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About This Presentation!
This presentation includes Altimeter Group
research shared in two previously published
artifacts. We are publishing this research in the
form of a PowerPoint presentation so that you
can use and share our Open Research within
your own presentations.!
The data charts in this presentation are from the
report, The State of Social Business 2013: The
Maturing of Social Media into Social Business
(available at: http://bit.ly/ssb-2013). Data is
based on Altimeter Group’s annual survey of
digital strategists, from 2010-2013. Data charts
are also available for download and embeds at
Flickr: http://bit.ly/ssb-2013-charts.!
The quotes in this presentation are from social
strategists and executives interviewed for the ebook, The Seven Success Factors of Social
Business Strategy (available at:
To view all previously published Altimeter Group
research, please visit:
www.altimetergroup.com/research. !