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Tailored for Mobile: Why Apps are the New Black

  1. Presented by Samantha Deese, Product Marketing Manager, Shopgate Tailored For Mobile: Why Apps Are The New Black Featuring Brian Hill of Phoenix Fashion Week and Jessica Couch of Luxor + Finch
  2. The Current State of Mobile for Fashion 2
  3. Mobile Devices Are Preferred For Retail Shoppers 3Source: comScore Media Metrix Multi-Platform & Mobile Metrix, U.S., Total Audience Growth in Digital Media Time Spent 1,600,000 1,400,000 1,200,000 1,000,000 800,000 600,000 400,000 200,000 0 476,553 409,847 77,081 480,967 621,410 97,440 550,522 778,984 118,229 Jun, 2013 Jun, 2014 Jun, 2015 +53% vs 2013 +90% vs 2013 +16% vs 2013 Desktop Mobile App Mobile Browser
  4. 90% Of Time On Mobile Is Spent In Apps 4 10% Browser 90% Apps The average user spends 3 hours and 40 minutes per day on their mobile device. Source: Flurry Mobile, eMarketer, GP Shopper Mobile users are spending most of their mobile time in apps. The average consumer for top retail apps spent 201.8 minutes a month in the app vs. 10.9 minutes on the mobile site.
  5. 5Source: Business Intelligence Report $100 $300 $500 $700 Billions US Mobile Commerce Forecast 2015–2020 2015 81% 62% 60% 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 35% 38% 42% 45% 47% 49% eCommerce Mobile commerce mCommerce Will Be Nearly 50% Of All eCommerce By 2020 $200 $400 $600
  6. Mobile Is Dominating Both Traffic And Search 6 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 20 40 60 80 100 89% 11% 23% 32% 51% 56% 77% 68% 49% 44% Desktop Mobile In 2015, 56% of all retail traffic came from mobile devices and over 50% of search queries took place on mobile. These numbers are continuing to grow. Mobile-friendly websites are already favored in mobile search and now search engines are making it easier to find app results with app indexing and deep linking. This means: As mobile search experience improves, the shift to mobile search will continue to grow App results will begin to compete with other results in mobile search Desktop sites will continue to drop in rank against mobile sites and apps Source: Internet Retailer, Google
  7. Fashion Shoppers Prefer An Omnichannel Experience Not only does mobile increase your online sales, mobile impacts in-store sales as well! More than 90% of shoppers use their mobile device in-store. Your customers are constantly using their phones to make purchase decisions, so making an informative, user-friendly mobile site and app is important for brick & mortar stores too. Here’s the breakout of what your shoppers are doing: 7 54%Compare Prices 28% Scan Barcodes & QR Codes 23% Buy Products Through An App 22% Buy Products Through A Mobile Site48% Search For Product Information 29% Take Pictures Of An Ad Source: SessionM, GFK
  8. 8 Mobile Trends for Fashion Retailers
  9. What’s Next For Fashion Retailers 9 ● Increasing Payment Options - Lessen the guilt of purchase by integrating more payment options, such as: ■ Credit card scanners with payment info saving options ■ One-touch payment options like Apple Pay and Android Pay ■ Common alternative likes Paypal and Amazon Payments ● Improving The Customer Experience - Cart abandonment is a huge issue for all retailers. Of the estimated $4 trillion missed revenue in 2016 due to cart abandonment, 63%* could be recoverable by a savvy retailer. ● Increased Effort In Customer Engagement Over Acquisition - An engaged, loyal customer costs a third to an eighth as much per purchase as a new acquisition. Due to this, brands are going to spend more time investing in customer engagement to grow their sales. Source: BI Intelligence Report
  10. What’s Next For Fashion Retailers - Continued 10 ● Evolving Data Collection To Analyze The Full Path to Purchase - The key for the future is omnichannel. Retailers will begin to update their data collection to track the full path to purchase and update both physical and digital stores for the omnishopper. ● Social Selling - Options for selling on social media are continuing to increase as retailers adopt solutions like Soldsie and Like2Buy. Social platforms are making updates to make it easier for retailers to sell on their platforms, with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest all using Buy buttons. ● Customized And Simplified Product Offerings - While a large inventory of options can be beneficial for certain industries, shoppers are getting overwhelmed with options. Simplified and customized options & offers are becoming more popular and retailers are looking for ways to capitalize on this trend.
  11. 11 Mobile Strategies for Fashion Retailers
  12. Apps: An Exceptional Mobile Shopping Experience 12 Apps provide an entirely new sales channel for retailers. And since the consumer path-to-purchase has become an omni- channel experience, a strong app presence can help improve your sales across multiple touchpoints. Apps also increase loyalty by providing a better overall mobile experience. A small increase in your customer retention has an exponentially larger impact on profits. And unlike desktop or mobile websites, apps reach customers directly by utilizing device capabilities like push notifications, creating sustained engagement and a streamlined conversion pathway.
  13. Acquisition Cross-Promotion - Promote your app across all your channels: desktop, mobile website, email, social, etc. Tools like Smart Banners on your mobile website can help redirect consumers to your app - either encouraging them to download or redirecting them to browse on the installed app. ASO - App Store Optimization. Targeted keywords, accurate descriptions, beautiful screenshots, and positive customer reviews are all important factors in having a top-ranking app. Paid Installs - Paid social advertising can be an effective tool to garner additional app downloads. And with deep linking, you can use tools like Facebook Engagement Ads to send customers directly to a page on your app. First-Time Discounting - Provide an extra incentive to download. Offering first-time discounts or Coupons for customers that install the app can be the extra push your fans need to get on board. 13 Encourage both new customers and loyal fans to download your app.
  14. Engagement Push notifications - Push Notifications allow you to go direct to the consumer. On average, 68% of consumers will enable push notifications & push notifications have a 50% higher open rate than email. 14 After the initial install, keep your customers attention. 278% Higher Engagement with Push Enabled As Measured by App Launches eCommerce Music Travel Food & Drink Photography Games Social Networking Education Sports Health & Fitness 278% 177% 109% 109% 81% 62% 60% 50% 36% 34%
  15. Retention 15 Provide an exceptional mobile experience that will keep customers coming back. Beautiful UI/UX - Keep the Design simple and make your app tap and swipe friendly. Expedited Checkout - To reduce cart abandonment and remind your customers why the app shopping experience is the best one, provide options to get them through the checkout as quickly as possible. Make the account setup process more simple with options like guest checkout or Facebook Login. Increased Payment Options - Remove the manual entry of credit card information with tools like Credit Card Scanner or Apple Pay. Users can utilize their mobile device’s camera to scan credit card information or can set-up fingerprint-based one-touch payments.
  16. 16 The Shopgate Opportunity
  17. Custom In-House App Development Is Expensive & Slow 17 7 months Average app development timeline Source: Kinvey $270k Average initial development cost $5,000 - $11,000 Average maintenance cost per month
  18. The Complete Shopping Apps Solution 18 Shopgate converts online shops into beautiful iOS & Android smartphone and tablet apps, an Apple TV app, and a mobile website—all hosted and maintained on a single, all-inclusive platform. Your online shop Android appsiOS Apps Apple TV apps
  19. App-y Fashion Retailers 19 “Shopgate has more than tripled our mobile sales and with more than 50% of our visitors coming from mobile devices, we trust them with more than half our online business.” - Teresa and Christina Le, Founders of JLUX “The Shopgate checkout process is next to impeccable. Our conversions rose to 4%+ after going mobile, which is when we realized ease of checkout is a big factor.” - Tim Jensen, COO of Grunt Style 344% Lift in Mobile Sales 112k App Downloads

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  1. So now we’re going to open it up to questions. Please feel free to direct any to either Jessica, Brian, Casey, or myself. Just type them in and we’ll answer as best we can. If we run out of time for your questions, we will try to address all in our follow-up after the webinar.