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Creating Buzz: Marketing in the Age of Social Media

A Flipbook by Alex Starr

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Creating Buzz: Marketing in the Age of Social Media

  1. 1. Creating Buzz Marketing in the Age of Social Media Photo Source: negativespace.co, “Retro Red Phone & Cable” (CC0) A Flipbook by Alex Starr
  2. 2. The digital age has provided companies with a marketing tool of unparalleled effectiveness: Social Media Photo Source: stokpic.com “White Iphone 5s connected to laptop on desk” (CC0)
  3. 3. Social Media has created a marketing platform with a reach more massive, a process more instantaneous and an audience more interactive than ever before. Photo Source: pixabay.com, by WDnetStudio (CC0)
  4. 4. “Online – where most of us live a lot of the time now – the way we interact with brands changes” - Catherine Toole Photo Source: kaboompics.com (CC0)
  5. 5. Using social media, marketers can not only get their message to the market, but can… Stimulate Debate Launch a Viral Sensation And above all, CREATE BUZZ
  6. 6. Why is creating buzz so important? When people are talking about a brand, it generates consumer awareness at a speed and scale that companies cannot do on their own. Photo Source: jeshoots.com (CC0)
  7. 7. “Today’s most innovative marketers create engagement platforms that do more than push out messages. They create a gravitational field that pulls prospects and customers into orbit around their brands” -Mark Bonchek Photo Source: unsplash.com, “Space” by NASA (CC0)
  8. 8. One of the most previously successful social media marketing strategies is Content Marketing
  9. 9. Social Media has launched the content marketing revolution: “Redefining customer relationships based on serving, educating, and entertaining customers with content necessities a shift away from the “I” of a brand or product toward the “you” of the customer” -Rebecca Lieb Photo Source: freestocks.org (CC0)
  10. 10. Social Media and Content Marketing are arguably the most effective ways to engage customers…but what is the risk? Photo Source: unspash.com, by Ezra Jeffrey (CC0)
  11. 11. In Social Media Marketing, the people have the power; a campaign is must harder to control than traditional media, in that once the message is out there, it is hard to predict what will happen to it. High Risk, High Reward Photo Source: pixabay.com, by stux (CC0)
  12. 12. “It is becoming increasingly hard to recover from crises of reputation online. A seemingly innocuous event can unleash a storm of negativity, and such negativity spreads directly on corporate accounts that were established for promotional purposes” -Larissa Ott Photo Source: unspash.com, by Pablo Garcia Saldana(CC0)
  13. 13. “Chaos can be scary but it can also be the key to success. There’s unlimited potential out there, take advantage of it… EMBRACE THE CHAOS” -Tyler Crosson Photo Source: unsplash.com, by Jon Flobrant (CC0)
  14. 14. An example of a company who have taken an effective, albeit unique, approach to the development of their social media presence is American Fast Food Chain, Taco Bell. Photo Source: kaboompics.com, “Lunch” (CC0)
  15. 15. @TacoBell Taco Bell has almost 2 Million followers on Twitter, and for a good reason. The company delivers a clever combination of retweets, funny comments and sassy comebacks that have consumers not only just thinking about the brand in a positive light, but relating to it on a personal level. Photo Source: freestocks.org (CC0)
  16. 16. @TacoBell Supports their customers… …Interacts with celebrities… …and acknowledges other brands.
  17. 17. Another example of a company who are considered pioneers of social media content marketing, and launched one of the most successful online campaigns in a pre-Instagram era, is Dove Photo Source: janoschka.org
  18. 18. In 2006, to propell the launch of their “Campaign For Real Beauty”, Dove released a video called Evolution on YouTube, a platform that not many brands had used before for this purpose. Photo Source: picjumbo.com, (CC0)
  19. 19. “I think what made this campaign perform particularly strongly is the content, which elicited the intense emotional responses of warmth, happiness and knowledge from its target demographic – one of the key factors behind a video’s sharing success. But, more importantly, we are really seeing social motivations behind sharing becoming a lot more important. Brands have to give people a reason to share the video” -David Waterhouse Photo Source: picjumbo.com (CC0)
  20. 20. If companies know their audience and can deliver content that people want to see, social media can have the power to promote brands like no other form of media can. It can create what is of the utmost importance for a brand: online BUZZ. Photo Source: freestocks.org (CC0)
  21. 21. The game has officially changed: despite the risks, companies must embrace social media marketing in order to be Successful Photo Source: stokpic.com “White Iphone 5s connected to laptop on desk” (CC0)
  22. 22. “Social Media is here. It’s not going away; not a passing fad. Be where your customers are: in social media” -Lori Ruff Photo Source: jeshoots.com (CC0)
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