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  1. Chapter 2 – Logic General Mathematics
  2. At the end of the period, students should be able to: define logic; illustrate the history and development of logic; illustrate and symbolize propositions; and distinguish simple and compound propositions.
  3. The students will have a debate about the extrajudicial killing in our country. Each round, the students will be given 30 seconds to answer. There will be 5 rounds.
  4. It is the science of study of how to evaluate arguments and reasoning. Logical reasoning is used on Mathematics to prove theorems. Mathematical logic includes the study of the deductive formal proofs system.
  5. Aristotle (382-322 B.C.): regarded as the Father of Logic. The study of how to critically think about propositions or statements. A proposition is a declarative statement which is either True or False.
  6. p: The sun is red. q: What is temperature today? r: He is good in Mathematics. s: Can you do me a favor, please?
  7. Proposition or Not? The sun is red. The moon is blue. The sun is red or the moon is blue. Compound Proposition It is a proposition composed of two or more simple propositions connected by logical connectives, “and,” “or,” “if then,” “not,” “if and only if,” and exclusive-or.”
  8. 1. and ^ 2. or v 3. not ¬ 4. implies → 5. if and only if ↔
  9. a: The sky is blue. b: The trees are green. a ^ b a v b ¬ a ¬ b a→b b→a a↔b
  10. Answer Supplementary Exercises 9.1 page 240 by determining if the statement is a proposition or not for 5 minutes.
  11. Answer Unit Exercises 9.1 page 257 by determining if the statement is a proposition or not
  12. Identify the following propositions if it is true or false. 1. Microsoft is party-owed by Bill Gates. 2. COBOL is a programming language. 3. Pentium III is a processor. 4. Indonesia is the largest archipelago.

Notas do Editor

  1. The main focus of the activity is not their answers but their reasoning.