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  1. 1. Profesora de Ingles Claudia Acosta
  2. 2. The origin of Halloween go back to BC 500, to the celticfestival of Samhain. For the Celts this day marked the endof the season of Sun and the beginning of the season ofDarknessIt was believed that on Samhain the borders betweenthis worldand the other world opened and the spirits could passthrough.
  3. 3. The Celts dressed up inscary costumes andmasksThey believed that if theylooked like monstersThemselves, the spiritswouldn’t notice themandSo they wouldn’t harmthem.
  4. 4. Present day British, Irish Welsh and Scotish peopleare all descendents of the Celts. This is why it is mainly celebrated in Britain, USA and Canada.
  5. 5. AND NOW, IT’SYOUR TURN:What does“HALLOW” meanin old English?
  6. 6. Who could visit Earth on that day?