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2019 Ambassador Leaders Community Action Plan - Stop Taking Our People

  1. State-Imposed Forced Labor ● when a state exploits an individual’s body for their own benefit ● 2.2 mil victims (2012) ● 10.5 % ● forced in: ○ prisons ○ work imposed by state military ○ rebel arm forces ● vulnerable because of ○ crime ○ poverty ○ corruption ○ cultural acceptance ○ unemployment
  2. State-imposed forced labor State imposed forced labor is very common because of how private many detention centers are. President Obama prohibits the act of forced labor, although many prisons and detention centers disobey these laws. Profits that drive unfair trade policies that result in forced labor and labor exploitation for the prisoners which causes them to do what the prisons want them to do.
  3. Forced Labour Exploitation Forced labour is any work or administration which individuals are compelled to do without wanting to, under risk of discipline. Practically all subjection practices contain some component of constrained work. Forced labour is the most widely recognized component of present day slavery. It is the most extraordinary type of individuals abuse.
  4. Forced Labour Exploitation (Part 2) Over a million people are estimated to be forced to pick cotton in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan by their own governments every year.
  5. Forced Sexual Exploitation ● Threatening/abuse ● They sell humans like objects ● Women and girls ● They prey on vulnerable people
  6. Sexual exploitation continued . . . . 4.8 million people are forced into sexual exploitation . women and girls are 98% of the commercial sex industry
  7. Human Trafficking Is Modern Day Slavery Human trafficking is the action or practice of illegally transporting people from one area to another, typically for the purposes of forced labor or sexual exploitation. The Slave trade was the transportation of slaves from one area to another for forced labor. During slave times slaves would have to comply to any sexual advances made by the master. Slaves were sold and bought for money. Victims of human trafficking are sold and bought for money.
  8. Facts about human trafficking -Globally, the average cost of a slave is 90$. -Trafficking usually involves exploitation that comes in many forms like forcing victims to commit sex acts. - There are an estimated 20 to 30 million slaves in the world today. -Human trafficking is the largest international crime industry. - According to the U.S. state department 600,000 to 800,000 people are trafficked across international border
  9. ● How to identify Victim of trafficking - Predator of trafficking - ● Being tired . • Police ● Having money • Passport ● Burn marks/ cuts • Situations ● Dress. • Anxiety ● Behavior • Recent Events ● Boyfriends / girlfriends • Smoking/ Drugs ● Feelings ● Party’s
  10. How to Stop Human Trafficking 4 Major Ways to Help are 1. Being able to identify a victim 2. Any and all suspicions are reported to local police or the National Prevention Hotline at 1-888-373-7888 3. Raising awareness and educating others is a great way to prevent 4. Looking after others who may be more vulnerable
  11. Non-Profit Partners Two great partners to work with are Daughters Rising and Youth Ending Slavery. They are both non profit organizations who try to help prevent human trafficking. YES(youth ending slavery) is all student run. It started in Portland, Oregon and founded by Allison Nasson and 4 of her other classmates. They focus on modern day slavery and helps by empowering future leaders. Now Daughters Rising was founded by a photographer and an artist. This organization mainly focuses on protecting girls. They give classes like empowerment workshops that help with leadership and confidence. They try to help girls feel safe and be able to express their feelings in a safe environment.
  12. Plan B - One of our back up plan ideas is that when we run out of volunteers or money we can ask our community to help out with fundraising or volunteering. - Another plan b is we could save up some money at the start and whenever we have extra money so that we’ll have enough to use when we are at low points.
  13. Hometown Connections - Unbound Fort Worth - The Unbound Fort Worth helps to make people aware of when trafficking may be happening and helps them let people know so they can do something about it. - United Way - United way is a good resource that is near everyone’s community. It would be a good and easy place to go to for help. - Maryland Human Trafficking Force - The Maryland Human Trafficking Force helps take in people from around the country that have been victims and help them get the resources they need.
  14. How to take it Home! Having the awareness of human trafficking is very important in our world today. You can take The awareness of human trafficking home by having knowledge of some indications of human trafficking such as abnormal behavior. As about 4.8 million people, mostly women and and children are victims of commercial sex trade. So mainly women and small children are victims of human trafficking. Lastly, The National human trafficking hotline is 1 (888) 373-7888 in case of emergency.