Meet the Simpsons.
The Simpson Family Tree
Let’s start with Lisa
Bart is Lisa’s brother.
Maggie is Lisa’s sister.
Homer and Marge are Lisa
and Maggie’s parents:
father and mother
Herb is Lisa’s Uncle.
Lisa is Herb’s niece.
Bart is Herb’s nephew.
Abraham and Mona are Lisa’s grandparents.
Lisa is their granddaughter. Bart is their
Marge is Abraham and Mona’s daughter in law. Abraham is Marge’s
father in law, and Mona is Marge’s mother-in law.
Herb is Marge’s brother-in-law.
Patty and Selma are Lisa and Maggie’s aunts. Patty
and Selma are Homer’s sisters-in-law. Patty and Selma
are Marge’s sisters.
Ling is Lisa and Maggie’s
Got it?
Complete the sentences.
Lisa is Maggie’s _______________.
Bart is Patty and Selma’s ___________________.
Abraham is Homer’s ______________________ .
Herb is Bart’s ________________.
Homer is Ling’s ______________.
Mona is Marge’s _________________________.
Lisa is Ling’s __________________.
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