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Amazon Web Services Introduction

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Learn the basics of Amazon Web Services, delivered during DevOps Days Istanbul 2016.

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Amazon Web Services Introduction

  1. 1. DevOps Days Istanbul 2016 Mert Doğu Enterprise Lead
  2. 2. Most interesting companies are using technology to invent new business models
  3. 3. Transportation Maintenance Hotels Finance Media News Education Tech companies ?! Insurance
  4. 4. “If you want to increase innovation, you have to lower the cost of failure.” Joi Ito Director, MIT Media Lab
  5. 5. circa 1994 Books… 2015 E-commerce, Kindle, Prime, … Reinventing Commerce: Amazon.com Journey
  6. 6. Amazon.com Innovation Platform: Highly-reliable Low-cost Flexible Elastic Secure
  7. 7. Run applications – reliably and securely Cost that scales with your business Provision network, compute, storage and database services in the cloud with the click of a button Everything you’d want to do in a traditional datacenter No upfront capital expense On-demand model Launched externally in 2006 as: Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  8. 8. Why AWS?
  9. 9. Startup Customers
  10. 10. Enterprise Customers
  11. 11. Thank You!