-TSQL and TFS).  Created a Use Case Web Site (Use Case Manager) used by BUPA Project Managers, BA, DBA and Programmers for managing all information (Projects, Use Cases, Modules, Mockups, etc.) related to the projects on development state. (VS 2012: ASP.NET-C#, LINQ to SQL, SQL 2012-TSQL, HTML, Ajax, JavaScript, JQuery, TFS and IIS).  Added new Interface to Amigos+ to gather policies pending for review and approvals. (VS 2005: VB, SQL 2005-TSQL and TFS). Nov, 2011-March, 2013. Analyst & Developer. Silver-bullet. Miami-FL. www.silverbt.com  Programing a Payment Processing Module using Authorized.NET Payment Gateway (http://www.authorize.net) to be used in one of the company web site. (VS 2005: ASP.NET-C#, HTML, JavaScript, SQL 2005-TSQL and VSS).  Programmed a Shipping Engine using ShipRush architecture (www.shiprush.com) for implementing a Shipping Module into the company main windows product. (VS 2005: VC++, MFC and VSS).  Programmed a Web Application (PDA-YARD) for managing Containers Temperature and running over a PDA Bar Scanner Device (VS-2010: ASP.NET-C#, SQL 2005-TSQL, HTML, JavaScript and VSS).  Developed a windows service which is used as an interface between the company main windows application and INTTRA (www.inttra.com. Largest multi-carrier e-commerce platform of the ocean shipping industry) for management bookings merchandise transportation. (VS 2005: VC++, SQL 2005- TSQL and VSS).  Programmed a class used as part of a windows service to integrate a windows application with paper- save architecture v5 (www.papersave.com ). (VS 2005: ASP.NET-C# and VSS).  Programmed a windows base tool bar application to launch the main company windows application and its different modules. (VS 2005: VC++, MFC and VSS).  Troubleshooting and error solutions provider.
  3. 3. Oct, 2010-Nov, 2011. Analyst & Developer. SkyPatrol LLC.Miami-FL. www.skypatrol.com  Integrated and programmed a new Billing Module into the company Web platform. (VS 2005: ASP.NET: VB, SQL 2008-TSQL and TFS).  Programmed new Decoder device: MICRO into the company Server Platform. (VS 2005: VB, SQL 2008-TSQL and TFS).  Customized an online store used by the company for selling MICRO devices. (VS 2010: ASP.NET-C#, MVC 3, Telerik and IIS).  Redesigned and programmed the Registration page to provide an online and faster solution for customers who buy new devices. The solution is able to activate the device SIM Card (Carriers: AT&T and T-Mobile) as well as to create a new billing account in the company accounting system (Rodopi). (VS 2005: ASP.NET-VB, SQL 2008-TSQL and TFS).  Improved the company server platform event engine to optimize and make it more reliable. (SQL 2008: T-SQL).  Programmed new application for sending scheduled reports requested by the customer. The scheduled reports can be sent daily, weekly and monthly. (VS 2005: VB, SQL 2008-TSQL and TFS).  Troubleshooting and error solutions provider. Sep, 2004-Oct, 2010. Analyst & Developer Consultant.Polarix Software Eng. Inc.Toronto-ON/Miami-FL. www.polarix.com  Developed a Web Service for Reverse Geocoding using geocoding sources: Google, ESRI and Map24 (VS 2005: C#, SQL 2005-TSQL and VSS).  Programmed SMS-Sever which provide capabilities of sending and receiving SMS using a SMS MODEM attached to a PC through serial port and interact with any System by UDP protocol. (VS 2005: VC++, MFC, UDP and VSS).  Developed an application which run in a MDT (Mobile data terminal: Mobile-Knowledge, Series 9000) used in Qatar for dispatching jobs to plumbing companies all around the country. (VS 2005: VB for Windows CE, SQL 2005-TSQL and VSS).  Programmed: o As part of a team, Web solutions: PolarNet (VS 2005: ASP.NET-VB, HTML, MyGeneration, JavaScript, JQuery, PhotoShop, ImageReady and VSS). o Software embedded in circuits used as cab taximeters. (Borland C++/C++). o Software embedded for MDT (Mobile data terminal, Micronet’s Net-960) which is installed in vehicles to interact through GPRS and Satellite technologies with dispatcher software; extensively used by taxis, currier and many others companies that provide tracking services. (Borland C++/ ANSI-C). o Software embedded in cell phones for orientation purposes. (NetBeans 5.0/J2ME). o As part of a team Polarix’s Server and Client software: PTServer, PolarSuite, etc. (VS 2005 VB, VC++, TCP, UDP, SQL 2000-TSQL, MyGeneration and VSS).
  4. 4. EDUCATION AND TRAINING.  2015 The Academy of South Florida. o MCSD, MCSA, MCP &Microsoft Specialist on “Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3”.  2014 Android Development using MIT, the App Inventor. Miami Dade College. USA.  2014 Google Analytic Course. Google. USA.  2004 George Brown. Toronto City College. Canada. o Programming XML. o Programming using Java. o Application Development with Java.  2003 George Brown. Toronto City College. Canada. Internet Scripting Language.  2001 DISAIC (Consultant House). SQL SERVER 7.0/2000 Training (Management and Implementation).  2000 Lloyd’s Register of shipping. Internal Auditorof Quality management systems.  2000 Lloyd’s Register of shipping. Quality System design.  2000 Lloyd’s Register of shipping. Assessment and interpretation of ISO 9000 standards applied to the software design.  1991-1998 Polytechnic Superior Institute “Jose Antonio Echeverria” Havana, Cuba. BSc. in Information Technology. REFERENCE Available upon request.