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[Infographic] How to Select the Right Content Marketing Software, by Altimeter Group

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The content marketing space is rife with challenges, both internal to the organization and externally across the software ecosystem. This infographic helps visualize this struggle.

To select the right content marketing software, marketers should identify, define and map vendors to the eight primary content marketing use cases.

Learn more in Altimeter Group's report: Content Marketing Software Landscape: Marketer Needs & Vendor Solutions: http://www.altimetergroup.com/2014/05/new-research-the-content-marketing-software-landscape

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[Infographic] How to Select the Right Content Marketing Software, by Altimeter Group

  1. 1. How to Select the Right Content Marketing Soware The Content Marketing Soware Landscape Is Growing Quickly and Getting Complicated Only 10% There are at least 110 Compounding This, Content Marketers Struggle With a Lack of Strategy, Coordination, and Resources 40% 3 in 4 Nearly Only 15% How Do Content Marketers Choose the Right Tools to Help Drive Eciency and Scale? Map Your Business Objectives to the 8 Content Marketing Use Cases Prioritize Your Use Cases Use Cases The 8 Content Marketing Use Cases 1 CREATION 2 CURATION AGGREGATION 3 OPTIMIZATION 4 ANALYTICS 5 AUDIENCE TARGETING 6 DISTRIBUTION 7 WORKFLOW 8 LEGAL COMPLIANCE *Altimeter Group asked content marketing vendors to rank the top three content marketing use cases supported by their platforms. This short list represents #1 rankings only. Want To Learn More? Read Altimeter Group’s report The Content Marketing Soware Landscape: Marketer Needs and Vendor Solutions Download the report at: http://bit.ly/content-marketing-soware-report Shortlist Vendors* Against Use Cases content marketing tools, and more everyday Marketers and vendors surveyed identify more than 30 distinct integration needs of organizations claim full integration across their existing toolset Lack any inter-departmental coordination on content organizations lack a formal content marketing strategy have a dedicated content marketing division A B C