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before and after / because
while / if / but
and / or
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(1) There is a boy ______ a girl
in the picture.
(2) You have to sleep _______ 10 p.m.
(3) Japanese say “Itadakimasu”
________ they eat.
(4) What do you like, coffee ____ tea?
(5) I am full ______ eating a lot.
(6) This is my bag ______ books.
(7) The room looks good ______
I cleaned it.
(8) You should study ______ the
(9) I brush my teeth _____
(10) Which is better, swimming
_______ hiking?
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(11) _____ you won't eat, you
will be hungry.
(12) She is happy _____ her bag
is new.
(13) He wants to buy the iPhone
11 _____ he has no money.
(14) Wear a jacket _____ it's cold.
(15) _____ you run all day, you
will be tired.
(16) _____ he will not study, his
test result will be bad.
conjunctions-group-game-fun-activities-games_120210 (1).pptx
(17) It is in Japan. It is the coldest
place. It has Snow Festival.
(18) This is a country. The people
are called Americans. They speak
(19) This is a season when the
leaves turn red or yellow.
(20) It is a fruit. It is color
yellow. It is long and sweet.
(21) This is an important holiday
in Japan. This is the first day of
(22) It is a dog. It is a famous
one. It has a statue in Shibuya.
conjunctions-group-game-fun-activities-games_120210 (1).pptx
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