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Update by Xavier Louis, CEO of Peak

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During Expo Day selected Summit Sponsors and Partners showcased their most promising brain health & wellness initiatives and solutions.

Xavier Louis, CEO of Peak, will discuss their plans to bring to market engaging, self-serve and evidence-based digital therapeutics.

Slidedeck supporting presentation and discussion during the 2019 SharpBrains Virtual Summit: The Future of Brain Health (March 7-9th). Learn more at:

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Update by Xavier Louis, CEO of Peak

  1. 1. May 2019
  2. 2. The problem will be affected by mental disorders at some point in their lives but there are still no straightforward tools to manage efficiently mental health conditions*. The cost of brain disorders is estimated at €70B per month in Europe Alone**. *World Health Organisation - Oct 18 **Q1 19, “cost counter”, braincouncil.eu 1/4 people
  3. 3. Cognitive activity Quality of sleep Social interactions Foresight Mental Capital and Wellbeing Project (2008) Mental fitness is in our hands Anxiety / Stress Drugs / alcohol Sedentary lifestyle Lack of cognitive challenge Meditation Physical exercise Nutrition
  4. 4. We bring to market engaging, self-serve and evidence-based digital products focusing on the prevention, detection & treatment of certain mental health conditions. Peak - Self-serve Digital Therapeutics (DTx) Peak applied to join the Digital Therapeutics Alliance in Feb 2019 Alzheimer’s / Dementia DepressionAttention Insomnia
  5. 5. - Training app to keep your brain active ; 50 games (7 categories) built with neuroscientists - Launched in Sep-14, available in 14 languages - 50m+ DLs to date, 2.5m MAUs, 500k subs ($4.99/Month) - Best Self-improvement app 2014-2015-2016 (Apple & Google) - 6+ peer-reviewed studies about efficacy* *4 published + 2 under review Our successful digital health apps portfolio to date
  6. 6. - Digital health app to help you sleep better - Improve Sleep habits in less than 2-weeks with 4 unique techniques from 3 renowned sleep experts (120+ audio guides) - Build a daily ritual (sleep guides / journal / stats) for a personalised experience - Subscription-based ($9.99/Month) - Live since March, 15th 2019 (World Sleep Day); over 100k users to date - Plan to become the No 1 Sleep app by 2020 Our successful digital health apps portfolio to date
  7. 7. University Study Description Status Sample size More details of the study University of Cambridge Use of the Wizard memory game among patients with schizophrenia 2015 - paper published 22 Schizophrenia patients RCT (effect of training). 8 hours of training over a period of one month. Université libre de Bruxelles Correlation between 7 of Peak games and standard cognitive assessment tools 2018 - paper published 78 participants Correlation study. 22 young adults, 27 healthy old adults, 29 cognitively impaired older adults. City University of New York Impact of Peak games on participants with mild depressive symptoms 2019 - paper published 46 participants RCT between two categories of Peak games. Young adults with at least mild depressive symptoms . Participants were instructed to play 5 days per week for 8 weeks (not all completed the requested period) University of Cambridge Impact of “Decoder” - attention game on attention/concentration in healthy adults 2019 - paper published 75 healthy young adult RCT - 3 groups: Training (8 h of playing Decoder over 4 weeks; n = 25), Active Control (8 h of playing Bingo over 4 weeks; n = 25) or Passive Control (continuation of activities of daily living; n = 25) Published studies using Peak
  8. 8. University Study Description Status Sample Size More details of the study University College London Impact of “Smile on Me” - emotion game on mood Finalising manuscript 22,933 users completed study RCT between 4 conditions: Active Smile on me, Sham Smile on meI, Active Handling emotion game, Sham handling emotion game. 153,385 users started the study however a group of 22,933 who completed the minimum elements needed for the study were included. Two weeks of daily training. UKD Effects of Peak games on cognitive abilities of patients with brain injury after stroke Final data analysis stage 82 Stroke patients. RCT - 3 groups: Training, Training with supervision, control. Participants were instructed to play 30 min a day for 2 weeks. Université libre de Bruxelles Further study on Peak as a cognitive assessment tool, considering the relationship between Peak game scores and age Data analysis stage Data from 9000 Peak users in different age groups Retrospective observational study done based on data of 9K users in different age groups New York University Decision-making study utilising “Connect ‘Em Up” - decision making game Data collection stage King’s College London Peak as a pre-employment assessment Final analysis stage 40 participants. Correlation study Munich University Assess the use of Peak as a cognitive assessment tool for use in Multiple Sclerosis Data collection stage UPM How mindfulness affect attention among kids Final data analysis (MA thesis, potential future publication) 63 participants 30 kids in the reliability study, 33 in the main study included 2 groups. On-going studies using Peak
  9. 9. Game-based, engaging Consumer focus / OTC Curated content and clinical assessments Prescription - based Our positioning in the DTx landscape
  10. 10. Peak DTx Roadmap Alzheimer Sleep CE/FDA-approved tool for early detection & tracking of cognitive decline CE/FDA-approved tool to improve mood and assist with symptoms of depression (comorbidity from chronic illnesses) Upcoming (2019) Medium / long term (2020-2021) Depression CE/FDA-approved tool to prevent or treat sleep disorders CE/FDA-approved tool to prevent and delay / treat cognitive decline CE/FDA-approved tool to prevent or treat attention disordersAttention Multiple Sclerosis CE/FDA-approved tool for cognitive rehabilitation of patients with Multiple Sclerosis
  11. 11. The team 2018 Top 50 Smart Healthcare Company Xavier Louis CEO Sylvain Piquet COO Liron Jacobson, PhD Head of Science Barbara Sahakian, FMedSci DSc Scientific Advisor Professor of Clinical Neuropsychology - University of Cambridge Co-invented CANTAB tests 2016 winner Best EdTech / The Europas And 45 talented individuals.
  12. 12. Investors looking to find out more about our new projects Researchers interested to use Peak for Research projects Corporate Partners considering to use Peak or Rise for their staff’ well-being or productivity All partners who want to work with Peak Xavier Louis CEO, Peak xavier@peak.net Contact us
  13. 13. THANK YOU xavier@peak.net CEO, Peak