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How to close your first 10 B2B Deals

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How to close your first 10 B2B Deals

  1. 1. Koen Stevens (Word-Of-Mouth Director Ambassify)
 How to close your first 10 B2B deals?
  2. 2. #1 Aim. Define your ideal customers. Be realistic and also ambitious. This is your target audience. #1 Aim
  3. 3. As your ideal customer, do you aim for a few large elephants as customers or do you prefer a lot of small bunnies as customers. This is a decision you have to make. # of customers Price Pick your animal100.000 10.000 1.000
  4. 4. #2 Point
  5. 5. Who are your biggest competitors? What is their and your status quo and how can you excel? Ambassify developed a new tool to measure your Brand Advocacy Index. This tool can of course also be used to check the Brand Advocacy Index of your competitors. Your biggest competitors? excel and the status quo
  6. 6. If Growth’s a Slog First Nail A Niche This workbook is designed to help you focus on one or two “niches” to make your lead generation more effective. Here, we want you to begin digging into the details of your ideal customer and contact profiles, understand why you need to ‘nail a niche’ to grow, and answer questions to begin crafting your outbound messaging. Outbound Experience and Expectations Nail your niche Based on your ICP http://bit.ly/2lXmnoB
  7. 7. Omar mohout - lean pricing companies change pricing all the time Lean Pricing is a practical toolkit that will positively influence your pricing strategy, revealing insights in the different pricing methods and tactics used by successful companies. You will discover a great number of case studies where these methods are successfully applied which will help you set-up or optimize your current pricing strategy. This book will answer the following key questions: • What price can you ask? • What pricing strategy will you adopt? Whether you launched a startup or work for a big tech company is not important. As long as you believe that pricing plays a key role in your success, this book will provide the guidance, insights and inspiration you need. Lean Pricing is part of the Lean series, a series of books tackling the challenges that technology entrepreneurs and companies are facing. Other publications include Lean Marketing (not yet released). Omar Mohout is a Growth Engineer. He is an expert in building repeatable, scalable customer acquisition engines for born-on-the-web companies. Omar is an entrepreneur that turned startup advisor & mentor. Pricing Strategy Charge a multiple of what you think is right
  8. 8. The idea behind creating this situation is to ensure that corporations are managed by like-minded individuals who share a stake in the company. Executives can talk all they want, but the best vote confidence is putting one's own money on the line just like outside investors! Read more: Skin In The Game Definition | Investopedia http://www.investopedia.com/terms/s/skininthegame.asp#ixzz4c9twhbzJ Follow us: Investopedia on Facebook Pricing Strategy Skin in the game: 
 let them pay from day one
  9. 9. #3 Shoot
  10. 10. Many brands are venturing outside of their office and within their network to find early adopters that can take out some of the mass marketing legwork by driving word-of-mouth. For many companies, the ideal marketing campaign is self- sustaining — an organic ripple that migrates throughout target markets and accurately represents your brand. more If you’re looking to get your business off of the ground while building a valuable consumer base and smoothing out the kinks of your product, you should start marketing to early adopters. Yes, those early adopters. The pillars of modern marketing myth and Everett M. Rogers’ legend that purchase first and ask questions later, then tell all of their fearful friends about what they can expect in the ominously near future. Early adopters may not be your first choice, but when targeted correctly, they can build buzz within exclusive inner circles and eventually entice mainstream customers to give your product a try. Read on to learn about the qualities that your marketing team can master to think like an early adopter. Brand Ambassador Marketing Program. Employee advocacy. Use different tactics or traction channels ‣ Network ‣ Early adopter program 
 (again: paying customers only) ‣ Referrals
  11. 11. • Users are oxygen for a product otherwise the human tendency is to enhance a product in a vacuum, and build functionality that isn’t highest priority • Unaffiliated customers are ones that don’t come from friends, family, or colleagues (friendly customers are fine, but focus on unaffiliated customers until there’s a critical mass of impartial customers) • Unaffiliated customers provide more direct feedback, aren’t worried about hurting the entrepreneur’s feelings, and will be more demanding (it’s key that money changes hands and that they aren’t a free user) • Implement a marketing process like Traction to systematically find 10 unaffiliated customers (e.g. use cold calling, pay per clicks ads, social media, etc to get 10 customers in the door) • Listen to the customer requests while maintaining an opinionated vision for the future One of the most common entrepreneur mistakes is taking too much time to prove they are on the wrong path. Of course, it’d be great if every new product idea was successful, but most of the time they aren’t. By getting to “no go” as soon as possible, it provides more time to pivot/iterate and try the next direction. Grinding it out is hard, but critical to achieve entrepreneurial success. Goal :: 10 unaffiliated customers ‣ Outbound targeted emails ‣ Referral ‣ Inbound requests ‣ Network
  12. 12. In electronic commerce, a brand advocate is a customer who speaks in favor of a product by passing along word of mouth (WOM) comments and messages to other potential customers in the hope that they will join in on purchasing a specific brand. A brand advocate may be: • A famous person or V.I.P. who relays a positive image • A retail store associate with strong brand knowledge • A person who uses the advertised brand and has many social connections/good standing in his or her community Brand advocates strongly believe in the product they are helping advertise through electronic word-of-mouth marketing (WOMM). Now accelerate through your own customers Advocacy: Reviews // Referrals // References
  13. 13. The game has changed
  14. 14. Brand advocates are carefully chosen by manufacturers or retailers in the hope that they will boost sales to a given product. In fact, consumers are very likely to purchase an item based on a family or friend's suggestion, so WOMM is considered a very successful online advertising and marketing tool. Some companies even assist businesses in carefully locating suitable brand advocates, a job for which not many people are qualified. A small group of people are your new sales army. Find them
  15. 15. The sales process has changed. Customers are up to 70 % in the decision making process.
 But no worries, references, referrals and testimonials help you to make the difference when customers are comparing you with your competitors. The sales process has changed 0%
 Looking for a solution 100%
 Buying the solution I do my own research before I contact a sales rep57% 70% Sales process
  16. 16. Ambassify - Ambassador Marketing Program - Reviews REVIEWS
  17. 17. How to collect reviews for your businesss? - Ask!!! Don’t wait for them to write but approach them pro-actively - 80% is willing to write a reviews but only 23% of them will actually right a review. - Remind them when they have a positive experience about your product - Be patient - Don’t push / obligate them “ 88% of respondents said they trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.“
  18. 18. The power of testimonials. Teamleader tool vs Odoo tool Comparison websites
  19. 19. The power of testimonials. Teamleader’s page on G2Crowd B2B solutions website.
  20. 20. “ Comparison websites are the new SEO juice. “
  21. 21. The study found that companies with advocate marketing programs can receive up to 17.5 times more product reviews than the average product on G2 Crowd. “ Companies with advocate marketing programs can receive up to 17,5x more product reviews.“
  22. 22. write your MOST PERSONAL Bongo story Publish rates with incentive: 22,7%
 without incentive: 22,9% 1/4 creates a story
  23. 23. Ambassify - Brand Ambassador Marketing Program - Referrals REFERRALS
  24. 24. 84% of B2B buyers are now starting the purchasing process with a referral, and peer recommendations are influencing more than 90% of all B2B buying decisions. 84%of B2B buyers start with a referral
  25. 25. Imagine that you have 100 new leads every month through referrals. Well, an astonishing 3,63% of those leads truly convert into becoming a client. That’s huge compared to the other channels. ( eMarketer.com ) Customer and employee referrals Website Social Network Paid Search Sales generated Marketing & advertising Trade show Partner Webinars LinkedIn Email campaigns Events Lead list Others 1,07% 0,02% 0,04% 0,07% 0,34% 0,44% 0,48% 0,55% 0,78% 0,94% 0,99% 1,47% 1,55% 3,63% The power of referrals Lead-to-Deal conversion rate
  26. 26. It’s time for a story about
 and our prospects
  27. 27. IN SUMMARY
  28. 28. “Authentic social proof is the sales man’s G-spot.“
  29. 29. Tips & Tricks Ask for the sale Do stuff that does not scale
 Get 10 unaffiliated customers
 Sell through these customers
  30. 30. How strong is your Brand Advocacy Index? Check it out @ bai.ambassify.com
  31. 31. B2B SALES RESOURCES Blinkist Audible 
 Podcasts Saastr
 The Startup Chat 
 De Vitesse Close.io Jason Lemkin 
 From Impossible to Inevitable Solution Selling Selling The Wheel Steli Efti Gary V
  32. 32. Koen Stevens (+32) 496 25 09 47
 koen@ambassify.com @E_KON Questions?
  33. 33. nVidia, Checkpoint, Microsoft, Netgear, Intel, BioRacer, Velux, startups.be, Smartbox, BNP Parisbas Fortis Or ask our very own brand ambassadors