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  1. 1. Alexander Viktorovich Tikhonov 39 years old (2 december 1976) Male Russia/Moscow Willing to relocate: yes Ready for business trips: yes Travel time: any Languages: Russian — native, English — advanced/fluent +7 964 5282224 avtikhon@gmail.com Desired positions HW(Intel/Arm)/SW(Linux/Android/iOS/Solaris/Windows/Bios/VM/OS Emulators) Testing Engineer, Senior Software Engineer Experience August 2004 — till now ZAO "Intel" (Intel Corp.) — Information technology/system integration Senior Software Engineer • 2004-2007: Performance testing and supporting Linux kernel from 2.6.9 up to 2.6.21-rc1 versions. Administrating test lab machines with x86-64/IA64 architectures, leading role in developing and supporting performance testing system Linux Kernel Performance (LKP) for the Linux kernel, the project was granted with Group Recognition Award in 2005 year, in the 2007 year the project was presented on the OLS forum in Canada. Manual and automate Linux kernel analyzing using LKP testing system: installation and fine-tuning test machines and kernels, testing bottlenecks of the kernel, productivity measurement of the kernel, finding kernel patches with degradations; creating fix kernel patches and publishing them on LKML from LKP project. Developing and supporting internal/external LKP web sites with LKP administrating tools and kernel results in GUI interface. Worked on csh, ksh, C, SQL, PHP, Perl, Javascript • 2007-2010: Developing and supporting of the newest Intel virtual platform models in Intel Platform Simulator (SoftSDV) project for Windows/Linux OS using Visual C, QEMU, XML. New platforms integration in the product, developing the new features and devices in it. Led developing tests for the full covering of all the platforms and its features, led creation of the workload disk images with Windows/Linux/FreeDOS OS. Developed the installation packages with all documentation of the product for Windows/Linux OS for internal/external customers, was resolving all legal issues, responded for the full processes of the products releases preparations with hot fixing and publishing. Was the responsible person for all team indicators and developed it. Helped the new team members in project learning and investigation, created the new tasks for them and managed their work with it. Granted with many awards for the key results of the product and quality of product support for the customers. • 2010-2011: Worked as the member of Intel Simics team. Responded for the new tests creation for the Simics platforms and its features using Python, Perl. Prepared for it the strategic of testing, debugged the code, integrated all needed additional third party tools. Helped the customers to integrate their new platforms and devices into the product. Led the coverage testing process of all the product components, designed the tests and
  2. 2. workload images for it. Helped the team members of the project in learning and investigation; created the tasks for them and managed their work with it. • 2011-2013: working in Intel VIP project. Developing the QA automation system tools based on Perl and shell for the project full life coding: testing, analyzing, committing and etc. Developing tools under Linux for configuring and administrating machines. Providing IT support for the whole VIP project, working closely with customers and resolving their issues. Worked on researching and developing new type of machine simulator (platform/processor/etc.) based on the new feature architecture with different types of binary simulators. Created the test drivers for online testing and analyzing the running simulator on Intel internal LIT (Long Instruction Tracing) tests with all hardware exceptions and events. • 2013-now: working as QA member in compiler team, since 2015 the only member of the QA team. Developing from the very start, supporting and improving automate test infrastructure with build/test tools, used by developers for code debugging and automate regular testing, to maintain stability and detect performance degradations of Android NDK toolchains with GCC, LLVM, ICC, XMAIN compilers. Setting up compilers/libraries/tools/benchmarks/OS images builds for Android and setup testing on phones/tablets devices based on Arm(v7-v8)/Intel(x86-x86_64) platforms. Analyzing/fixing and posting fixes to Android sources in AOSP, GCC, LLVM. Worked on implementing 64 bits devices support into Android NDK build scripts. Worked close with Google on testing NDK prereleases before its external releases. November 1997 — August 2004 Elbrus, MCST (SUN Microsystems project) — Information technology/system integration software engineer • Testing and enabling OS Solaris from 2.5.1 up to 2.11 version. Administrating the test lab with Sparc/x86-64 architecture machines. Creating and supporting OS Solaris testing system Moscow Sparc Test Collection (MSTC). Worked on enabling OS Solaris libraries, commands, system calls, investigated its issues, created covering tests for all of them on C language with csh, ksh shells usage. Deep knowlege of all OS Solaris tools and applications. Education 1994 - 2000 Moscow State Institute of Electronics and Mathematics (Technical University). (Automate and Computer Technic (AVT), MS) Additional education 1995 - 1998 Highest Computer Extension Courses (VKSH) (MGU (VMKSIS), MS)