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(SDD418) Amazon CloudWatch Deep Dive | AWS re:Invent 2014

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In this session, we go deep on best practices for you to get the most out of Amazon CloudWatch. Learn how you can use new service metrics to keep even more of your systems and applications running smoothly. See how CloudWatch Logs can help you monitor your logs in near‑real time for events you care about and store the log data in low cost, highly durable storage. Hear about best practices to retrieve Amazon Web Services metrics from CloudWatch using the API. Get a demonstration of how you can use the Amazon EC2 configuration service to monitor applications and events on Windows Server.

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(SDD418) Amazon CloudWatch Deep Dive | AWS re:Invent 2014

  1. 1. Amazon Web Services Your metrics Your logs
  2. 2. •Analysis –Trusted Advisor •Integration with other monitoring •Programmatic access
  3. 3. •IAM permissions •API •Request throughput •Late arriving data
  4. 4. list-metrics
  5. 5. get-metric-statistics
  6. 6. //Pseudo-putting-it-together RetrieveMetrics(metricFilters, startTime, endTime, period) { Items result = new Items(); //Loop through metrics matching filters for timerange foreach(Metric m in ListMetrics(metricFilters)) { result.Add(GetMetricStatistics(m, startTime, endTime, period)); } return result; }
  7. 7. Monitor and alert Centralized access Archive
  8. 8. Metric filters –Literal terms
  9. 9. Metric filters –Common log format
  10. 10. Metric filters –JSON
  11. 11. Recent improvements
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