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150630 Sarah Ashurst slides from HOPE Network

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150630 Sarah Ashurst slides from HOPE Network

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150630 Sarah Ashurst slides from HOPE Network

  1. 1. How patients are helping the NHS get better Sarah Ashurst www.patientopinion.org.uk
  2. 2. Keogh Report, July 2013 “Patients, carers and members of the public… should be confident that their feedback is being listened to and see how this is impacting on their own care and the care of others.”
  3. 3. Berwick on Mid Staffs “Warning signals abounded and were not heeded… Especially costly was the muffling of the voices of patients and carers who took the trouble to complain but whose complaints were too often ignored.”
  4. 4. Imagine a world where Patients and carers can give honest feedback safely and easily Staff know how their care is being received Services can make constant improvements based on feedback Everyone can see how services are listening and changing in response
  5. 5. Story Moderation Alerts Responses Learning + change
  6. 6. Patient and carer stories Health and social care providers Regulators Commissioners Learners, educators, researchers HealthWatch patient groups
  7. 7. What is “listening”? Organisational Relational One-way Two-way Process based Empathy based Unequal Equal Not empowering Empowering Informative Transformative
  8. 8. The world is changing – fast Old world New world Hierarchy Network Broadcast Conversation Hiding Sharing Few Many Closed Open Passive recipients Active participants
  9. 9. Patient Opinion features Helping you to build better relationships through openness, honesty and transparency
  10. 10. • Make sure everyone is alerted and the right people can respond • Scheduled reports by trust/site/department • Respond to NHS Choices postings via Patient Opinion • Story can be tagged to multiple providers - see the whole care pathway • Multiple responses per story • Show the patient, the public, your commissioners that you are making changes
  11. 11. Smart Alerts
  12. 12. Who did we notify?
  13. 13. Online feedback is different to online engagement Patient Opinion is not just data collection and not always a route into complaints
  14. 14. Staff Seemed Annoyed at me The staff at jessops were very horrible to me, I came in jessops with strong contractions, the staff was very annoyed as I didn't phone them before I came in even though I told them each time I was trying to phone them it was engaged. Staff was very unprofessional as they kept on laughing when I was screaming in agony. Staff didn't believe me when I told them I was in agony and that I wasn't coping with pain, they just wanted me to leave and come back later, but the baby was on her way out. Aftercare at jessops was even worse as I had catheter in and couldn't move I was pressing the buzzer for help they'd come 5-10 minutes later and seemed annoyed as I pressed buzzer. When I needed baby feeds I had to asked in the staff room, but they were sitting in a big circle enjoying tea and biscuits and chatting away, they were fully aware of my presence but they ignored me. On the day I was leaving the hospital, I was going to used a bathroom and there were 2 midwives they was laughing and joking with each other, then one of them said to me lose some weight, I was appalled by the staffs attitude and behaviour. Lastly bit of the hospital I saw were very untidy with dried blood stains in some areas.
  15. 15. Response from Sheffield Teaching Hospitals Dear Kathleen Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback regarding your recent experience of our services. I am very sorry that you have had cause to raise concerns regarding the standard of care you have received. We would like to be given the opportunity to investigate this further and respond to you in more detail. If you would like us to investigate your concerns further, please contact our Patient Services Team on either 0114 2712400 or pst@sth.nhs.uk and they will take additional details from you. Thank you once again.
  16. 16. Update posted by the patient I'd rather forget about my experience at Jessops, and move on with my life. Hopefully I won't ever be in that situation again. I told my story so the hospital service can improve for other patients in the future.
  17. 17. “It’s nice to be able to show what changes we have made. It just shows that we’re doing what we should be doing, really.” Toni Morley - volunteering support officer
  18. 18. “More than just listening, it has helped us to focus on what we can change to improve our service. We’ve learnt that Patient Opinion gives patients a powerful voice, which in turn has empowered us.” Lisa Metcalf, podiatrist
  19. 19. http://vimeopro.com/patientopinion/patient-opinion-exemplar-series/video/122309753
  20. 20. Questions?Go on, ask me. I am nice. Sarah Ashurst - Senior subscriber support officer Sarah.Ashurst@patientopinion.org.uk