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Overview of Amazon Web Services

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Overview of Amazon Web Services

  1. 1. AWS Overview Thor NolenEcosystem Solution Architect
  2. 2. Building Distributed Architectures with Traditional Infrastructure is Difficult
  3. 3. Characteristics of Cloud Computing No Up-Front Pay Only For Low CostCapital Expense What You Consume
  4. 4. Characteristics of Cloud Computing Self-service True Elastic ImproveInfrastructure Capacity Business Agility
  5. 5. AWS Pace of Innovation… 82 Including: AWS Oregon Region 61 Elastic Beanstalk (Beta) Including: Amazon SES (Beta) Amazon SNS AWS CloudFormation Amazon CloudFront Amazon RDS for Oracle Amazon Route 53 AWS Direct Connect 48 S3 Bucket Policies AWS GovCloud (US) Including: RDS Multi-AZ Support Amazon ElastiCache Amazon RDS RDS Reserved Databases VPC Virtual Networking Amazon VPC AWS Import/Export VPC Dedicated Instances Amazon EMR AWS IAM Beta SMS Text Notification 24 EC2 Auto Scaling AWS Singapore Region CloudFront Live Streaming Including: EC2 Reserved Instances Cluster Instances for EC2 AWS Tokyo Region Amazon SimpleDB EC2 Elastic Load Balance Micro Instances for EC2 SAP RDS on EC2 9 Amazon Cloudfront AWS Import/Export Amazon Linux AMI SAP BO on EC2 Including: Amazon EBS AWS Mngmt Console Oracle Apps on EC2 Win Srv 2008 R2 on EC2 Amazon FPS EC2 Availability Zones Win Srv 2008 on EC2 SUSE Linux on EC2 Win Srv 2003 VM Import Red Hat Enterprise on EC2 EC2 Elastic IP Addresses IBM Apps on EC2 VM Import for EC2 Amazon S3 SSE 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
  6. 6. …Continuing in the First Quarter of 2012 15 Amazon DynamoDB in Europe Storage Gateway in South America CloudFront Live Streaming Route 53 Latency Based Routing PHP and Git for Elastic Beanstalk CloudFront Lowers Content Expiration 7 RDS Increases Backup Retention IAM Password Management Amazon DynamoDB 6 IAM User Access to Account Billing AWS Storage Gateway Amazon Simple Workflow Service Amazon RDS Free Trial program Amazon RDS on Amazon VPC Amazon DynamoDB in Japan Amazon EC2 Medium Instances AWS IAM Identity Federation ElastiCache in Oregon and Sao Paulo 64-bit AMI on Small & Medium Windows Free Usage Tier Amazon S3 Lower Prices EC2 Linux Login from Console New Premium Support Features AWS CloudFormation for VPC Beanstalk Resource Permissions New AWS Direct Connect Locations New Osaka and Milan Edge Locations EC2, RDS, ElastiCache Lower Prices January February March
  7. 7. AWS Platform Overview Deployment & Administration App ServicesCompute Storage Database Networking AWS Global Infrastructure
  8. 8. AWS Regions and Availability Zones Conceptual drawing only. The number of Availability Zones may vary Region Availability Zone Availability Zone Availability Zone
  9. 9. AWS Global InfrastructureGovCloud US West US West US East South EU Asia Asia (US ITAR (Northern (Oregon) (Northern America (Ireland) Pacific Pacific Region) California) Virginia) (Sao Paulo) (Singapore) (Tokyo) AWS Regions AWS Edge Locations
  10. 10. Overview of Services NetworkingStorage Compute Database Application Content Deployment & Services Delivery Management
  11. 11. Storage
  12. 12. StorageAmazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3)• Storage for the Internet. Natively online, HTTP access• Store and retrieve any amount of data, any time, from anywhere on the web• Highly scalable, reliable, fast and durable (default = 99.9999999% durability)
  13. 13. The Scale of AWS: Amazon S3 Growth 905 Billion Peak Requests: 650,000+ 762 Billion per second Total Number of Objects Stored in Amazon S3 262 Billion 102 Billion 14 Billion 40 Billion2.9 BillionQ4 2006 Q4 2007 Q4 2008 Q4 2009 Q4 2010 Q4 2011 Q1 2012
  14. 14. StorageAmazon Elastic Block Store (EBS)• Block storage volumes for use with Amazon EC2 instances.• Attach to running instance and expose as a block device• Off-instance storage that persists independently of Amazon EC2 instances• Snapshots stored durably in Amazon S3
  15. 15. StorageAWS Storage Gateway• Easily backup on-premises data to AWS• Store snapshots in Amazon S3 for backup and disaster recovery• Simple software appliance - no changes required to your on- premises architecture
  16. 16. StorageAWS Import/Export• Accelerates moving large amounts of data into and out of Amazon S3 or Amazon EBS• Transfers your data directly onto and off of storage devices• Uses Amazon high-speed internal network
  17. 17. Compute
  18. 18. ComputeAmazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2)• Resizable compute capacity• Complete control of your computing resources• Reduces the time required to obtain and boot new server instances to minutes• Scale capacity as your computing requirements change• Pay only for capacity that you actually use
  19. 19. Supercomputers by the Hour… for Everyone.AWS built the 42nd fastest supercomputer in the world1,064 Amazon EC2 CC2 instances with17,024 cores240 teraflops cluster (240 trillion calculations per second)Less than $1,000 per hour
  20. 20. ComputeAmazon Elastic MapReduce (Amazon EMR)• Easily and cost-effectively process vast amounts of data• Utilizes a hosted Hadoop framework
  21. 21. ComputeAuto Scaling• Scale your Amazon EC2 capacity automatically• Well suited for applications that experience variability in usage• Available at no additional charge
  22. 22. ComputeElastic Load Balancing• Supports the routing and load balancing of HTTP, HTTPS and TCP traffic to EC2 instances• Supports health checks to ensure detect and remove failing instances• Dynamically grows and shrinks required resources based on traffic• Seamlessly integrates with Auto-scaling to add and remove instances based on scaling activities• Single CNAME provides stable entry point for DNS configuration
  23. 23. Database
  24. 24. DatabaseAmazon DynamoDB• Fully-managed NoSQL database service• Store any amount of data – no limits• Easily provision and change the request capacity needed for each table• Fast, predictable performance• Elastic MapReduce integration
  25. 25. DatabaseAmazon SimpleDB• Core database functions of data indexing and querying• No schema, automatic indexing• Eliminates the administrative burden of data modeling, index maintenance, and performance tuning• Real-time lookup and simple querying of structured data
  26. 26. DatabaseAmazon Relational Database Service (RDS)• Cost-efficient and resizable capacity• Manages time-consuming database administration tasks• Access to the full capabilities of a familiar MySQL, Oracle, or SQL Server database• Code, applications, and tools you already use today work seamlessly• Automatically patches the database software and backs up your database
  27. 27. DatabaseAmazon ElastiCache (beta)• Memcached compliant cache cluster on-demand• Manages patching, cache node failure detection and recovery• Simple APIs calls to grow and shrink the cache cluster• Seamlessly caches in front of SimpleDB or RDS instances• Integrated with Amazon CloudWatch and Amazon SNS for monitoring and alerts
  28. 28. Networking
  29. 29. NetworkingAmazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC)• Provision a private, isolated section of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud where you can launch AWS resources in a virtual network that you define• Define a virtual network topology that closely resembles a traditional network that you might operate in your own datacenter• You have complete control over your virtual networking environment: selection of IP address range, creation of subnets, configuration of route tables, and network gateways
  30. 30. NetworkingAmazon Route 53• Route end users to Internet applications• Answers DNS queries with low latency by using a global network of DNS servers
  31. 31. NetworkingAmazon Direct Connect• Private secure connection to AWS• Bypass the public Internet• High bandwidth and predictable latency
  32. 32. Content Delivery•Amazon CloudFront•Web service for content delivery• Distribute content to end users with low latency, highdata transfer speeds, and no commitments• Delivers your content using a global network of edgelocations• Supports download, streaming and live streaming withAdobe FMS
  33. 33. Application Services
  34. 34. Application ServicesAmazon Simple Workflow Service (Amazon SWF)• Run application workflows and business processes on AWS• Manage processes across Cloud, mobile and on-premises environments• Use any programming language for workflow logic
  35. 35. Application ServicesAmazon CloudSearch (beta)• Fully-managed search service• Integrate fast and highly scalable search functionality into applications• Scales automatically: with increases in searchable data or as query rate changes• AWS manages hardware provisioning, data partitioning, and software patches
  36. 36. Application ServicesAmazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS)• Set up, operate, and send notifications• Publish messages from an application and immediately deliver them to subscribers or other applications
  37. 37. Application ServicesAmazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS)• Hosted queue for storing messages as they travel between computers• Move data between distributed components of their applications
  38. 38. Application ServicesAmazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) (beta)• Bulk and transactional email-sending service• Eliminates the hassle of email server management, network configuration, and meeting rigorous Internet Service Provider (ISP) standards• Provides a built-in feedback loop, including notifications of bounce backs, failed and successful delivery attempts, and spam complaints
  39. 39. Deployment and Management
  40. 40. Deployment and Management AWS Elastic Beanstalk (beta) • Automatically handles the deployment details of capacity provisioning, load balancing, auto-scaling, and application health monitoring • Retain full control over the AWS resources powering your application • Run and manage existing PHP applications with no changes to application code • Provides full control over the infrastructure and the software
  41. 41. Deployment and Management AWS CloudFormation • Create templates of stack of resources • Deploy stack from template with runtime parameters • CloudFormer supports generating templates from running environments
  42. 42. Deployment and Management Amazon CloudWatch • Visibility into resource utilization, operational performance, and overall demand patterns • Metrics including CPU utilization, disk reads and writes, and network traffic • Custom application-specific metrics of your own • Accessible via AWS Management Console, APIs, SDK, or CLI
  43. 43. Deployment and Management AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) • Create Users and Groups with specific, restricted access to specific AWS resources and API calls • User-specific credentials for accessing management console and making API calls • Provision identity federation between corporate directory and AWS services
  44. 44. Cloud Computing Makes This Easier Distributed Multi-AZ Building Loosely CoupledInfrastructure Services Blocks Process Coordination AWS Regions S3 EC2 SWF Instances DynamoDB SNS Availability Zones Elastic Load RDS Balancer SQS
  45. 45. Applications Flexibility to Choose the Right Your AppsSecurity Model for Each Application Infrastructure AWS Security Infrastructure SOC 1/SSAE 16/ISAE 3402, Every Customer Gets the ISO 27001, PCI DSS, HIPAA, ITAR, FISMA Moderate, FIPS 140-2 Highest Level of Security