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AWS Canberra WWPS Summit 2013 - Become an Innovation Enterprise with AWS

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AWS Canberra WWPS Summit 2013 - Become an Innovation Enterprise with AWS

  1. 1. 2013 AWS WWPS SummitCanberra, AustraliaBecome an Innovation Enterprise: Enabling theGovernment of the FutureFrank DiGiammarinoDirector, Innovation and GlobalExpansion
  2. 2. 2013 AWS WWPS Summit,Canberra – May 23Our ability to respond is constrained by rigidity.Many of today’s organizations lack speed, agility, reach, andefficiency.OVERSIGHTRESOURCESDEPARTMENT OF XYZ● Rigid Organizational Hierarchies● Unclear accountability andfragmented processes● Inability to redeploy resources tomission critical areasThe Industrial Era In Action
  3. 3. 2013 AWS WWPS Summit,Canberra – May 23We are in a New Era…
  4. 4. Source: “Can Government Work Like OpenTable?”The New Model and Government?New Model
  5. 5. 2013 AWS WWPS SummitCanberra, AustraliaHubCareConnecting Parents, Services, GovernmentRuby ORourkeDavid SalajanHubWorks
  6. 6. HubCare currently manages over 800 child care services, involving300,000+ children and 650,000+ parents and emergency contacts.This represents over 900,000 Australians transacting with 6 governmentagencies, through HubCare, backed up and protected by AWS Cloud - daily.
  7. 7. A recognised Government & Community Problem
  8. 8. Welfare Health Education CommunityDHSHEALTHLOCALGOVTDEEWRImpact of Government – CurrentlyHelp
  9. 9. Government as a PlatformDoorwayWelfareIdentityCommunityOutcome Broker
  10. 10. Connecting Families, Services, NFP’s andGovernmentBy using the cloud, HubCare serves the welfare ofhigh risk children, and provides social anddevelopment benefits for low risk children.
  11. 11. Cloud works across borders,localities, states & territoriesAlone, a piece of information is limited in decisionmaking capacity for a child. However, aggregatedcloud data changes the world of a child.Aggregated data enables better decisions on behalf ofa child. Both fiscally and combining social impactlevels, government and service providers have realinformation at their fingertips to provide best ofknowledge impact for children their constituency andcare.Aggregated data provided to shared careenvironments, helps serve and protect the welfare ofAustralia’s children.
  12. 12. HubCare & AWS – Technology Partners
  13. 13. HubCare Elasticity- On and Off Pattern / Predictable Peaks- Lots of users during daytime, limited users nights and weekends- 10 x growth over the course of the day (30rpm - 320rpm)- Auto scaling group increases from 2 - 16 instances each day during peaks- Load balancing
  14. 14. HubCare Daily RPM
  15. 15. HubCare Weekly RPM
  16. 16. Taking advantage of AWS expertise
  17. 17. HubCare Performance and Cost Savings- Moving to AWS- Handle traffic spikes and cost savings- CloudFront for static content- Provisioned IOPS- Reserved Instances
  18. 18. HubCare Design for Failure- Multiple availability zones Sydney region (ap-southeast-2a and ap-southeast-2b)- Auto Scaling and Load Balancers to manage and direct load- Cloud Watch for self healing’- High availability for the DB layer by implementing a stand-by server- S3 for backups
  19. 19. HubCare Architecture
  20. 20. 2013 AWS WWPS SummitCanberra, Australia
  21. 21. Transformational ChangesEfficiency ChangesPast Present FutureYields “better, faster,cheaper” improvementsto the current businessmodelSignificant departurefrom current model toensure meetingopportunities and/orthreats to the missionThe Cloud Delivers Efficiency & Transformation
  22. 22. 2013 AWS WWPS Summit,Canberra – May 23No Up-Front CapitalExpensePay Only for What YouUseSelf-ServiceInfrastructureEasily Scale Up andDownImprove Agility & Timeto MissionLow CostDeployModern Governance ModelsThe cloud allows you to break free and take control.The Cloud and the Shift from the Industrial EraGovernanceIT Resources
  23. 23. Government Transparency:The Recovery Board saved approx. $750k USDhosting their website on AWS.Government Operations:Melbourne, Australia uses AWS to handle thefluctuating load on its event-promotion websites.Government Access:Douglas County, Nebraska is using AWS as thetechnical infrastructure for its GIS department.Efficiency: Better, Cheaper, Faster
  24. 24. Health:The 1000 Genomes Project used AWS’ capacity to host 270TBof genomic data. Within the first week of availability, 3,400 morepeople accessed the information, broadly expanding the numberand quality of resulting solutions.Campaigns:The Obama For America campaign leveraged AWS’ speed,elasticity, and scalability to server millions of users with over200 applications. The agility of the AWS platform was a keyenabler to the success of the campaign.Transformation: Ending the Status QuoExploration:The National Aeronautics and Space Administration used AWS’speed, capacity, and power to automate the analysis of imagessent from Mars, maximizing the time that scientists have toidentify potential hazards or areas of scientific interest.
  25. 25. 2013 AWS WWPS Summit,Canberra – May 23• Focus on a Problem• Pull the Data and Partners Together• Perfect is the Enemy of the Good• Momentum Begets Momentum• Balance Efficiency and Transformation• Talk to our TeamSounds great…now what?
  26. 26. 2013 AWS WWPS SummitCanberra, Australia