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3 ways to help the 21st century traveller choose rail

Thomas Drexler, Global Head of Amadeus Rail and Ground Transportation, outlines 3 steps to success in helping the modern traveller choose rail

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3 ways to help the 21st century traveller choose rail

  1. 1. 3 ways to help the 21st century traveller choose rail Thomas Drexler, Global Head of Amadeus Rail and Ground Transportation
  2. 2. Contents  Market developments  Three steps to success: 1. Be visible 2. Be integrated 3. Be accessible
  3. 3. Market developments
  4. 4. Research The Rail Journey to 2020 To download the report, please visit www.amadeusrail.net/research
  5. 5. The European rail market today 10.2 billion 11% of pax Long distance passengers passengers transported in 2011 609 billion passenger kilometers 29% High-speed 6% Cross-border
  6. 6. Six key trends shaping the future of rail 1. Liberalisation Expected to bring more operators into Europe’s rail markets 2. New market entrants Incumbent passenger rail operators expected to expand operations abroad 4. New multimodal hubs Enahnaced multimodality is seen as key to unlocking Europe’s congested transport network 5. Air/Rail & Rail/Rail cooperation Greater levels of cooperation needed to deliver the seamless passenger experience that will drive volumes 3. New high-speed lines Operational high-speed track length should rise from 11,000km in 2011 to 16,000km in 2020 6. Railways’ costs Expanding cost bases will lead to greater customer centricity - increased innovation and new services
  7. 7. Three steps to success Step 1 : Be visible
  8. 8. Be part of the traveller trip process Make it easy for the traveller to find you at all stages of their trip
  9. 9. Step 2 : Be integrated
  10. 10. Flourish in the travel ecosystem  Strong and growing trend towards multimodality  Rail must be searchable and bookable alongside airlines, hotels etc.
  11. 11. Four converging macro trends pushing for seamless intermodal transport Consumers Changing patterns Political • Travelers demand more choice and transparency 11 New technologies • Open platforms • Mobile payment & ticketing • Collaboration among transport operators – multimodal •“Thinking Green” • 4th Railway package • Enablers for Intermodality • TAP TSI
  12. 12. Transport policy  Europe faces major transport challenges  Passenger traffic estimated to A grow 34% by 2030 Entry Hub Airport, City, Railway or Bus Station Intermodal Hub  Solution required for an efficient transport infrastructure  Rail needs to be better integrated into the travel ecosystem… B Intermodal Hub Local segments (e.g. Car, taxi, public transport) Exit Hub Airport, City, Railway or bus station Main segments / long distance (e.g. Air, Rail, Coach) Local segments (e.g. Car, taxi, public transport) An Amadeus-led consortium has been appointed by the EC to develop and validate the feasibility of a multimodal, pan-European passenger transport information and booking system.
  13. 13. Step 3 : Be accessible
  14. 14. Keep the offer the same  Build customer loyalty by ensuring the information delivered to the customer is consistent  Customer experience should be the same across all channels – a GDS, a mobile site or app, a website etc.
  15. 15. Rail solutions to address visibility, integration and accessibility B2B OFFLINE TMCs & TAs (Selling Platform)  Rail integrated into the air display providing instant railair comparison Agent Track  Single interface for multi-railway bookings B2C / B2B Online OLTAs Web Services Track  Rail is an integral part of the online offer alongside other transport modes / hotels etc. Corporate Track SBT Corporations  Self-booking tool to sell rail alongside air, cars and hotels rail becomes a genuine alternative for business travel Consistent data across all channels FlyByRail Track
  16. 16. Summary  Major trends are changing the face of the European rail market  Rail is becoming an integral part of the travel ecosystem and needs to be visible, bookable alongside other transport modes and consistently delivered across all touch points 16
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