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AWS Summit London 2014 | Options for Hybrid Environments (200)

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This session is recommended for anyone considering using the AWS Cloud to augment their current IT capabilities. Adoption of cloud computing provides access to the benefits of new deployment models. But for existing enterprises, in many cases, applications deployed to the cloud need to integrate with existing on-premises resources. This session outlines several key factors to consider from the point of view of a large-scale real IT shop executive. Since each company is unique, this session compares the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and risks of each model and then helps participants create new hybrid orchestration and deployment options for hybrid enterprise environments.

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AWS Summit London 2014 | Options for Hybrid Environments (200)

  1. 1. © 2014 Amazon.com, Inc. and its affiliates. All rights reserved. May not be copied, modified, or distributed in whole or in part without the express consent of Amazon.com, Inc. Options for Hybrid Environments – Extending the Enterprise Data Center Steffen Krause Amazon Web Services Germany GmbH @sk_bln
  2. 2. Painting the picture of a customer in transition
  3. 3. First cloud use cases
  4. 4. Collapse | Copy Code public int CurrentPage { get { // Look for current page in ViewState object o = ViewState["CurrentPage"]; if (o == null) return 1; // default page index of 1 return (int) o; } set { ViewState["CurrentPage"] = value; } Development & Test
  5. 5. Backup Image Copyright: Pargon https://www.flickr.com/photos/pargon/2444128581/
  6. 6. Disaster Recovery Image Copyright: Loco Steve https://www.flickr.com/photos/locosteve/4349003896/
  7. 7. Big Data & Analytics
  8. 8. Business Apps
  9. 9. Corporate Data Center Extend the Corporate DC
  10. 10. here there ??? Image Copyright: Alan Stark https://www.flickr.com/photos/squeaks2569/3538446880
  11. 11. Corporate Data Center Private Network in AWS Image Copyright: Alan Stark https://www.flickr.com/photos/squeaks2569/3538446880
  12. 12. Availability Zone Availability Zone VPC Customer Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
  13. 13. Private Subnet VPN Internal facing systems Accessible only over VPN – access to internet over corporate connection Public Subnet www Internet facing systems Assert control over networking layer
  14. 14. Public Subnet www Private Subnet NAT VPN
  15. 15. Getting connected Cloud Datacenter Image Copyright: Alan Stark https://www.flickr.com/photos/squeaks2569/3700355684/
  16. 16. Public internet Data center AWS Cloud www
  17. 17. VPN Data center AWS Cloud www routerrouter
  18. 18. Direct Connect AWS CloudData center AWS Direct Connect Location
  19. 19. Maximizing reliability Data center AWS Cloud www router router
  20. 20. Now you’re connected…
  21. 21. Integrating AWS with Your Existing On-Premises Infrastructure Active Directory Network Configuration Encryption Back-up Appliances Users & Access Rules Your Private Network HSM Appliance Cloud back-ups AWS Direct Connect Your On-Premise Apps Your Cloud Apps Corporate Data Centers
  22. 22. Development &Test Developers & Operations Internal Git CI Server Pre-commit Hook Testing Environment Subnet CI Workers Dev Environment VPC Subnet DEV WEB ELB Dev Stack Tier 1 Dev Stack Tier 2 Dev MySQL DB Instance DEV APP ELB VPN TUNNEL VPN facing VPC Subnet Virtual Private Gateway Monitoring Dev Admin Instance NAT Instance Amazon DynamoDB Amazon SQS Amazon S3
  23. 23. Corporate Data Center Elastic Data Center AWS Storage Gateway Backup - Storage Gateway
  24. 24. Corporate Data Center Elastic Data Center Synchronization of key datasets Disaster Recovery
  25. 25. Corporate Data Center Elastic Data Center Disaster Recovery
  26. 26. Corporate Data Center Elastic Data Center Promotion of stopped instances to live Disaster Recovery
  27. 27. Corporate Data Center Elastic Data Center Analytics
  28. 28. Corporate Data Center Elastic Data Center Application data and logs for analysis pushed to S3 Analytics
  29. 29. Corporate Data Center Elastic Data Center Amazon Elastic Map Reduce name node to control analysis N Analytics
  30. 30. Corporate Data Center Elastic Data Center Hadoop cluster started by Elastic Map Reduce N Analytics
  31. 31. Corporate Data Center Elastic Data Center N Adding many hundreds or thousands of nodes Analytics
  32. 32. Corporate Data Center Elastic Data Center N Disposed of when job completes Analytics
  33. 33. AWS region Active Directory + DNS in the VPC Public Facing Web App Internal Corporate App VPN Connection Corporate Data center corp.example.com AD Controller Domain Controller + DNS example.com DNS AD Replication Domain Join + DNS Queries DNS Forward Requests New Instance: friendly-vpc-123.corp.example.com
  34. 34. SharePoint Reference Implementation Remote Admin AWS Region Availability Zone 2 Private Subnet Availability Zone 1 Public Subnet Private Subnet Private Subnet Private Subnet Private Subnet Private Subnet Private Subnet Private Subnet Public Subnet NAT RDGW RDGW Primary DC/DNS Active Directory Active DirectoryDatabase Tier Database Tier Primary DB SQL Server Mirror DB Witness Application TierWeb Tier Application TierWeb Tier Central Admin & SharePoint Services Central Admin & SharePoint Services IIS & SharePoint Web Front End ELB NAT Backup DC/DNS Internet Gateway Users IIS & SharePoint Web Front End
  35. 35. Blueprint
  36. 36. Blueprint (1) •  Make a matrix of fully supported, semi supported, and unsupported OSes, databases and applications •  Figure out what could move and what must stay(for now) •  Enable developers to begin writing code against AWS services •  Identify PoC’s and low hanging fruit with value at both business and operational levels
  37. 37. Blueprint (2) •  Begin training those who will lead the charge •  Review what operational processes might need to change •  Identify tools that can increase operational agility •  Encourage use of the AWS Free Tier •  Make use of the Test Drive Program
  38. 38. Test Drive Major Workloads at No Cost Ready to use preconfigured test workloads for fast PoC: SAP Microsoft Oracle Red Hat Many others
  39. 39. AWS Marketplace & Partners Can Help •  Customer can find, research, buy software •  Simple pricing, aligns with EC2 usage model •  Launch in minutes •  Marketplace billing integrated into your AWS account •  1300+ products across 20+ categories Learn more at: aws.amazon.com/marketplace
  40. 40. Customer Story NET-A-PORTER.COM
  41. 41. NET-A-PORTER.COM •  Founded in 2000 •  3 websites and 1 printed magazine •  6 million unique visitors each month •  40% growth per year for the past 5 years •  £434 million revenue in 2013
  42. 42. Wasted capacity Planned capacity
  43. 43. Customer dissatisfaction
  44. 44. Objectives •  Don’t crash during sale season •  Don’t limit the marketing team –  social media and email communication •  Bonus points –  Make the website faster –  Improve deployment process
  45. 45. AWS Cloud Corporate Data Center users CDN Legacy Webapp Product Information API Elastic Beanstalk Node.js App Elastic Beanstalk Scala App Amazon S3 CloudFront http:// www.net-a- porter.com http://www.net-a- porter.com/sale Dynamic requests Static requests
  46. 46. Load testing
  47. 47. Load testing •  Your test environment is as big as your live one •  Unlimited number of testing nodes ! D1 D2 D3 D0 D1 D2 D3
  48. 48. Lessons learned •  Start small and do a PoC •  Application need to take advantage of cloud –  Design for failure –  Understand Elastic Load balancers •  Automate everything •  Engage other teams
  49. 49. Thank you @gburiola www.net-a-porter.com
  50. 50. Thank you, Luis!
  51. 51. Find out more •  aws.amazon.com/vpc •  aws.amazon.com/directconnet •  aws.amazon.com/storagegateway •  aws.amazon.com/whitepapers –  Development and Test –  VPC networking –  Backup & archive •  Contact me: skrause@amazon.de @sk_bln