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  4. 4. BOB DYLAN’S SEX LIFE 4 INTRODUCTION Bob Dylan is HIV Positive and at one point in his life had full blown AIDS. I first became aware of this after Dylan contracted Histoplasmosis. An article appeared on a gay website that stated this disease effected AIDS/HIV patients with compromised immune systems. I then began to review Dylan’s poetry retrospectively, with the premise that he had AIDS. I had listened to songs like the Disease of Conceit many times and thought Bob was talking about conceit. Then I heard lines like “conceit is a disease the doctors can’t cure” in a different light and then holy shit, I realized the poem was about AIDS. This book is going to be hated by Dylan fans and I am going to be vilified: but screw them I realize by this time I will never win a popularity contest with Bob Dylan. Dylan fans don’t want to hear the truth. They said I was making up shit when I said Bob was a dope fiend but then he admitted on tape. Bob was sexually active during a time when AIDS was first emerging and contracted it from a woman, judging from an allegory found in this autobiography, Chronicles, a prostitute who had sex with bisexuals or intravenous drug users. The AIDS virus has a dormant stage when there are no symptoms yet it can be transmitted. So Bob Dylan may have been a vector. Bob can never get rid of this virus but now he has it under control Most Of The Time. Bob described what is was like to be afflicted with this then terminal disease in poetic terms and when I first realized he had this disease I cried for him, however, Robert Allen
  5. 5. HUNGRY LIKE A MAN IN DRAG 5 Zimmerman is one of the few people in the world that deserves to have AIDS. The perfidy doesn’t end here. After Bob’s became HIV Positive and started to evidence symptoms he continued to have heterosexual unprotected sex with his second and secret wife, African-American Carol Dennis, who gave birth to his daughter, Desiree. He engaged in other sexual relationships and remarried after divorcing Dennis. He infected some of these women with HIV and paid them huge settlements to keep their traps shut. At least one other of his victims was black which makes sense in terms of the racist subcontent throughout Dylan’s poems. None of these women have come forward although in Britta Shain’s book Seein’ The Real You At Last she recalled that after she broke up with Bob she had “cold after cold.” All this adds up to the Nobel Prize for Literature was awarded to a truly evil person who deserved every bit of suffering he experienced before AIDS became a manageable disease. Bob was also the first HIV Positive person to get a Nobel Prize.
  11. 11. HUNGRY LIKE A MAN IN DRAG 11 Once there was Judy And she said Hi to me When no one else Could take the Time...But she broke me Up When she didn't Write back and I died for a year - Seela And then there was Ione Who wore a Ring on her Left hand...my mind went Insane Every time I saw her - Seela Then there was Carol Who had tits Like headlights On a fire engine And a face like Helen ... she'd rape my feelings ... Then there was Barbara Her parents liked me And I liked them But I loved Barbara more...Then came another Judy She had a long Pony Tail And wanted Some day To be an Actress ... Now there's Judy again And my Circe starts Over ... I don't fit in anymore I'm Lost And my trouble is I know it.
  12. 12. CHAPTER TWO A DATE WITH THE FAIRY QUEEN: $20 In 1960 Dylan wrote Talkin’ Folklore Center: So I got on a subway and took a seat Got out on 42nd Street. I met this fellow named Delores there, He started rubbin' his hands through my hair -- I figured somethin' was wrong, So I ran through ten hot-dog stands, four movie houses, And a couple a dancing studios to get back on the subway train. In 1962 in I Shall be Free Bob claimed he feared female impersonators:
  13. 13. HUNGRY LIKE A MAN IN DRAG 13 Well, I took me a woman late last night I's three-fourths drunk she looked all right 'Til she started peelin' off her onion gook She took off her wig, said, "How do I look" ? I's high flyin', bare naked ...Out the window. So who would have thought Bob was bisexual? It was like in prison: those who told everyone they hated snitches and fags were probably snitches and fags. For his first 2 months in Manhattan Bob was male prostitute working rough trade in Times Square and was almost murdered by one of his Johns. This explains why Bob put a photo of Times Square on the cover of his autobiography rather than the arch in Washington Square Park or a picture of MacDougal Street. Yes siree Bob, subhuman or otherwise, Greenwich Village wasn’t the first place young Bobby Zimmerman frequented when he first came to New York Town. He wrote this in Talkin’ New York Bob Dylan 1961. I swung onto my old guitar Grabbed hold of a subway car And after a rocking, reeling, rolling ride
  14. 14. BOB DYLAN’S SEX LIFE 14 I landed up on the downtown side Greenwich Village In Chronicles Dylan said he was dropped off in the Village by car not on the subway. Where was he prior to writing that? Sellin’ his ass in sleazy bars around Forty-Deuce. He admitted it to Robert Shelton, the NYT critic who gave him his first big break and the same dude he confessed to that he was a slimy junkie. I shucked everybody when I came to New York. I played cute. I did not go down to the Village when I first got to New York. I have a friend…. he’s a junkie now. We came to New York together. He wrote plays. We hung out of on 43rd Street, hustled for two months and did everything. I got the ride here in December 1960. I came down to the Village in February. But I was here in New York in December 1960. Hustling with this cat. I was not scared of people, you dig? You name it we did it. Sometimes we would make one hundred a night, really, from four in the afternoon until three or four in the morning. We would make one hundred and fifty or two hundred and fifty a night between us and hang around in bars. Cats would pick us up and chicks would pick us up. And we would do anything you wanted, as long as it paid. It was very cut-throat.
  15. 15. HUNGRY LIKE A MAN IN DRAG 15 You gotta shell out a lotta money just to hang around, so we weren’t making anything. We ended up in the village. And I had the guitar. I didn’t have any place to stay but it was easy for me. People took me in. That’s where I almost got killed before I came down to the Village. I didn’t plan to stay in New York. I left anyway in the spring and didn’t plan to come back. I came back because I really missed it. There was no other place that I really could go. The first places I played in were on 44th and 43rd Streets between Broadway and Eighth Avenue in any of those bars. I didn’t come down to the Village until two months later. Nobody knew I had been hustling uptown. DYLAN HAS ACTORS REENACT HIS RIDE TO NYC WITH CHARLIE ON THE COVER OF TOGETHER THROUGH LIFE
  16. 16. BOB DYLAN’S SEX LIFE 16 You can say that Bob made this up as he did having traveled with carnivals, ridden freights and generally Woody- Guthried Jack Elliotited it up. This enhanced his career. Making up a story that he was a sleazy bag Times Square object of chicken hawks with cum dripping from his mouth did not further his career, unless everyone had the mentality of a pervert. Remember at the time the time the CPUSA was in charge of the folk scene and the Reds considered homosexuality a product of capitalist decadence. Leftists comprised most of his fan base. Victor Maymudes, one of Bob’s oldest friends in New York City told Britta Lee Shain that Bob sold his body for $20 a pop when he first came to New York and she revealed it in her book Seein’ The Real You At Last. This explains this excerpt from the liner notes to Another Side of Bob Dylan 1964. Charlie’s either Dylan or his redacted friend he was hookin’ with.
  17. 17. HUNGRY LIKE A MAN IN DRAG 17 michelangelo would've wept if he saw but once where charlie slept (whoa, charlie, i'm afraid you've stepped beyond the borders of being kept) what price what price what price disgrace for sleepin' on a cherub's face? Even "Michelangelo" who was rumored to be gay "would've wept" felt sorry, remorse "if he saw but once where charlie slept" if he saw where Charlie (Dylan and/or Dylan’s buddy) had sexual relations "(whoa, charlie, i'm afraid you've stepped beyond the borders of being kept)" you are not just kept by one man or woman but are out there in Forty Deuce hustling you ass "what price" the cost at which something is obtained "what price" an amount of money for which a person will forsake principles or obligations "what price" that which must be given, done, or undergone in order to obtain a thing “what price” $20 "disgrace" to be a male prostitute "for sleepin'" “sleep with” to have sexual relations with "on a cherub's" cherub: a person, especially a child, with an innocent or chubby face "face?" mouth? Dylan was sucking cock. This line from Tarantula might refer to that ultra- degenerate episode in Bob Dylan’s so called life “we are all alike & place scorpions neatly in our insides - we take pills thru the ass we praise faggot missionaries & throw homosexuals into phenomenon gutters.” Bob confessed to having been a male prostitute however Bob was down on gays and took a different position in 2001 in Soon After Midnight: Charlotte's a harlot Dresses in scarlet Mary dresses in green
  18. 18. BOB DYLAN’S SEX LIFE 18 It's soon after midnight And I've got a date with the fairy queen Charlotte's a harlot the Democrats, who held their 2012 convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, are political whores who will go against conventional morality in order to get votes Dresses in the Democrats have an outer covering or appearance; guise: an ancient ritual in modern dress scarlet being flagrantly immoral or unchaste: scarlet thoughts. Mary a male homosexual who takes the passive, feminine role dresses in green is easily duped or deceived; gullible It's soon after midnight things are at their worst, their darkest And I've got a date and there is a particular point or period of time at which something is expected to happen as in set a date for a wedding with the fairy queen that is a date for a same sex wedding “Fairy” and “Queen” are two derogatory terms for homosexuals. In Watch the River Flow Dylan wrote, “ Wish I was back in the city Instead of this old bank of sand With the sun beating down over the chimney tops And the one I love so close at hand If I had wings and I could fly I know where I would go But right now I’ll just sit here so contentedly And watch the river flow “Wish I was back in the city” sarcastic; wish I was back on Times Sq. “Instead of this old bank of sand” sarcastic; instead of being a neo-confederate “With the sun” with a person whose actions strongly influence the course of events such as the Forty Deuce John who “beating down over” who tried to murder him during an encounter “the chimney
  19. 19. HUNGRY LIKE A MAN IN DRAG 19 tops” “Looked in my toilet bowl looked in the chimney hole [for Reds] Chimney=anus“ And the one I love so close at hand” sarcastic; during the encounter “If I had wings and I could fly” if I was a fairy “I know where I would go” I would go to hell for my immoral behavior “But right now I’ll just sit here so contentedly” but right now I was wait here so satisfied with things as they are “And watch the river flow.” And watch the Mississippi flow “Chimney” is associated with gays. Tarantula, “‘shouldn’t done that’ said a very manly girl who came down the chimney”…”a roaring free for all is witnessed later between as follows: rabbit seller, who, because he lives in a room where the rain continues to fall thru the chimney, always has a chronic cough & is constantly in an al capone type mood - call him White Man/ the ex faggot g.i., who now transports dummies from macy's to yankee stadium & whose ears always bleed in heavy weather.” JAIL BAIT FOR CHICKEN HAWKS
  20. 20. BOB DYLAN’S SEX LIFE 20 DIGNITY: THE CHICKEN HAWKS OF TIMES SQUARE Dylan’s confession to Robert Shelton explains the line in Dignity, “somebody got murdered on New Year’s Eve.” Dylan was almost murdered and went to the police to help him find the assailant. Dignity 1995 is a detailed description of how Bob Dylan was almost murdered when he was jail bait for chicken hawks. Fat man lookin’ in a blade of steel Thin man lookin’ at his last meal Hollow man lookin’ in a cotton field For dignity Bob from a relatively wealthy family is staring into a blade of steel a knife blade that is pointed at his guts and might expose the contents of his stomach if cut open. Bob hollowed out, carved up would be seeking bandages of cotton and would be looking for dignity having been found under those undignified to say the least, circumstances. Wise man lookin’ in a blade of grass Young man lookin’ in the shadows that pass Poor man lookin’ through painted glass For dignity Note the use of blade once again. blade of grass first appeared in If Dogs Run Free that concerned the freeing of slaves. It means a more primitive being.
  21. 21. HUNGRY LIKE A MAN IN DRAG 21 If dogs run free, then what must be Must be, and that is all True love can make a blade of grass Stand up straight and tall In harmony with the cosmic sea True love needs no company It can cure the soul, it can make it whole If dogs run free TRUE LOVE CAN MAKE A BLADE OF GRASS STAND UP STRAIGHT AND TALL “If dogs run free, then what must be must be, and that is all” If Blacks are allowed their freedom there will always be crime and that is that. It is evolutionary. Sarcastic: “True love can make a blade of grass Stand up straight and tall” loving Blacks can make something very primitive evolve into a human-being. Also sarcastic: loving Blacks will make them evolve faster. “In harmony” in a relationship in which various components exist together without destroying one another such as Whites and Blacks “with the cosmic sea” were the natural order of things rules Cosmic: So pervasive and all- inclusive as to exist in or affect the whole world “true love” loving the Blacks or N-word loving “needs no company” sarcastic: does not need a subdivision of a military regiment like the National Guard to keep them in line. Sarcastic: “It can
  22. 22. BOB DYLAN’S SEX LIFE 22 cure the soul” it can correct a harmful situation that Blacks have created Soul: of or relating to Black Americans and their culture: soul brother; soul food. “It can make it whole” can replace the part that is missing in Blacks, the gene “If dogs run free.” Wise man lookin’ in a blade of grass Young man lookin’ in the shadows that pass Bob who was wise to the Blacks was starring right in the face of these people that pass for human beings: shadow: The darkness or diminished light Poor man lookin’ through painted glass Bob down and out looking through the windows of cheap Times Square Bars for gays Somebody got murdered on New Year’s Eve Somebody said dignity was the first to leave I went into the city, went into the town Went into the land of the midnight sun Dylan almost got murdered by one of his tricks. “land of the midnight sun” The City That Never Sleeps is a well-known nickname for New York City, famously employed in the
  23. 23. HUNGRY LIKE A MAN IN DRAG 23 "Theme from New York, New York", covered by Frank Sinatra. It may also refer to: The City That Never Sleeps (film), a 1924 drama. City That Never Sleeps, a 1953 film noir. Searchin’ high, searchin’ low Searchin’ everywhere I know Askin’ the cops wherever I go Have you seen dignity? Search: Law The examination of a person or property, as by a law enforcement officer, for the purpose of discovering evidence of a crime. Bob went to the cops and took them back to the bars that he hustled at to find the guy that almost killed him. Blind man breakin’ out of a trance Puts both his hands in the pockets of chance Hopin’ to find one circumstance Of dignity Some drunken John Dylan picked up in a greasy W 40’s Times Square bar who just “broke out” of a prison, trance any mental state in which a person is unaware or apparently unaware of the environment, characterized by loss of voluntary movement, tried to rob Bob hoping to find some big money. Soul of a nation is under the knife Death is standing in the doorway of life In the next room a man is fighting with his wife Over dignity The above verse was found in an outtake. Under the knife: Fig. to submit to surgery; to have surgery done on oneself. She goes under the knife tomorrow for her
  24. 24. BOB DYLAN’S SEX LIFE 24 gallbladder. Only this is literal. Someone pulled a knife on Bobby Zimmerman in a cheap Times Square hotel where in the next room a man is fighting with his wife. I went to the wedding of Mary Lou She said, “I don’t want nobody see me talkin’ to you” Said she could get killed if she told me what she knew About dignity
  25. 25. HUNGRY LIKE A MAN IN DRAG 25 Bob went to see a woman who was unlikely to get married, a prostitute, to find out who it was that tried to kill him or robbed him? I went down where the vultures feed I would’ve gone deeper, but there wasn’t any need Heard the tongues of angels and the tongues of men Wasn’t any difference to me I went down to the level a person or thing that preys greedily and ruthlessly on others, like pimps, he could have sunk lower, but he was part of that scene. Tongue: To touch or lick with the tongue. Angel informal a person, esp a woman, who is kind, pure, or beautiful and the tongues of men sucking on my dick and I didn’t care as long as I made the cake. Heard the tongues of angels and the tongues of men. Dylan saw the tongues of beautiful women and the tongues of men who he let suck his dick. To touch or lick with the tongue. b. To give (someone) a French-kiss. There wasn’t any difference to me. Bob didn’t care who had sex with as long as there was money in it. Chilly wind sharp as a razor blade House on fire, debts unpaid Gonna stand at the window, gonna ask the maid Have you seen dignity? Again the use of blade. Still the hotel motif. Ask the maid. Bob had to chill out after the knife incident and ran out of money. Still living in a cheap Times Square Hotel. Drinkin’ man listens to the voice he hears In a crowded room full of covered-up mirrors
  26. 26. BOB DYLAN’S SEX LIFE 26 Lookin’ into the lost forgotten years For dignity When he is drunk he imagines that it would be like if he was killed in those circumstances and his family found out about it. Jewish people cover up mirrors in their home after a relative dies. They would look into his childhood to find out what went wrong. Met Prince Phillip at the home of the blues Said he’d give me information if his name wasn’t used He wanted money up front, said he was abused By dignity Met someone who knew who my assailant was in a cheap bar and he said he would finger the dude as long as no one found out he did it. But the wanted the money before he would divulge the name said he was Abuse: Rough treatment or use: an anus that has taken a lot of abuse. Also to force sexual activity on; rape or molest. Footprints runnin’ ’cross the silver sand Steps goin’ down into tattoo land I met the sons of darkness and the sons of light In the border towns of despair Traces of the assailant running across the unspoiled Times Square area leading down to a tattoo parlor. I met Negros and Whites in these sleazing whore filled places. Got no place to fade, got no coat I’m on the rollin’ river in a jerkin’ boat Tryin’ to read a note somebody wrote About dignity
  27. 27. HUNGRY LIKE A MAN IN DRAG 27 Fade: To lose strength or vitality; wane: youthful energy that had faded over the years. Jerk off Vulgar Slang To masturbate. Sick man lookin’ for the doctor’s cure Lookin’ at his hands for the lines that were And into every masterpiece of literature For dignity A Junkie is going through withdrawal symptoms looking for a prescription from a doctor for dope. Trying to gain inspiration for his writing, his hand from the lines in classic literature? Englishman stranded in the blackheart wind Combin’ his hair back, his future looks thin Bites the bullet and he looks within For dignity Whiteman surrounded by Blacks Blackheart: a disease of plants in which internal plant tissues blacken, usu. as a result of extremes in temperature. Trying to look tough his future looks dim. Does what he has to do but looks within for dignity. Someone showed me a picture and I just laughed Dignity never been photographed I went into the red, went into the black Into the valley of dry bone dreams ^Vulgar Slang The penis. So many roads, so much at stake So many dead ends, I’m at the edge of the lake Sometimes I wonder what it’s gonna take To find dignity
  28. 28. BOB DYLAN’S SEX LIFE 28 A night street scene at 47th Street near Times Square, showing night club and theater signs, New York City, New York, circa 1958. Dylan commented on Dignity in Chronicles: Some people seem to fade away but then when they are truly gone, it's like they didn't fade away at all. I started and completed the song "Dignity" the same day I'd heard the sad news about Pistol Pete. I started writing it in the early afternoon, about the time the morning news began to wear away and it took me the rest of the day and into the night to finish it.
  29. 29. HUNGRY LIKE A MAN IN DRAG 29 It's like I saw the song up in front of me and overtook it, like I saw all the characters in this song and elected to cast my fortunes with them. I have a problem sometimes remembering someone's real name, so I give them another one, something that more accurately describes them, and I had a tendency to do that throughout this song. There were more verses with other individuals in different interplays. The Green Beret, The Sorceress, Virgin Mary, The Wrong Man, Big Ben, and The Cripple and The Honkey. The list could be endless. All kinds of identifiable characters that found their way into the song but somehow didn't survive. I heard the whole piece in my head rhythm, tempo, melody line, the whole bit. I'd always be able to remember this song. The wind could never blow it out of my head. This song was a good thing to have. On a song like this, there's no end to things. You hold an electric torch up to someone's face and see what's there. Yet to me, it's amazingly simple, no complications, everything pans out. As long as the things you see don't go by in a blur of light and shade, you're okay. Love, fear, hate, happiness all in unmistakable terms, a thousand and one subtle ramifications. This song is like that. One line brings up another, like when your left foot steps forward and your right drags up to it. If I'd have written this ten years earlier, I'd have gone immediately to the recording studio. But a lot had changed and I had no anxiety about that stuff anymore, didn't feel the urge and necessity of it. I didn't feel like recording anyway. It was tedious and I didn't like the current sounds-mine or anybody else's. I didn't know why an old
  30. 30. BOB DYLAN’S SEX LIFE 30 Alan Lomax field recording sounded better to me, but it did. I didn't think I could make a good record if I tried for a hundred years.
  32. 32. BOB DYLAN’S SEX LIFE 32 In Chronicles Dylan proclaimed his love for Suze Rotolo but the truth is that Bob never loved anybody except himself and heroin. He used Suze, who was a member of the Civil Rights Movement, as his Leftist beard despite the fact Dylan had become a racist under the tutelage of his benefactor Raymond Gooch who he described as a “non-integrationist.” Rotolo’s parents were Joachim Rotolo and Mary Pezzati Rotolo, members of the American Communist Party. At about the time she met Bob, Rotolo began working full time as a political activist in the office of the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) and for the Communist front group SANE. In 2004, she participated in a street-theater group called "Billionaires for Bush" and attended demonstrations at the Republican National Convention outside Madison Square Garden. If she were alive today she would have occupied Wall Street. As stated Suzie would prove to be invaluable to Bob in fabricating his leftist bona fides – Bobby was so deep cover he even had a Communist lover! Dylan revealed his “love” to the world by putting her on the cover of The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan, (long after they broke up) and singing about her “I got a woman five foot short, yells and hollers, screams and snorts.” Wow, I thought, Dylan was a real human being. This relationship added to his persona as a romantic Greenwich Village character. He wrote of the demise of his relationship with Suzie in Ballad In Plain D and he seemed as if he was baring his soul to his fans. How could he write songs wherein his true thoughts, as evidenced in his subcontent, were racist and anti-Communist and make love to what he viewed as an evil person at the same time? Bob Dylan had gotten so deeply into his undercover role that he forgot which side he was on. But ultimately he used Suzie in his climb to fame and of course didn’t show up at her funeral. Suzie mother sensed that Bob was a fast talking con man.
  33. 33. HUNGRY LIKE A MAN IN DRAG 33 Her mother Mary, though, who worked as a translator for medical journals, wasn't having it. Mary lived on the top floor of an apartment building on Sheridan Square and treated me like I had the clap. If she would have had her way, the cops would have locked me up. Suze's mom was a small feisty woman-volatile with black eyes like twin coals that could burn a hole through you, was very protective. Always make you feel like you did something wrong. She thought I had a nameless way of life and would never be able to support anybody, but I think it went much deeper than that. I think I just came in at a bad time. "How much did that guitar cost?" she asked me once. "Not much." "I know, not much, but still something." "Almost nothing," I said. She glared at me, cigarette in her mouth. She was always trying to goad me into some kind of argument. My presence was so displeasing to her, but it's not like I'd caused any trouble in her life. It wasn't me who was responsible for the loss of Suze's father or anything. Once I said to her that I didn't think she was being fair. She stared squarely into my eyes like she was staring at some distant, visible object and said to me, "Do me a favor, don't think when I'm around." Suze would tell me later that she didn't mean it. She did mean it, though. She did everything in her power to keep us apart, but we went on seeing each other anyway.
  34. 34. BOB DYLAN’S SEX LIFE 34 How could he love this N-loving Red Diaper baby when he expressed his racism in the subcontent of the 1962 poem that became the anthem of the Civil Rights Movement, Blowin’ In The Wind? How many roads must a man walk down Before you call him a man? Yes, 'n' how many seas must a white dove sail Before she sleeps in the sand? Yes, 'n' how many times must the cannon balls fly Before they're forever banned? The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind The answer is blowin' in the wind. “How many roads” (Rhodes) how many courses in life “must a man” must a blackman “walk down” take such as rape, murder, theft, the creation of dangerous public schools and generations of single welfare mothers “Before you call him a man?” before the Whites realize that he is a genetically inferior being who can never amount to anything more than a male servant, a subordinate, “man” as in ‘Man Friday’ which is more like a “boy” (unless “man” had two meanings the first two lines of Blowin’ In The Wind are redundant). “Yes, 'n' how many seas
  35. 35. HUNGRY LIKE A MAN IN DRAG 35 must a white dove sail” how long will it take before White supremacist apartheid (who ever heard of a black dove?) that brought racial peace and stability to South Africa, sails effortlessly across the ocean to America “Before she sleeps in the sand?” and becomes a part of America history? “Yes, 'n' how many times must the cannonballs fly” how many times must the Negros become suddenly enraged, commit gun crimes ‘fly off the handle’ “Before they're forever banned?” before they are treated in the same way as South Africa treats its Negros? Under the former system of apartheid, “banned” meant to deprive a person suspected of illegal activity of the right of free movement and association with others “The answer” the answer to the ‘Negro question’ in America “my friend, is blowin'” is spreading “in the wind” in something that destroys “wind” as in ‘The winds of war.’ On another level the answer is to treat Negros as they did in the Old South, the answer is in White vigilantism, lynch ‘em and let ‘em blow (cause to move by means of a current of air) in the wind! Billie Holliday, Strange Fruit, “Southern trees bear a strange fruit / Blood on the leaves and blood at the root / Black bodies swinging in the southern breeze / Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees.”
  36. 36. BOB DYLAN’S SEX LIFE 36 In Ballad in Plain D 1964, he accused Suze of having sex with African-Americans behind his back. From silhouetted anger to manufactured peace Answers of emptiness, voice vacancies Till the tombstones of damage read me no questions but, “Please What’s wrong and what’s exactly the matter?” “From silhouetted anger” from anger about the woman Bob claimed he loved having sex with Black men “to manufactured peace” to having to make up something artificial and untrue, to going into denial about it “Answers of emptiness” answers about why Suzie Rotolo cheated on me had no substance “voice” and were just an agency of expression of the racial equality movement “vacancies, containing nothing “Till the tombstones of damage read me” at this point the relationship was already over “no questions but, ‘Please, What's wrong and what's exactly the matter?’” how come you prefer these men to me sexually? Silhouette as black: With your silhouette when the sunlight dims Into your eyes where the moonlight swims And your match-book songs and your gypsy hymns Who among them would try to impress you? “With your silhouette when the sunlight dims” with your darkies “Into your eyes” into your brain, your thoughts “where the moonlight” where insanity “swims” makes your head swim, confuses and overwhelms you “And your match- book songs” and your literature wherein Blacks closely resemble or harmonize with Whites “and your gypsy hymns” and your New York State anti-slavery laws “Who among
  37. 37. HUNGRY LIKE A MAN IN DRAG 37 them would try to impress you?” but who among the other states of the union would compel New Yorkers to serve in a military force? Not the Confederacy? “Silhouettes” as colored people; Chronicles, “He was noir all the way—dark sombrero, black britches, high boots, slip-on gloves—all shadow and silhouette-dimmed out, a black prince from the black hills.” Dylan wrote about how he missed Suze when she ran off with an ethnic Italian named Enzo after she suspected the psycho was using junk on the side. He never told Suze Rotolo about his dope habit: he was adept at keeping secrets - she only found out his real name in late 1961 when, drunk one night, his draft card fell out of his pocket. i used t' hate enzo i used t' hate him so much that i could've killed him he was rotten an' ruthless an' after what he could get i was sure of that my beloved one met him in a far - off land an' she stayed longer there because of him i croaked with exhaustion that he was actually makin' her happy i never knew him sometimes i would see him on my ceilin' i could've shot him
  38. 38. BOB DYLAN’S SEX LIFE 38 the rovin' phony the romantic idiot i know about guys for i myself am a guy poison swings its pendulums with a seasick sensation an' i used t' want t' trample on him i used t' want t' massacre him i used t' want t' murder him i wanted t' be like him so much that i ached i used t' hate enzo “Poison” as heroin. Tarantula, “NADAS is still right now the poison nothing & maria, me & you, we make up three TE QUIERO do not churchize my nakedness” I am without concealment and disguise “i am naked for you maria” I am vulnerable to you “she says i’m a foreigner. she picks me” pierces and makes a hole with a sharp pointed instrument “she pours salt” a colorless or white crystalline solid “on my love ok. so i shoot dope once in a while. big deal. what’s it got to do with you?”
  39. 39. THE MANY LOVES OF BOBBY DYLAN CHAPTER FOUR DYLAN ON JOAN BAEZ: “MEXICAN HALF-BREED” BAEZ WITH VIETNAM WAR RESISTER DAVID HARRIS. IN CHRONICLES BOB SAID HE SUPPORTED THE WAR Joanie was lucky she didn’t marry this dirt bag. Bob’s thoughts on Joan Baez can be found throughout his poetry.
  40. 40. BOB DYLAN’S SEX LIFE 40 OUTLAW BLUES I got a woman in Jackson, I ain't gonna say her name. She's a brown-skin woman, But I love her just the same. “I got a woman in Jackson” I have a woman who accompanied me to Jackson, Mississippi to sing at a voter registration rally “I ain't gonna say her name” you would recognize it if I did “She's a brown-skin woman” she’s a light skinned beaner named Baez “but I / Love her just the same” sarcastic, why even bring this up if the color of her skin was not significant. JOHN WESLEY HARDING 1967 ’Twas down in Chaynee County A time they talk about With his lady by his side He took a stand And soon the situation there Was all but straightened out For he was always known “It was down in Chaynee County” Chainy County, land of slavery - Mississippi “A time they talk about” Dylan’s performance of Only A Pawn In Their Game in Mississippi was featured in the film Don’t Look Back “With his lady by his side” with Joan Baez ostensibly on the same political side “He took a stand” he ostensibly took a stand against racism “And soon the situation there” and soon the predicaments, plights and problems “was all but straightened out” was worse: integration and Negro voter registration were wrong things to
  41. 41. HUNGRY LIKE A MAN IN DRAG 41 impose on the Old South “He was always known to lend a helping hand” he helped screw things up or sarcastic: he was doing this for himself and not for the Blacks. JOLENE 2009 Well you're comin' down High Street, walkin' in the sun You make the dead man rise, and holler she's the one Jolene, Jolene Baby, I am the king and you're the queen “Well you're comin' down High Street” you are at or near the peak of your career Joanie, “you are walkin' in the sun” you are living in the public eye ‘in the sun’ “You make the dead man” you make someone not commercially productive; idle “rise” become more popular, get an erection “and holler she's the one” and sing with her and have sex with her “Jolene, Jolene Baby, I am the king” I am the male considered as the best or most important of its kind in the field of folk “and you're the queen” and you are the queen, you have female eminence and supremacy in the domain of folk music. Well it's a long old highway, don't ever end I've got a Saturday night special, I'm back again I'll sleep by your door, lay my life on the line You probably don't know, but I'm gonna make you mine Jolene, Jolene baby, I am the king and you're the queen “Well it's a long old highway, don't ever end” it was really rough when I first came to New York City and associated myself with the Old Left; Standing On The Highway 1962 “Well, I'm standin' on the highway / One roads goin' to the bright lights, / The others goin' down to my grave”
  42. 42. BOB DYLAN’S SEX LIFE 42 “I've got a Saturday night special, I'm back again” I had a harmonica gig on Midnight Special thanks to Harry Belafonte, I am a back-up musician again “I'll sleep by your door” I am comfortable awaiting for the opportunity you will provide me with “lay my life on the line” and travel to a voter registration drive in Mississippi “You probably don't know, but I'm gonna make you mine” you didn’t know it back then but your association with me rather than vice versa will further your future career. I keep my hands in my pocket, I'm movin' along People think they know, but they're all wrong You're something nice, I'm gonna grab my dice I can't say I haven't paid the price Jolene, Jolene baby I am the king and you're the queen “I keep my hands in my pocket” I keep my musical compositions confined to a small, isolated group “I'm movin' along” they dig my riff “People think they know, but they're all wrong” people think they know what side my songs are on politically but they are wrong, not Right “You're something nice, I'm gonna grab” you're something nice, I'm gonna take and grasp suddenly “my dice” my protest songs, Tarantula, “malnutrition & thinking they're too smart & you with the dice & forever uniform ... receiving some degree & while giving it to your wall” “I can't say I haven't paid the price” I had to further an ideology that is repugnant to me. Well I found out the hard way, I've had my fill You can't find somebody with his back to a hill Those big brown eyes, they set off a spark When you hold me in your arms things don't look so dark Jolene, Jolene baby I am the king and you're the queen
  43. 43. HUNGRY LIKE A MAN IN DRAG 43 “Well I found out the hard way” I found out from first- hand experience “I've had my fill” I have plugged up your vagina with my pecker “You can't find somebody with his back to a hill” you will never find a lover in someone who has turned his back on your brand of politics, “hill” as in Capitol Hill “Those big brown eyes” those high falutin’ race mixin’ idealistic leftwing thoughts “they set off a spark” they were responsible for murders such as that of Medgar Evers; Only A Pawn In Their Game 1964, “A hand set the spark” “When you hold me in your arms things don't look so dark” sarcastic: when I am in your power I forget about the darkies and I forget about your dark skin. DESOLATION ROW 1965 Now Ophelia, she's 'neath the window For her I feel so afraid On her twenty-second birthday She already is an old maid To her, death is quite romantic She wears an iron vest Her profession's her religion Her sin is her lifelessness And though her eyes are fixed upon Noah's great rainbow She spends her time peeking Into Desolation Row “Now Ophelia” a Shakespearian character who suffers from a broken heart, Joan Baez, who wanted to marry Bob Dylan “she's 'neath the window” she is under the influence of and has placed her faith in the Communist Party “For her I feel so afraid” I have feelings of aversion for her “On her twenty-second birthday” when Bob met her in 1962 she was
  44. 44. BOB DYLAN’S SEX LIFE 44 22 years old “She already is an old maid” she was already a ‘union maid’ as in the Communist folk song Union Maid “To her, death is quite romantic” for her the death associated with Communism is attractive “She wears an iron vest” she places authority, property, or rights, in the ironclad control of a person or group whose headquarters is in the Kremlin, behind the Iron Curtain “Her profession” her folk singing career “is her religion” is all about her leftist politics “Her sin” her error, tragic flaw “is her lifelessness” is that she lacks vitality and animation; she is dull and she is on the side of death “And though her eyes” and although her thoughts “are fixed upon” are falsely directed upon “Noah's great rainbow” the illusory hope of Communism “She spends her time peeking” she wastes her time being the best know female folk singer, peaking, “Into Desolation Row” in the esoteric depressing leftwing world of folk music where everyone preaches to the choir. Communism and leftist politics as a religion; Tarantula, “Sick so Sick of these lovers in Biblical roles - so you're out to save the world are you? you impostor - you freak! you're a contradiction! you're afraid to admit you're a contradiction you're misleading! you have big feet” your ambition is to further Communism “& you will step on yourself. all the people you mislead will pick you up! you have no answers!” To his former leftwing folk fans; Tarantula, “watcha doing? how's the new religion? feel any different? gave it up myself.” “Rainbow” as an illusory hope; Father of Night 1970, “Builder of rainbows up in the sky” builder as in ‘builder of hopes’ that soar to the highest level and degree in the heavens above; Sign On The Window 1970, “Build me a cabin in Utah” sarcastic; build up my hopes for a room aboard the ship of revolution (Utah was the State where the radical Joe Hill was executed)
  45. 45. HUNGRY LIKE A MAN IN DRAG 45 “Marry me a wife” get married to an ideology “catch a rainbow trout” begin to understand something fishy like a false hope. Tarantula, “somewhere over the rainbow” lyrics to this song, “Someday day I’ll wish upon a star etc.” ROLLING AND TUMBLING 2006 Well, I get up in the dawn and I go down and lay in the shade I get up in the dawn and I go down and lay in the shade I ain't nobody's house boy, I ain't nobody's well trained maid “Well, I get up” I get an erection “in the dawn” when I first begin to appear and develop; emerge “and I go down and lay in” and I have sex with “the shade” translated into Dylan’s bitter thoughts, a beaner, a Hispanic, a half-breed, “shade” the degree to which a color is mixed with black; gradation of darkness. Bob described Joan Baez in Tarantula, “on sweet mermaid she sings of ideals, different formulas & wild cookbooks / dark Scary…crippled mermaid singing & listen that's her singing now & she meows too.” Rolling and Tumbling continues, “I ain't nobody's house boy” I ain’t a native boy who helped a soldier perform basic responsibilities; I am not helping the Kremlin achieve its goals. Also I am not being kept around to be used by Baez as a sexual object “I ain't nobody's well trained maid” I am not a card-carrying obedient Communist like Baez who was taught to sing by a voice trainer and sung in a well-trained three octave soprano voice. Note use of “maid” in all three poems. So many people believed Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands was written to Joan Baez that Bob had to insert a line in Sara 1975 that made it clear that Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands was written to Sara Dylan.
  46. 46. BOB DYLAN’S SEX LIFE 46 MEMPHIS BLUES AGAIN When Ruthie says come see her In her honky-tonk lagoon Where I can watch her waltz for free 'Neath her Panamanian moon. An' I say, "Aw come on now You must know about my debutante." An' she says, "Your debutante just knows what you need But I know what you want." “When Ruthie” when Joan Baez who is half Mexican; Tarantula, “now Ruthy she was different - she always wanted to see a cock fight & went to Mexico City when she was 17” “says come see her” invites me to one of her performances “In her honky-tonk” sarcastic; in an establishment catering to the working class “lagoon” that takes place in a protected area like a concert hall “Where I can watch her waltz” where I can watch her move briskly and purposefully; waltz through her repertoire “for free” sarcastic, for freedom, for the price of admission “'Neath her Panamanian” beneath her leftist Central American “moon” unattainable goals “An' I say, ‘Aw come on now, / You must know about my debutante’" tell the truth for once, you must know that I aspire to become a member of the upper economic class and that I don’t believe any of this leftwing crap “An' she says, "Your debutante just knows what you need” the upper economic class just knows what you need to be happy, just some insignificant things like a townhouse in Greenwich Village, a sports car, a Harley, an ex-Playboy bunny wife “But I know what you want" but I know better and it is not wealth but ideology that you are in want of! ALTERNATE TRANSLATION
  47. 47. HUNGRY LIKE A MAN IN DRAG 47 When Ruthie (joanie) says come see her In her honky-tonk lagoon A honky-tonk (also called a honkatonk, honkey-tonk, or tonk) is a type of bar that provides musical entertainment (usually country music) to its patrons. Bars of this kind are common in the Southern and Southwestern United States. Lagoon some thing cut off. Where I can watch her waltz for free Informal Something that presents no difficulties and can be accomplished with little effort. ’Neath her Panamanian moon Central American – Joan Baez was half Mexican An’ I say, “Aw come on now You must know about my debutante” You must know about my entrance into society as a heroin addict An’ she says, “Your debutante just knows what you need Heroin But I know what you want” I know what you are lacking to cause you to use hard drugs. REFERENCED IN DESOLATION ROW?
  48. 48. BOB DYLAN’S SEX LIFE 48 Praise be to Nero’s Neptune The Titanic sails at dawn And everybody’s shouting “Which Side Are You On?” And Ezra Pound and T. S. Eliot Fighting in the captain’s tower While calypso singers laugh at them And fishermen hold flowers Between the windows of the sea Where lovely mermaids flow And nobody has to think too much About Desolation Row Praise be (Theology) the extolling of a deity or the rendering of homage and gratitude to a deity to Nero’s Neptune Senator Joseph McCarthy Emperor of Rome (54-68) whose early reign was dominated by his mother, Agrippina the Younger. He had his mother and wife murdered, and he was accused of setting the Great Fire of Rome (64). He committed suicide after being deposed by the Senate. The Titanic Something Of enormous scope, power, or influence: sails to make an attack (on) violently with words
  49. 49. HUNGRY LIKE A MAN IN DRAG 49 at dawn To begin to be perceived that Communists had infiltrated the US Government with the intent to overthrow it or spy on it on behalf of the Sovs. And everybody’s shouting “Which Side Are You On?” Are you for America or are you for Russia? And Ezra Pound and T. S. Eliot And the Senate fascists and Jew haters Fighting in the captain’s tower A commissioned rank in the US Army, Air Force, or Marine Corps that is above first lieutenant and below major. Tail- gunner Joe. While calypso singers laugh at them Folk singers including Dylan A type of music that originated in the West Indies, notably in Trinidad, and is characterized by improvised lyrics on topical or broadly humorous subjects. And fishermen hold flowers And Jews create examples of great art Between the windows of the sea For the perceptions of the masses
  50. 50. BOB DYLAN’S SEX LIFE 50 Where lovely mermaids flow Where folksingers like Joan Baez operate “Mermaid” as Joan Baez; Tarantula “on sweet mermaid she sings of ideals, different formulas & wild cookbooks / dark Scary crippled mermaid singing & listen that’s her singing now & she meows too the weeper at the drop of anybody’s hat but his, sentimental yes.” And nobody has to think too much About Desolation Row And nobody has to think about the consequences of the Communist dominated folk scene in the 1960’s. Fisherman as Jew skull caps climb by themselves out of manholes Newsweek Magazine exposes me as a Jew. an' shoeboxes ride the cracks of the sidewalk And my career is dependent of these wisecracks. fishermen - - Zimmerman (Newsweek published his real name) i've suddenly been turned into a fish (a jew) but does anybody wanna be a fisherman (Zimmerman) any more 'n i don't wanna be a fish (Jew) BELLE ISLE 1970
  51. 51. HUNGRY LIKE A MAN IN DRAG 51 One evening for pleasure I rambled to view The fair fields all alone Down by the banks of Loch Eiron Where beauty and pleasure were known “One evening” during a later concluding time period; ‘the evening of my career in rock and roll music’ Tell Old Bill 2009, “The evenin' sun is sinkin' low” “for pleasure” sarcastic; to please myself, to satisfy my desires, to be self-indulgent “I rambled” I changed my focus “to view” to conduct a systematic survey; a view of American Folk Music “The fair fields” leftwing, equitable area of specialization, the folk music world “all alone” without a band backing me up “Down by the banks” down by the record companies “of Loch Eiron” located in some obscure place like folk music “Where beauty” where something deserving of a high level of respect gained by impressive development and achievement “and pleasure” and the pleasure that it brings “were known” were recognized and appreciated by the folk crowd. “Fair” as equitable, in accordance with relative merit and significance. Marx, “To each according to his needs” As I Went Out One Morning 1968, “I spied the fairest damsel that ever did walk in chains.” I spied a fair maid at her labor Which caused me to stay for a while And I thought of a goddess to beauty Blooming' bright star of Bright Isle.
  52. 52. BOB DYLAN’S SEX LIFE 52 “I spied” I spied, as if I was an undercover FBI Agent, “a fair maid” a Communist woman, “maid” as in the Communist song Union Maid and as in “old maid” as in Desolation Row 1966, “at her labor” singing songs that favored the working class “which caused me to stay for a while” which caused me to pretend to join the Left for a short while “And I thought of a goddess to beauty” I devised a plan to use this woman with a beautiful voice in my rise to fame “Bloomin’” Joan Baez who was growing and flourishing with youth and vigor “bright star” who was the brightest star, the most popular, yet not the brightest when it came to intelligence “of Bright Isle” of the folk music world. I humbled myself to her beauty Fair maiden, where do you belong? Are you from heaven descended Abiding in Cupid's fair throne? “I humbled myself” sarcastic; I formulated a low opinion of myself compared “to her beauty” to her beautiful operatic voice, her songs “Fair maiden where do you belong?” Joan what century do you belong in? Your songs are certainly not from this one “Are you from heaven descended” are you a freakin’ reincarnation of some old English balladeer “Abiding in Cupid’s fair throne” still singing morbid love songs like Barbara Allen? Young man, I will tell you a secret It's true I'm a maid that is poor And to part from my vows and my promise Is more than my heart can endure. “Young man” young Bob Dylan “I will tell you a secret” I will tell you the secret formula of my success “It’s true I’m a maid that is poor” it’s true that I am folksinger and a supporter of
  53. 53. HUNGRY LIKE A MAN IN DRAG 53 the Left which is not the best thing to be in the world “But to part from my vows and my promise” but to break my promise I made to the Left to perform a specified act and behave in a certain manner that “Is more than my heart can endure” is more than my true, innermost feelings can tolerate. Therefore I remain at my service And go through all my hardship and toil And wait for the lad that has left me All alone on the banks of Belle Isle" “Therefore I remain at my service” therefore I remain at the disposal of the Left including the Communist Party and its intelligence service “And go through all my hardship” and go through something that causes suffering or privation “and toil” and labor with difficulty “And wait for” and eagerly anticipate the return of “the lad that has left me” the young Bob Dylan, who was never a leftist or liberal and ain’t comin’ back because he wasn’t there to begin with “All alone” indifferent to the approval of a wider audience “on the banks” in the recording companies “of Belle Isle” of folk music. Young maiden I wish not to banter It's true I come here in disguise I came here to fulfill our last promise And hope to give you a surprise. “Young maiden” Bob tells gullible Joanie “I wish not to banter” I am not trying to trick you with my protest songs “It’s true I come here in disguise” it is true that I hate folk music, I hate the Left and I am here pretending to be one of you because I harbor ulterior motives “I came here to fulfill our last promise”
  54. 54. BOB DYLAN’S SEX LIFE 54 I came here to fulfill the promise of using folk music as a backdoor to enter the real world of rock and roll “And hope to give you a surprise” and I am going to surprise the bejesus out of you someday when I leave this sick world of commies and comsymps behind and start singing rock and roll songs.
  55. 55. THE MANY LOVES OF BOBBY DYLAN CHAPTER FIVE SHIRLEY NOZNISKY THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO DYLAN AND HE BLEW IT Sara Dylan born October 28, 1939 in Wilmington, Delaware as Shirley Marlin Noznisky to Isaac and Bessie Noznisky and later known as Sara Lowndes, after she married Hans Lowndes, born January 1, 1911. Sara was married to Bob Dylan from November 1965 until their divorce in June 1977. Sara was a tough cookie. She was a former Playboy bunny, not a debutante.
  56. 56. BOB DYLAN’S SEX LIFE 56 When I spoke with Bob he was always alluding to the fact that “his wife might hit him” and I witnessed her attack two reporters. When Sara came to her children’s private school to regain their custody, she assaulted one of their teachers. Al Aronowitz reported that her father Isaac, a scrap metal dealer and first generation Jewish immigrant, was killed on November 20, 1956 in the course of a robbery. I know from the research I did into the life of Jack Ruby that the mob controlled the scrap metal business on the East Coast in the 1950’s and that many an incriminating vehicle was disposed of by mob associates in this field, but I could not link Mr. Noznisky with organized crime. Some reports have him shot in the head by a drunk with a grudge but the cause of the dispute remains unclear. Her mother would die five years later leaving her to be raised by an aunt. Sara Dylan bore Bob’s children during a period of relative normalcy in his life. But in Malibu Dylan drifted back to his rakish ways and Sara was not about to sit back while her husband cheated on her with his Black back-up singers! Not to mention the fact that this normal Jewish mother had a junkie poet who called himself Hector Schmector (schmeck is Yiddish for heroin) for a husband. So they got divorced. It was inevitable as Bob’s loyalty was to the spirit that owned his soul, Satan, and not to his family. WE BETTER TALK THIS OVER 1978 I think we better talk this over Maybe when we both get sober You'll understand I'm only a man Doing the best that I can.
  57. 57. HUNGRY LIKE A MAN IN DRAG 57 “I think we better talk this over” I think we should reconsider our decision to get a divorce “Maybe when we both get sober” maybe after you stop drinking and I stop using dope. “You'll understand I'm only a man / Doing the best that I can” you will understand that I am subject to the temptations of the flesh and I am doing the best I can to keep my dick in my pants under unfortunate circumstances where women throw themselves at me nightly. This situation can only get rougher Why should we needlessly suffer? Let's call it a day go our own different way Before we decay. “This situation” this critical, problematic, and striking set of circumstances “can only get rougher” can only get more violent: it was alleged that Dylan hit Sara in the face after she found him having breakfast with his children along with one of his more intellectual groupies. Sara cited domestic violence in her suit to dissolve the marriage. “Why should we needlessly suffer?” why go through all of this “Let's call it a day go our own different way” let’s get divorced and separate “Before we decay” before we get too old to find new spouses. You don't have to be afraid of looking into my face We've done nothing to each other time will not erase. Oh child, why you wanna hurt me? I'm exiled you can't convert me I'm lost in the haze of your delicate ways With both eyes glazed.
  58. 58. BOB DYLAN’S SEX LIFE 58 “You don't have to be afraid of looking into my face” you don’t have to fear that your violence has left me permanently scared “We've done nothing to each other time will not erase” the wounds from our violent encounters will heal in time “Oh child, why you wanna hurt me?” oh Sara why did you want to punch me in the face? “I'm exiled” I am a person banished or living away from his home “you can't convert me” you can’t get money from me “convert” to exchange for something of equal value: convert assets into cash “I'm lost in the haze” I took a beating, a hazing “of your delicate ways” sarcastic: from your violent ways “With both eyes glazed” with two black eyes. I feel displaced, I got a low-down feeling You been two-faced, you been double-dealing. I took a chance, got caught in the trance Of a downhill dance. “I feel displaced” I had to move like a refugee and I have been displaced as your husband “I got a low-down feeling” and everyone knows it since it is all over the press “low down” as in inside information given to a reporter “You been two-faced” you have been deceitful “you been double- dealing” you been cheating on me bitch “I took a chance” I knew I took a chance marrying you “got caught in the trance / Of a downhill dance” but I was caught in web of drug addiction. In Mr. Tambourine Man 1964, in relation to Dylan’s love for heroin he wrote, “Cast you dancin’ spell” or trance “my way I promise to go under it” I will go under it as someone goes under the narcotic effects of a drug. But I don't think it's liable to happen Like the sound of one hand clappin'. The vows that we kept are now broken and swept 'Neath the bed where we slept.
  59. 59. HUNGRY LIKE A MAN IN DRAG 59 “But I don't think it's liable to happen” it is unlikely that we will reunite “Like the sound of one hand” like an old hand at something “clappin'” getting the clap, “clap” a common venereal disease aka gonorrhea. Tarantula has numerous passages where Sigmund Freud, who linked sexuality with almost everything, is linked to “Mr. Clap,” “Freud paces back & forth - struggling with his boot & trying to finish his Vermouth – ‘fraid you got the wrong idea Mr. Clap.’” “The vows that we kept” the marriage vows we once kept “are now broken and swept” are now broken and have been swept under the rug, deliberately forgotten about “'Neath the bed where we slept” because of both of our cheating on one another. Don't think of me and fantasize on what we never had Be grateful for what we've shared together and be glad. Why should we go on watching each other through a telescope? Eventually we'll hang ourselves on all this tangled rope. “Don't think of me and fantasize on what we never had” don’t carry all this bitterness and resentment around just because I could not be loyal to you “Be grateful for what we've shared together and be glad” be happy you got to spend some time with someone of my caliber and be glad “Why should we go on watching each other through a telescope?” why should we hire private eyes to spy on one another? “Eventually we'll hang ourselves on all this tangled rope” eventually we will destroy one another in divorce court, “tangle” something jumbled and confused; ‘a tangle of divorce law.’ Oh, babe, time for a new transition I wish I was a magician. I would wave a wand and tie back the bond That we've both gone beyond.
  60. 60. BOB DYLAN’S SEX LIFE 60 “Oh, babe, time for a new transition” oh beautiful Sara time for a change “I wish I was a magician” sarcastic: I wish I was a creator of great beauty “I would wave a wand” perform a miracle, whip out my dick “and tie back the bond” and renew our marital ties, screw your brains out “That we've both gone beyond” that we’ve both left irrevocably behind. Bob never mentioned how he terrorized Sara in any of these poems: “He began to act in a bizarre and frightening manner, causing me to be terrified of him. He would come in and out of the house at all hours, often bursting into my room, where he would stand and gaze at me in silence and refuse to leave… I was in such fear of him that I locked doors to protect myself from his violent outburst and temper tantrums” (Santa Monica Superior Court March 1, 1977) She charged he belted her in the face and subjected her to profanity and vulgarity “During the time he and I were married, he expressed little or no interest in the children. He refused to come near the hospital when all but the last of our children were born. Once, because he wanted to finish a chess game.” This bullshit didn’t end there. The former male prostitute invited his latest squeeze Malka Marom to stay for breakfast after schupping her and he had the kids at breakfast table too when Sara slithered down from the bedroom. The next thing you know Bobby orders her to leave the house and take the brats with her. The Judge stuck it to Dylan: "respondent, Robert Dylan, is hereby restrained and enjoined from harassing, annoying, molesting, or in any way interfering with the peace and quiet and personal privacy of the petitioner, Sara Dylan." The
  61. 61. HUNGRY LIKE A MAN IN DRAG 61 petition went on to award "exclusive use and occupancy" of the couple's Malibu house to Sara, along with temporary custody of Maria, 15 (adopted); Jesse, 11; Anna, 9; Samuel, 8; and Jakob, 6. Dylan was ordered by the petition "to vacate the family premises immediately." After the settlement the kids ran away and lived with their rock star father until Sara had them removed from custody while they were attending school. Their teacher objected to this so Sara smacked him. Sara got popped. Sara filed for divorce on March 1, 1977 after those brutal scenes over the breakfast table, when Bob hit her. Dylan appeared in court March 15th to begin proceedings concerning the disposition of the community property, which includes the "Malibu complex; other and diverse property including residence, farmlands and acreage in New York City; East Hampton, Woodstock and Greene County, New York; Minnesota and New Mexico; and undetermined interests in publishing companies, subsidiary and residual recording rights, royalties and literary copyrights." A nasty battle over the children’s custody followed (he eventually got to see them each summer), before Sara was awarded $36 million – roughly half of Dylan’s worth – when the divorce was finalized on June 30, 1977.
  62. 62. BOB DYLAN’S SEX LIFE 62 Who was this Malka Marom anyway? She was the child of Holocaust survivors, the same Holocaust Dylan claimed was exaggerated and only hundreds of thousands of Jews died, not millions. Of course there is no evidence he believed this at this time and might still have been in his proud Jew, pro-Israel bag. In Britta Shain’s book she makes reference to people close to Dylan who were also the children of Holocaust survivors. Malka was an Israeli from North Tel Aviv where this author lived for a year on Motzkin Street. “I was born in Poland or Hungary, nobody really knows,” she says. My mother gave me to her brother because they didn’t have any children and because my parents were immigrating to Israel to be pioneers. At the last minute, they threw me into the window and that is how I survived. That was 1939. That is the story my parents tell. They took the last train that Jews were able to take and it took them to a port and they took a boat to Israel. The next day or the next week, the Nazis invaded and you couldn’t escape. My aunt went and brought a lot of stuff with her, but her ship sank. I believe that if it is beshert, if it is meant to be, it can happen. So I am a window girl. I like to open up new things. The divorce was acrimonious but netted Sara $36 million plus half of the song royalties written while they were married. One condition was never to speak about her life with Bob. Like all of his other relationships the one with Malka was short lived. The only love affair that ever lasted was Dylan loves Dylan.
  63. 63. HUNGRY LIKE A MAN IN DRAG 63 WEBERMAN: The kid didn’t look scared really. DYLAN: No, they weren’t man and I don’t want to say it my wife will fucking hit me man and I don’t really want to get into that.
  64. 64. THE MANY LOVES OF BOBBY DYLAN CHAPTER SIX THE ICEMAN COMETH DYLAN PICKS UP A NAIL One of the tell-tale signs of HIV is the HIV rash, which also tends to appear within a few weeks after the infection
  65. 65. HUNGRY LIKE A MAN IN DRAG 65 “Sometimes I'd try some joke I thought was a corker on Evelyn. She'd always make herself laugh. But I could tell she thought it was dirty, not funny. And Evelyn always knew about the tarts I'd been with when I came home from a trip. She'd kiss me and look in my eyes, and she'd know. I'd see in her eyes how she was trying not to know, and then telling herself even if it was true, he couldn't help it, they tempt him, and he's lonely, he hasn't got me, it's only his body, anyway, he doesn't love them, I'm the only one he loves. She was right, too. I never loved anyone else. Couldn't if I wanted to. (He pauses.) She forgave me even when it all had to come out in the open. You know how it is when you keep taking chances. You may be lucky for a long time, but you get nicked in the end. I picked up a nail from some tart in Altoona.” That was Hickey in Eugene O’Neil’s the Iceman Cometh. Somewhere along the line in his secret perverted Hitler worshipping world Bobby “picked up a nail.” Only this was NOT clap or syphilis – it was something new. Dylan would not have been infected with the AIDS virus had he remained with a good Jewish woman like Sara or continued being a Christian cat. In Trouble In Mind 1979, written during his Christian period, Dylan wrote, Satan whispers to ya, ‘Well, I don't want to bore ya, But when ya get tired of the Miss So-and-so I got another woman for ya
  66. 66. BOB DYLAN’S SEX LIFE 66 By October 1983 the latest, judging from Man Of Peace 1983, Dylan was still in his anti-Christian phase and had returned to what he described as his “rakish ways.” Christianity had been a good moral influence on Bob but from my hippy point of view there is nothing wrong with being sexually active as long it is not with underage kids and is consensual. A new factor, however, had entered the picture, and the picture became a picture from life’s other side. Unbeknownst to Bob Dylan the newly liberated gay community caused a little known esoteric disease to go viral. This affliction would find its way to IV drugs users and heterosexuals. In 1981 doctors had reported dozens urban gays with severely compromised immune systems and rare diseases like Kaposi's sarcoma, a skin cancer that normally afflicts elderly men. Nobody could explain it until 1984 when the Human Immunodeficiency Virus or HIV virus was discovered and was determined to be the cause of this acquired immune deficiency syndrome or AIDS that gave every opportunistic infection a license to kill. Since HIV has a long period of dormancy no one knew who was infected in 1983. This disease was so spooky even the Devil feared it. It was a confluence of events involving this STD that proved to be Bob’s undoing. At this time in sexual history the more different sex partners Dylan exchanged bodily fluids with the greater the odds were he would be infected with the newly emergent virus, especially if he rode bareback and was into heterosexual anal sex. Infection occurred for every 3.1 acts of heterosexual anal intercourse. There was a third factor that played into this chain of events; despite the crypto-racist content of his previous poetry Dylan had developed a taste for African-American women. This can be looked at as part of his fixation with race.
  67. 67. HUNGRY LIKE A MAN IN DRAG 67 This group accounted for a disproportionate number of female human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infections transmitted by IV drug users. I estimate that Dylan became infected with the HIV virus in 1982 or early 1983. In the majority of the infected population, HIV remains asymptomatic for several years which means the only way you know you have it is if you get tested for it. The virus remained dormant until 1984 when he must have evidenced symptoms or was tested. The first poetic reference to Dylan’s affliction appeared on Empire Burlesque recorded between July 1984 and March 1985 released on June 8, 1985. It was in a poem entitled,
  68. 68. BOB DYLAN’S SEX LIFE 68 I AIN’T NEVER GONNA BE THE SAME AGAIN 1985 Now you're here beside me, baby You're a living dream. And every time you get this close It makes me want to scream. You touched me and you knew That I was warm for you and then I ain't never gonna be the same again. “Now you're here beside me, baby” now the HIV virus is in my bloodstream. Also beside me as beside myself: I am beside myself with grief “You're a living dream” sarcastic; and it’s the ideal disease to have, a living nightmare is more like it, it’s the living end “And every time you get this close” and every time you start to destroy my white blood cells so that I no longer have an immune system “It makes me want to scream” I utter a long loud piercing cry, as from pain and fear “You touched me” you matched me in quality; equaled my natural defenses. Also sarcastic; gave me a mild attack; ‘A touch of the flu’ “and you knew that I was warm for you” and you knew that you could raise my body temperature, you could live within me “and then I ain't never gonna be the same again” and as a result after having contracted HIV virus I ain’t never going to be the same again. Sorry if I hurt you, baby Sorry if I did. Sorry if I touched the place Where your secrets are hid. But you meant more than everything And I could not pretend, I ain't never gonna be the same again.
  69. 69. HUNGRY LIKE A MAN IN DRAG 69 “Sorry if I hurt you, baby / Sorry if I did” sarcastic; sorry if I had an adverse effect on you with medication “Sorry if I touched” sorry if I laid hands on in violence, in order to destroy “the place” a particular point “Where your secrets” where your vital functions that are beyond ordinary understanding “are hid” are unknown to medical science “But you meant more than everything” but you became the most important factor in my life “And I could not pretend” and I could not kid myself into thinking HIV would disappear by itself “I ain't never gonna be the same again.” I am never going to be healthy again. You give me something to think about, baby Every time I see ya. Don't worry, baby, I don't mind leaving I'd just like it to be my idea.
  70. 70. BOB DYLAN’S SEX LIFE 70 “You give me something to think about, baby / Every time I see ya” that’s for certain, this is understatement “Don't worry, baby, I don't mind leaving” don’t worry baby I don’t mind dying “I'd just like it to be my idea” but I want to do it on my own terms rather than as a result of a viral infection that has made me susceptible to other viral and bacterial infections. You taught me how to love you, baby You taught me, oh, so well. Now, I can't go back to what was, baby I can't unring the bell. You took my reality And cast it to the wind And I ain't never gonna be the same again. You got it baby. “You taught me how to love you, baby” I learned the truth about you baby “You taught me, oh, so well” you caused me to learn by experience “Now, I can't go back to what was, baby” now I can’t go back to being HIV Negative “I can't unring the bell” the bell has tolled for me and it is final, incurable, terminal “You took my reality” you took my entire being “And cast it to the wind” and turned it into dust, shit,
  71. 71. HUNGRY LIKE A MAN IN DRAG 71 destroyed it “And I ain't never gonna be the same again / You got it baby!” What is this “you got it baby” mean? That someone else has the disease? Additional lines: Sorry if I hurt you, baby Sorry if I did Sorry if I touched the place Where your secrets are hid But your tongue was like a bayonet And your heart was like the wind And I ain’t never gonna be the same again UNDER YOUR SPELL 1986 Something about you that I can't shake Don't know how much of this I can take Baby I'm under your spell
  72. 72. BOB DYLAN’S SEX LIFE 72 “Something about you that I can't shake” there is some unique property about this virus that I cannot shake off, get rid of “Don't know how much of this I can take” I don’t know if I can stand up to the disease or will I succumb to suicide? “Baby I'm under your spell” I am under your influence. I was knocked out and loaded in the naked night. When my last dream exploded, I noticed your light. Baby, oh what a story I could tell. KNOCKED OUT LOADED Knocked out – down for the count Loaded with a high viral load “I was knocked out” I was down for the count as they say in the sport of boxing, in Dylan’s case down for the white blood cell count “and loaded” “load” something that is carried, as by a person, as in a heavy viral load “in the naked night” when I was extremely vulnerable to infection “When my last dream exploded” when my last foolish hope of a cure was shown
  73. 73. HUNGRY LIKE A MAN IN DRAG 73 to be false and unreliable “I noticed your light” “notice” I gave you notice that your cure was bogus “notice’ as in advance notification of intention to end an arrangement or employment. “Baby, oh what a story I could tell” Baby I could write an expose about your quack cure. It’s been nice seeing you, you read me like a book If you ever want to reach me, you know where to look Baby, I’ll be at the same hotel Sarcastic it’s been nice seeing you, you know me inside out. Reach: Range or scope of influence or effect: the reach of the transmitter. If you ever want to reach me, you know where to look because you are a part of me and I’ll be in the same body. I’d like to help you but I’m in a bit of a jam I’ll call you tomorrow if there’s phones where I am Baby, caught between heaven and hell I would like to play music with you and jam but I am in the midst of a real jam. I’ll call you if there is audio equipment in the hospital, I am caught in purgatory. But I will be back, I will survive You’ll never get rid of me as long as you’re alive Baby, can’t you tell “But I will be back” I will return to a normal T-cell count “I will survive” I will survive this disease “You'll never get rid of me” just as I will never get rid of you, you will never get rid of me and I will fight you “as long as you're alive” as long as you are alive in my bloodstream “Baby, can't you tell” don’t you get that idea already?
  74. 74. BOB DYLAN’S SEX LIFE 74 Well it’s four in the morning by the sound of the birds I’m starin’ at your picture, I’m hearin’ your words Baby, they ring in my head like a bell Things are just beginning picture: A person, object, or scene that typifies or embodies an emotion, state of mind, or mood: Your face was the very picture of horror. I am hearing your words that the bell is tolling for me. Everywhere you go it’s enough to break hearts Someone always gets hurt, a fire always starts You were too hot to handle, you were breaking every vow I trusted you baby, you can trust me now “Everywhere you go it's enough to break hearts” everywhere the virus goes it destroys human beings to the core “Someone always gets hurt, a fire always starts” someone always comes down with an opportunistic infection and a fever starts. Turn back baby, wipe your eye Don’t think I’m leaving here without a kiss goodbye Baby, is there anything left to tell? I’ll see you later when I’m not so out of my head Maybe next time I’ll let the dead bury the dead Baby, what more can I tell? Retreat, wipe out those thoughts of me dying. I am not leaving here without a fight. The next time I see you I will not be drugged “out of my head” slang Very intoxicated from drugs “Follow Me, and let the dead bury their own dead.” Jesus was responding to a request from one of His followers who asked to be excused from his responsibilities to “go and bury [his] father” Baby, what more can I tell?
  75. 75. HUNGRY LIKE A MAN IN DRAG 75 Well the desert is hot, the mountain is cursed, Pray that I don't die of thirst, Baby, two feet from the well. “Baby, what more can I tell?” what more is there to say? “Well the desert is hot” in a currently barren area scientists are hot on the trail of a cure for HIV “the mountain is cursed” the problem is going to be solved “Pray that I don't die of thirst” pray that I don’t die “Baby, two feet from the well” just before a cure is discovered. DEATH IS NOT THE END 1988 When you're sad and when you're lonely and you haven't got a friend Just remember that death is not the end And all that you've held sacred, falls down and does not mend Just remember that death is not the end
  76. 76. BOB DYLAN’S SEX LIFE 76 “When you're sad and when you're lonely and you haven't got a friend /Just remember that death is not the end” when you have been abandoned by society maintain your faith in the Almighty and in an afterlife “And all that you've held sacred” and when something that is not to be profaned and violated; that should remain inviolable like your T-Cell count “falls down” decreases “and does not mend” and does not heal and recover “Just remember that death is not the end” just maintain your faith in Ha’shem, God. When you're standing at the crossroads that you cannot comprehend Just remember that death is not the end And all your dreams have vanished and you don't know what's up the bend Just remember that death is not the end “When you're standing at the crossroads” when you are undergoing a trial or enduring an affliction “that you cannot comprehend” that is incomprehensible to you “Just remember that death is not the end” just maintain your belief in God “And all your dreams have vanished” and when your wildest hopes have been torn to shreds “and you don't know what's up the bend” and you haven’t the slightest idea what direction things are going to take in the future “Just remember that death is not the end” just put your fate in the hands of God. When the storm clouds gather ’round you And heavy rains descend Just remember that death is not the end And there’s no one there to comfort you With a helpin’ hand to lend Just remember that death is not the end
  77. 77. HUNGRY LIKE A MAN IN DRAG 77 In The Man in Me Dylan wrote this in relation to my having exposed him as a heroin addict “Storm clouds are raging all around my door / I think to myself I won’t take it anymore.” Take shit from Weberman or take dope. Oh, the tree of life is growing Where the spirit never dies And the bright light of salvation shines In dark and empty skies When the cities are on fire with the burning flesh of men Just remember that death is not the end WHEN THE CITIES ARE ON FIRE WITH THE BURNING FLESH OF MEN “Oh, the tree of life is growing” oh the knowledge about how immune system that provides protection against foreign organisms can be rescued from the HIV virus is growing; the tree of life had the ability to grant Adam and Eve immortality “Where the spirit never dies” where the essential nature of humanity is never extinguished “And the bright light of salvation shines” and the hope of a cure becomes eminent “In
  78. 78. BOB DYLAN’S SEX LIFE 78 dark and empty skies” in a bleak and unpromising, purposeless future “When the cities are on fire with the burning flesh of men” when the major cities are being destroyed by a plague that is consuming the bodies of men; Ain’t Talkin’ 2006, “Walking through the cities of the plague” “Just remember that death is not the end” just keep the faith baby, because that is all one can do! NINETY MILES AN HOUR (DOWN A DEAD END STREET) WRITTEN BY: H. BLAIR AND D. ROBERTSON I took you home from a party and we kissed in fun A few stolen kisses and no harm was done Instead of stopping when we could we went right on Till suddenly we found that the brakes were gone. A “stolen kiss” can refer to any kiss you weren’t prepared for, e.g. an unwanted kiss from an undesirable source Brake: Something that slows or stops action. And believe me Dylan was getting plenty of action. You belong to someone else, and I do too It's just crazy bein' here with you As a bad motorcycle with the devil in the seat Going ninety miles an hour down a dead end street Ninety miles an hour down a dead end street. You are part of a subgroup of HIV carriers and I am too, it was insane having sex with you. Like a dangerous accident (remember Bob’s motorcycle accident?) with the devil in control going quickly and enthusiastically to my death. I didn't want to want you, but now I have no choice It's too late to listen to that warning voice
  79. 79. HUNGRY LIKE A MAN IN DRAG 79 All I hear is thunder of two hearts beat Going ninety miles an hour down a dead end street Ninety miles an hour down a dead end street. I didn’t want to have sexual intercourse but now I have no choice but to do so? It’s too late to listen to that inner voice that warned me something was very fucked up. All I hear is thunder, not the warning kind as in Hard Rain “I heard a thunder that roared out a warning” but the passionate kind. You're not free to belong to me And you know I could never be your own Your lips on mine are like a sweet, sweet wine But we're heading for a wall of stone. You’re married and I could never be monogamous. You are intoxicating but we are headed for a virtual prison. Warning signs are flashing ev'ry where, but we pay no heed 'Stead of slowing down the place, we keep a pickin' up speed Disaster's getting closer ev'ry time we meet Going ninety miles an hour down a dead end street
  80. 80. BOB DYLAN’S SEX LIFE 80 THE DISEASE OF CONCEIT 1989 There's a whole lot of people suffering tonight From the disease of conceit. Whole lot of people struggling tonight From the disease of conceit. “There's a whole lot of people suffering tonight” there are innumerable, countless people suffering from a symptom of some disorder of epidemic proportions “From the disease of conceit” from HIV/AIDS. Why “Conceit?” arrogance, Dylan had an unduly high opinion of his own abilities when it came to avoiding sexually transmitted diseases “Whole lot of people struggling tonight” many people are strenuously engaged by a problem caused by “the disease of conceit” by HIV/AIDS.
  81. 81. HUNGRY LIKE A MAN IN DRAG 81 Comes right down the highway Straight down the line Rips into your senses Through your body and your mind. Nothing about it that's sweet The disease of conceit. “Comes right down the highway” comes right out of the American public where it first reached epidemic proportions “Straight down the line” from a series of persons who succeed each other. Walkin Down the Line 1962 “I am walkin’ down the line” I am following a succession of folk singers “Tell about my troubled mind” who sing protest songs “Rips” tears, HIV subjects you to a vehement attack entering “into your senses” into your sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell “Through your body and your mind” and does not forget a goddamn thing “Nothing about it that's sweet” nothing about it that is pleasing, it is immoral “The disease of conceit” about HIV/AIDS. There's a whole lot of people dying tonight From the disease of conceit, Whole lot of people crying tonight From the disease of conceit, “There's a whole lot of people dying tonight” AIDS reached epidemic proportions and was considered a fatal disease when this poem was composed “From the disease of conceit” from HIV/AIDS “Whole lot of people crying tonight” many people are demanding an immediate remedy “From the disease of conceit” for HIV/AIDS.
  82. 82. BOB DYLAN’S SEX LIFE 82 Comes right out of nowhere And you're down for the count From the outside world, The pressure will mount, Turn you into a piece of meat, The disease of conceit. “Comes right out of nowhere” suddenly it appears several years after infection “And you're down for the count” as the HIV disease progresses, the T-cell count goes down from a normal count of 500-1500 cells in a cubic millimeter of blood (a drop, more or less) down to as low as zero. When the T-cell count goes below 200, there is an increased risk of opportunistic infections, and when the T-cell count drops below 50, the risk rises dramatically. Also “down for the count” as a knockout in boxing. Also as in Knocked Out Loaded, the title of a Bob Dylan CD – down for the count with a high viral load “From the outside world” from opportunistic infections “The pressure will mount” the state of urgently demanding notice and attention will surface “Turn you into a piece of meat” it will turn you into a corpse “The disease of conceit.” Conceit is a disease That the doctors got no cure They've done a lot of research on it But what it is, they're still not sure
  83. 83. HUNGRY LIKE A MAN IN DRAG 83 “Conceit is a disease” HIV/AIDS is a disease “That the doctors got no cure” that is still incurable even now in 2017 when this book was written “They've done a lot of research on it” there has been a lot of scientific study of the HIV/AIDS virus “But what it is, they're still not sure” but it is still a mystery - this poem appears to have been written in the early 1980’s before the AIDS virus was even identified. There's a whole lot of hearts breaking tonight From the disease of conceit Whole lot of hearts shaking tonight From the disease of conceit. “There's a whole lot of hearts” many people’s central and innermost physical parts “breaking tonight” are being weakened and destroyed in health; overwhelmed with adversity “From the disease of conceit” from HIV/AIDS “Whole lot of hearts shaking tonight” there are numerous human beings trembling in fear, there are many people trying to get rid of a disease “shake,” slang; to get rid of, ‘couldn't shake this cold’ “From the disease of conceit” from HIV/AIDS
  84. 84. BOB DYLAN’S SEX LIFE 84 Steps into your room Eats your soul Over your senses You have no control. Ain't nothing too discreet About of disease of conceit. “Steps” enters abruptly and unwanted into a situation “into your room” into your life “Eats” and causes persistent annoyance and distress, eats away “your soul” your innermost being “Over your senses” over that which you perceive by a physical sensation such as your bowels “You have no control” you have no authority over your body and you become incontinent “Ain’t nothing too discreet” sarcastic; there is nothing one would wish to hide like the fact it makes you shit in your pants “About of disease of conceit” about HIV/AIDS. There's a whole lot of people in trouble tonight From the disease of conceit, Whole lot of people seeing double tonight From the disease of conceit, “There's a whole lot of people in trouble tonight” there are numerous people experiencing a condition of pain, disease, and malfunction “From the disease of conceit” from HIV/AIDS “Whole lot of people seeing double tonight / From the disease of conceit” about 75% of AIDS patients develop eye problems of some sort. The retina is most commonly affected. Tiny retinal hemorrhages and cotton-wool spots are early signs of infection and are often detected during an eye exam.
  85. 85. HUNGRY LIKE A MAN IN DRAG 85 Give ya delusions of grandeur And a evil eye Give you idea that You're too good to die, Then they bury you from your head to your feet From the disease of conceit. “Give ya delusions of grandeur” AIDS HIV will cause you to experience psychotic episodes “And a evil eye” that involve paranoia; “Evil eye” a look or stare believed to cause injury and misfortune to others “Give you the idea that / You're too good to die” give you the delusion that you are not spoiled and ruined and you will not succumb to the virus “Then they bury you from your head to your feet” then they put you in your grave “From the disease of conceit.” Bob had this to say about this poem in Chronicles: The song "Disease of Conceit" definitely has gospel overtones. Again, events might trigger a song -sometimes they might start the motor. Recently, the popular Baptist preacher Jimmy Swaggart had been defrocked by the Assembly of God leadership for refusing to stop preaching. Jimmy was Jerry Lee Lewis's first cousin and was a big TV star, and the news came as a shock. He'd been linked to a prostitute, caught on camera leaving her motel room in sweatpants. Swaggart was ordered to vacate the pulpit temporarily. He wept in public and asked forgiveness, but still was told to stop preaching for a while. He couldn't help himself, though, and quickly went back to preaching as if nothing had happened and they defrocked him. The story was strange. Swaggart clearly wasn't in
  86. 86. BOB DYLAN’S SEX LIFE 86 good shape, hadn't looked at the road. The story didn't make any sense. The Bible is full of these things. A lot of those old kings and leaders had many wives and concubines and Hosea the Prophet was even married to a prostitute, and it didn't stop him from being a holy man. But these were different times and for Swaggart, it was the end of the line. Reality can be overwhelming. It can also be a shadow, depending on how you look at it. As for me, I wondered what this harlot might have looked like that lured this famous preacher into rolling in the muck. A damsel of tempting statuesque beauty? Probably. It would have to be. If you paid any amount of mind to all this Mickey Mouse stuff, the way these hoity- toity people's doors and windows aren't shut tight, you might end up in a private lunatic asylum. This incident might have had something to do with inspiring the song, but then again, it's hard to say. Conceit is not necessarily a disease. It's more of a weakness. A conceited person could be set up easily and brought down accordingly. Let's face it, a conceited person has a fake sense of self-worth, an inflated opinion of himself. A person like this can be controlled and manipulated completely if you know what buttons to push. So in a sense, that's what the lyrics are talking about. The song rose up until I could read the look in its eyes. In the quiet of the evening I didn't have to hunt far for it. As always, there were a few verses left behind. There's a whole lot of people dreaming tonight about the disease of conceit, Whole lot of people screaming tonight about the disease of conceit.
  87. 87. HUNGRY LIKE A MAN IN DRAG 87 I'll hump ya and I'll dump ya and I'll blow your house down. I'll slice into your cake before I leave town. Pick a number-take a seat, with the disease of conceit. This chapter and verse from Chronicles answers several largely unanswerable questions. How did Dylan “pick up a nail?” Judging from this allegory, I would say just as Hickey picked it up in The Iceman Cometh, from a prostitute. Swaggart has nothing to do with this poem. As for me, I wondered what this harlot might have looked like that lured this famous preacher into rolling in the muck. A damsel of tempting statuesque beauty? Probably. It would have to be. Why would Bob frequent a hooker? Were his sexual desires so bizarre and jaded that only a prostitute would cater to them? Did he favor big black hookers? A conceited person could be set up easily and brought down accordingly. Let's face it; a conceited person has a fake sense of self-worth, an inflated opinion of himself. A person like this can be controlled and manipulated completely if you know what buttons to push. Is Bob implying that a conceited complacent person like himself could be “set up” given HIV intentionally?
  88. 88. BOB DYLAN’S SEX LIFE 88 MAN IN THE LONG BLACK COAT 1989 Crickets are chirpin', the water is high There's a soft cotton dress on the line hangin' dry, Window wide open, African trees Bent over backwards from a hurricane breeze. Not a word of goodbye, not even a note She gone with the man In the long black coat. AIDS INFECTION RATE IN AFRICA WINDOW WIDE OPEN, AFRICAN TREES “Crickets” other rock poets “chirp” let loose, let out, utter, emit - express audibly; utter sounds (not necessarily words) are writing about Dylan in the lyrics. In You Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go Dylan wrote this about our recorded telephone conversation in which I point out that many rock poets are referencing him in their lyrics, “Crickets talking back and forth in rhyme” “the water is high” and this time he is in some deep water that might prove fatal: Highwater; “Highwater
  89. 89. HUNGRY LIKE A MAN IN DRAG 89 rising, six inches above my head / Coffin's dropping in the street like balloons made out of lead.” “There's a soft” there is an unprotected against or vulnerable to attack: a soft target “cotton dress” bandage, medication “on the line” on the battle area closest to the enemy HIV virus, also telephone line “hanging” remaining unresolved or uncertain: His future hung in the balance. Also “hang on” as remain on the telephone “dry” and lacking involvement as in ‘the actor gave a dry reading of his lines.” “Window wide open” a window of opportunity was wide open “African trees” to a disease, a punishment, whose family tree could be traced back to Africa “Bent” Hell bent, determined “over backwards” to cause my White Blood Cells to be in the reverse of the usual direction. Also “you have to bend over backwards as in anal intercourse, to get AIDS” “from a hurricane” from an epidemic: something resembling a hurricane in force and speed “breeze” that progressed swiftly and effortlessly though the population “Not a word” sarcastic, not the text of a vocal composition; lyrics “of goodbye not even a note” not even a poem that would be my own epitaph not even one musical note “She’s gone with the man in the long black coat” Dylan is on the way to funeral parlor accompanied by the undertaker. Preacher was a talkin' there's a sermon he gave He said every man's conscience is vile and depraved, You cannot depend on it to be your guide When it's you who must keep it satisfied. “Preacher” Al “was a talkin'” spreading rumors; gossip “there's a sermon he gave” there’s a lengthy and tedious speech of reproof and exhortation he gave “He said every man's conscience” he said Bob Dylan’s sense of right versus wrong conduct “is vile” is not only wrong but it is
  90. 90. BOB DYLAN’S SEX LIFE 90 HE SAID BOB DYLAN’S CONSCIENCE IS VILE AND DEPRAVED repugnant to the senses, and turns your stomach and makes you want to destroy him “and depraved” because it is morally corrupt; perverted, totally the opposite of what it should be. Since Dylan’s conscience was no more than some pleasure driven insatiable appetite for drugs and sex “You cannot depend on it to be your guide” he could not depend on an addiction for moral guidance “When it's you who must keep it satisfied” since you will always rationalize your own pathological behavior because of the power the drug has over you! It ain't easy to swallow, it sticks in the throat She gave her heart to the man In the long black coat.
  91. 91. HUNGRY LIKE A MAN IN DRAG 91 “It ain't easy to swallow” it ain't easy believing it without question, especially because of its source “it sticks in the throat” it is hard to accept, it cuts my throat, it is fatal “She gave her heart” he surrendered the vital center and source of his sensibilities “to the man / In the long black coat” to an apparition of death. There are no mistakes in life some people say It is true sometimes you can see it that way. But people don't live or die, people just float. She went with the man In the long black coat. “There are no mistakes in life” there are no unintentional errors in life “some people say” those who believe in Freudianism say “It is true sometimes you can see it that way” this is true in certain cases but not in this one because who would subconsciously make a mistake of this magnitude since “But people” people with HIV “don't live or die people just float” don’t live or die but are in a constant state of suspended animation between life and death and float from one condition to the next; Tryin’ To Get To Heaven Before They Close the Door 1997 “I can hear their hearts a-beatin’ like pendulums swingin’ on chains” “She went with the man / In the long black coat.” MOST OF THE TIME 1989 Most of the time I'm clear focused all around, Most of the time I can keep both feet on the ground I can follow the path, I can read the signs, Stay right with it, when the road unwinds, I can handle whatever I stumble upon,