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professional CV

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Reissner alenka 14_en_short

  1. 1. Consultant’s Profile Alenka Reissner, M.A. Economics Consulting manager, Project manager Home Adress Groharjeva 4, 1241 Kamnik, Slovenia Phone number E-mail Skype + 386 31 320 972 alenka.reissner@siol.com alenka.magjar Profile Alenka Reissner, MSc. Of Economics (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia), retired in March 2011, had been involved in ICT for more than 30 years. The most important roles and aspects of her very active business life are those of a consulting and project manager with long term experiences in managing and leading projects and functional teams in the area of consulting, informatics and business IT support (from development for business users needs to packaged applications of different vendors). Special knowledge and experience: System analysis (IBM training); development and implementation of business programs, leading projects, organizing & leading teams (Oracle & SAP trainings); certified ASAP project manager (certification 2000), internally certified SAP project manager, SAP Projects Quality Assurance, certified SAP Solution Architect. Recent (2011 – 2014)  leading SAAPHO AAL (Ambient Assisted Living) project for ZDUS (Slovenian Federation of Pensioners’ Associations); presiding the ZDUS IT commission. SAP experiences – summary Consulting manager; SAP project manager; ASAP; Solution manager; PMI (Project Management Institute); experience with SAP solutions from 1999; introductionary SAP courses; AC010 (Financial accounting and Reporting); AC805 (Cash management); AC700 (Funds management); SAP project manager in SAP d.o.o. from 2001 – more SAP customers with live projects (3 customers with more projects – initial implementation plus follow up projects); SAP implementation Feasibility studies; SAP projects Quality Assurance. Professional experience and certificates – summary 10/2011 ongoing Head of ZDUS IT Commission 07/2011 ongoing SAAPHO Project manager (EU international AAL project) as ZDUS external collaborator Consulting manager SAP BU Avtenta.si, Ljubljana 02/2008  02/2011 Leading, organising, selling, proposals, contracts, project management, project standards, enabling SAP team for external projects
  2. 2. Page 2 of 3 Consultant’s Profile SAP project manager, PMO head E-Countries (06/2007) SAP Österreich, SAP d.o.o., Ljubljana 01/2001  01/2008 Projects: Istrabenz; Gorenje; Kovinoplastika; Banka Slovenije; Agencija za kmetijske trge, Mercator Feasibility studies: Kolinska, Intereuropa, Krka, Mercator Proposals, contracts, sales activities, project controlling SAP and non-SAP project manager, Siemens SBS, Ljubljana 06/2000 – 12/2000 Sales activities  proposals (Slovenske železnice, Slovenica, Luka Koper), contracts, marketing, ISO certificaton preparation ASAP certification (SAP center in Brussels) BIS Adviser (BIS = Business Information System), RTV Slovenija (National Broadcasting), Ljubljana 09/1999 – 05/2000 RTV BIS renovation project establishment and setup; Feasibility study of SAP implementation into; setup the rules and methods for IT projects project management, Project charter & Plan for BIS renovation project Consulting manager (4 years), Education manager (1 year), Oracle d.o.o, Ljubljana 05/1995 – 08/1999 Presales consultant in application sales, Oracle d.o.o, Ljubljana 03/1993 – 04/1995 Managing , organising, selling, proposals, contracts, business practices, controlling, reporting, ISO certification preparation; Setup Oracle training centers in Bosnia and Macedonia; Project management and coordination: Bespoke development: IS Telecommunication Agency, Ministry of defense strategic study, IS Mercator Insurance, Ministry of Defense (MORS) Feasibilty study (introducing Oracle DB in Oracle tools); other Oracle applications: project coordination for Croatian Ministry of Finance (Oracle Financials); part project leader for Badel, Croatia (Oracle Distribution  Inventory, Order Entry); sales projects: Slovene Railway (Oracle Financials), Banka of Slovenia (HR), SKB bank (HR); Project manager for translating Oracle Financials into Slovene language; other Oracle DW / OLAP: sales projects for Nafta Lendava, MORS, MF; DW project coordination in Pivovarna Union; OLAP project setup in MORS; Statistical databases project coordination in Bank of Slovenia; other CA Masterpiece consultant; Metalka MDS, odd. CA 09/1992 – 02/1993 Product familiarisation; sales projects IT manager, Slovenijales Trgovina 11/1990 – 08/1992 IT manager (50 employees, IBM mainframe, networks, PCs); setup of End user IT support User Computing adviser in Information System Group, Slovenijales Trgovina 12/1988 – 10/1990 “Introducing Personal computers into business usage” (business, technical and communicatio aspects) project management Information System Organiser, Slovenijales inženiring 05/1985 – 11/1988 Setup and start project “Introducing Personal computers into business usage”, development of IT support application for Engineering functions – project manager
  3. 3. Page 3 of 3 Consultant’s Profile Business Organizer, Iskra Avtomatika, Ljubljana 07/1984 – 04/1985 Import and Export business IT support (Project ISIP) for Iskra Avtomatika - project management System analyst, Slovenijales Trgovina 01/1979 – 06/1984 System analysis and project management on the EDP sector side for: Accounts Payable, Accounts receivable, General Ledger and Reporting, Management reporting and Controlling, Import business IS, Wholesale / transit, payments Trainee, junior accountant, Slovenijales Trgovina 10/1976 – 12/1978 Organizer in the Economic Sector (connection and interaction with EDP department) General Information M.A. Economics Economic Faculty (Business area), Ljubljana University, univ.dipl.oec. SAP Certificate ASAP (2000); Internal Project mgmt SAP/IIL certificate; SAP Solution Architect (ERP – Integration of Business processes with mySAP ERP 2005) Citizenship Slovene Living Slovenija / Kamnik Languages English written & spoken (very good) German written & spoken (good) Serbo Croatian written & spoken (very good) Detailed Project experience – on request