How to Make Great PowerPoint Slides

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4 de Apr de 2013

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How to Make Great PowerPoint Slides

  1. Alesandra Blakeston
  2. Teach the audience something (on any topic) Make the audience see something a certain way
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  4. Company profileBusiness plan Slide decks Online show Notes pagesHand outs
  5. Create an outline or storyboard of the major topics
  6. until you have one key message per slide
  7. your slides effectively
  8. Resist the urge to cram everything you know onto your slides Use humourONLY if you are comfortable with it
  9. Slide A Slide B Which slide is more memorable?
  10. NEITHER!!!!
  11. • They lead to infinite bullet point syndrome (IBPS) • They discourage graphics • Every slide ends up looking the same • The designs are usually awful • The presentation looks like every other presentation out there • Your audience will lose interest before you even begin • It implies a lack of style, a lack of knowledge and a lack of professionalism!
  12. Colour Layout
  13. AND STICKTO IT!!!!
  14. Less is more! Accent colour!
  15. Calm, serene
  16. Bright, bold
  17. Aggressive, Fiery
  19. again LESS is MORE!
  20. One for the body text
  21. You’ll need at least four!
  22. The layout tells your audience where the slide fits into the big picture!
  23. Remember these????
  24. OR
  25. (it makes the image “pop”)
  27. (An easy way to sex up your slides)
  28. By manipulating the colour, , size, weight, and you can enhance the impact and visual interest of your slides, creating hierarchy! position
  29. colour and placement of the text,
  30. White space is your friend!