AWS re:Invent 2016: Blockchain on AWS: Disrupting the Norm (GPST301)

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Recent interest in leveraging distributed ledgers across multiple industries has elevated blockchain from mere theory and into the spotlight of real world use. Learn why some partners have a vested interest in it and how blockchain can be used with AWS. In this session, we explore the AWS services needed for a successful deployment and dive deep into a partner's blockchain journey on AWS.

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AWS re:Invent 2016: Blockchain on AWS: Disrupting the Norm (GPST301)

  1. 1. © 2016, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its Affiliates. All rights reserved. Ale Flores (AWS) & Kevin Gannon, Grainne McNamara (PWC) November 29, 2016 Blockchain on AWS Disrupting the Norm Technical Track: GPST301
  2. 2. Blockchain demystified—what is it really? “distributed ledger technology is at the forefront of any discussion related to innovation. AWS is working with financial institutions and blockchain providers to spur innovation and facilitate frictionless experimentation” – Head of AWS Financial Services Business Development • A distributed database or “ledger” • Data is certified in a scattered manner • True immutability (tamper proof) • Robust
  3. 3. Blockchain is now positioned away from theory and ready for prime time. There are many initiatives and applications that AWS is supporting: • HCLS: Payer to patient data • Confidential and sensitive data information sharing • Marketing and consumer information reselling • Digital currency and smart contracts (logic) • Corporate governance • Financial transactions
  4. 4. The question isn’t what can blockchain do for you but what can AWS do for Blockchain? • Services and technologies to investigate • Global architectures • Public Blockchains • Private Blockchains Let’s talk about:
  5. 5. AWS CloudTrail AWS CloudFormation AWS WAF Amazon ECS Amazon EBS volume Technologies to look into: AWS does not believe in choosing one protocol to rule them all… • Building an ecosystem that can be tapped into by different use cases and industries is our main focus • Enabling experimentation into maturity • Leveraging our services to enact a robust solution Kubernetes Amazon S3 Auto Scaling Amazon VPC/Route 53 AWS IAM AWS WAF AWS CloudTrail AWS CloudFormation Amazon CloudWatch Amazon ECS Amazon S3 Amazon EBS volume Amazon VPC IAM
  6. 6. Global Architectures Blockchain becomes stronger based on its topology. Just let it do all the hard work for you… • Ensure resiliency by extending across multiple regions • Ensure availability by automating nodes • Ensure scale by leveraging cheap always-on compute
  7. 7. Public Blockchains…what about them? • Protocols such as Ethereum are growing so fast that they are encountering flaws in their foundation, such as the recent notion of soft and hard forks… do we worry? • No! These are good problems to address as a community and move forward • Lessons learned allow mature solutions to take place Public blockchains success has led to the accelerated adoption of private blockchains
  8. 8. Private Blockchains…why? • Traditional databases are not immutable by design, if anything, they are the complete opposite. • Ability to audit seamlessly. Every single transaction is recorded and becomes part of the inherent chain • Decentralization is key and allows multiple parties to be part of a transaction. With these fundamental features you can see the applications are endless. Can you easily build these features with a traditional software solution?
  9. 9. Blockchain DISRUPTION
  10. 10. Why are we here? We combine the unique experience of delivering blockchain solutions with the depth of industry and regulatory knowledge We have deep blockchain delivery skills having built and deployed blockchain applications for a number of clients We have over 150+ years experience innovating and delivering business critical platforms for some of the worlds largest brands
  11. 11. Prior experience 2 years in a startup enabling retailers to accept bitcoin as a payment method
  12. 12. What makes a blockchain solution successful? Multiple parties share data multiple participants need views of common information Multiple parties update data multiple participants take actions that need to be recorded and change the data Requirement for verification participants need to trust that the actions that are recorded are valid Intermediaries add complexity removal of intermediaries can reduce cost and complexity Interactions are time sensitive reducing delay has business benefit Transactions interact Transactions created by different participants depend on each other 1 2 3 4 5 6
  13. 13. What key success criteria make a blockchain engagement successful? Set out to solve a specific business problem Collaborate to develop solutions with your clients Ensure benefits are scalable across the value chain of participants Choose the right tool for the job (e.g., on-chain vs. off-chain) Adoption and interoperability will be critical for the success of blockchain
  14. 14. Which use cases are we exploring? Identity Utilities Pharma Healthcare Energy Settlement Policy Placement
  15. 15. Deep Dive: PwC & Bank Of England Use Case Distribution and settlement Solution Build a PoC to demonstrate distribution of assets and system resiliency using Smart Contracts and distributed computing, coupled with Cloud computing and best engineering practices Outcomes 1. Demonstrated ability to use blockchain for distribution of assets 2. Demonstrated distributed nature of blockchain 3. Enabled Bank of England to innovate faster and develop more reliable applications What can Bank of England achieve with blockchain?
  16. 16. Infrastructure • Virtual Private Cloud • Private Subnet in Single Availability Zone • Auto Scaling Groups • Docker Swarm • AWS Elastic Load Balancers + AWS Certificate Manager • Route53 • AWS Elastic Container Registry • Identity and Access Management
  17. 17. Deep Dive: PwC & Insurance Use Case Insurance Claims Management Solution Use Eris (Monax) to develop a POC with 3 parties on a blockchain (broker, third party administrator, and claim adjuster) enabled with smart contracts Outcomes 1. Enabled real time adjustment of claims with automated pay out 2. Reduced errors due to automated validation process 3. Allowed declines to occur on a claim by claim basis, rather than as an entire batch How can an insurance provider improve upon an inefficient and error prone claims management process?
  18. 18. Infrastructure • Virtual Private Cloud • Private Subnet in Single Availability Zone • Auto Scaling Groups • Kubernetes • AWS Elastic Load Balancers + AWS Certificate Manager • Route53 • AWS Elastic Container Registry • Identity and Access Management
  19. 19. How do we deliver blockchain solutions? PwC’s blockchain delivery can advance a client from proof-of-concept to a live implementation. Each step maximizes innovation and learning and minimizes risk Production  Environment management.  Heavy duty testing.  Implementation and monitoring  On going support and managed service warranty. Pilot  Platform for the organization to test logistics, prove value and reveal deficiencies before spending a significant amount of time, energy or money on a large-scale project.  Implementation of deliverable with end usage scenarios.  Parallel running of legacy and blockchain systems Prototype  A first attempt at making something that might be real-world usable.  It is presumed that you might get things wrong in the process, but finding that out is the principle purpose of a prototype.  A prototype will have all (or nearly all) of the functionality of the finished product, but will generally not be as efficient, aesthetically pleasing, or durable. Proof-of-concept  A system designed purely to demonstrate the functionality of a small set of principles to be integrated into other systems.  Real world usability isn't even considered when creating a proof of concept: Integration with other questionable technologies is not only time-consuming, but might dilute the ability to determine if the principle concept is viable.
  20. 20. What else is on the horizon? Identity ✅ Selective Disclosure ✅ Reusable KYC ✅ Real World Authentication Utilities ✅ Microgrids / Distributed Utilities ✅ Smart Grids ✅ Infrastructure Monitoring (+IoT) ✅ Tariff Matching Pharma ✅ Clinical Trial Management ✅ Drug Serialization / Provenance ✅ Supply Chain Optimization Healthcare ✅ Medical Records ✅ Equipment Certification ✅ Health Insurance Fraud Energy ✅ Green energy credits ✅ Offshore Oil/Gas Regulation ✅ Core Sample Tracking
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