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Sehwag endorsement

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Sehwag endorsement

  2. 2. • Uninhibited, Dashing, Fearless, Selfless and a Match winner with the bat • Rare quality of being consistent in all formats of the game, from Tests to T20 INTRODUCTION • Feared for his aggression that demoralizes opposition bowlers • Simple, lucid style that makes batting look easy
  3. 3. • ONLY INDIAN TO BE NAMED WISDEN LEADING CRICKETER OF THE WORLD (2008 AND 2009) • ICC Test Cricketer Of The Year, 2010 • One among only 3 batsmen to score 2 triple hundreds in Tests • Fastest scorer of a triple hundred• Fastest scorer of a triple hundred in world cricket • Holds record for fastest ODI century by an Indian (60 balls) • Current Vice Captain of Indian side RECORDS AND ACHIEVEMENTS
  4. 4. “Sehwag can change the course of a match with the ease of Moses parting the Red Sea” – Ian Chappell “Well, we talked about not playing rash strokes. Of course, he hears me but I’m not sure if he ever listens” , “If you try to hit a six, I will hit you in the bum” – Sachin Tendulkar, at the other end during Viru’s Multan triple “Six for a triple, that’s all you need to know” – Michael“Six for a triple, that’s all you need to know” – Michael Slater, commenting on Viru’s Multan triple hundred “Virender Sehwag is a player of paranormal ability” – Navjot Singh Sidhu He almost manipulates the field. You change the field and he says “Right I’m going to hit it somewhere else now” – Andrew Strauss WHAT LEGENDS SAY ABOUT VIRU
  5. 5. ON THE CRICKET PITCH: Simple, Smooth, Silk, Swashbuckling, Aggressive, Uncomplicated, Calm Demoralizing, Daring, Unorthodox QUALITIES
  6. 6. OFF-FIELD: Straight Talking, Family Man, Clean, Down to earth, Candid, Direct Non-controversial Easygoing, Relaxed, Straight forward QUALITIES
  7. 7. On a promotional campaign for a hair replacement company: “Acha dikhoge jyaada bikoge” “In the dressing room they told me I was hitting the good balls too, if you look at it my way, I only hit the bad ones” I don't listen to people, don't watch TV and don't readI don't listen to people, don't watch TV and don't read newspapers. It's better to use the time to work on your game “I try to hum songs, Bhajans, Sai Baba Bhajans, Kishore Kumar songs, especially the ones picturised on Amitabh Bachchan, till the bowler is about to deliver. I try to sing the songs as perfectly as possible to keep my mind uncluttered” QUOTABLE QUOTES
  8. 8. KEY PERSONALITY TRAITSKEY PERSONALITY TRAITS AVERAGE Straight Forward 8.00 Clever / Smart 7.14 Firm 7.14 Thorough 6.93 Playful 6.86 1.00 2.00 3.00 4.00 5.00 6.00 7.00 8.00 Straight Forward Clever / Smart Firm Easy Going/ Sympathetic Outgoing Calm 6.71 Reserved 6.43 Sensible 6.43 Spontaneous 6.29 Easy Going/ Relaxed 6.00 Sympathetic 5.43 Outgoing 5.00 - 1.00 Thorough Playful Calm Reserved Sensible Spontaneous Easy Going/ Relaxed Sehwag is a cricketer with appeal among the masses with a straight forward, easy- going attitude that is reflected in his batting as well
  9. 9. CLEAN IMAGE – Family man, not controversial APPEAL AMONG MASSES – People across age groups and categories identify with him, his rags to riches story and down to earth behavior WHY SIGN HIM SIMPLE, STRAIGHTFORWARD and CANDID approach to life both on and off the field Will play for India in all formats for years to come
  10. 10. If you are a brand that is looking for an ambassador who : • Enjoys appeal across all audiences • Is one of the top names in the nation’s no. 1 obsession – CRICKET WHO SHOULD SIGN HIM • Is dependable • Is a risk-free investment • Is at the top of his game at the right time
  12. 12. India has a busy schedule leading up to the biggest tournament in cricket NOV-DEC – India vs. NZ in India DEC-JAN – India vs. SA in SA WHY SIGN HIM NOW FEB – APRIL 2011 – ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 in India, SL, Bang India depends highly on Viru’s performances in this period
  13. 13. 6 days per year with the following entitlements: • Shoots • Meet and Greets •Appearances for Special events • Image rights for the period of contract or according to terms of the contract • Exclusive Contests etc on various media platforms OFFER MINIMUM 3- YEAR DEAL – We believe in building the association of Viru with the brand over a period of time Commitment to growth of Viru and your brand together through innovative and relevant campaigns **We can discuss the fees based on your interest levels
  14. 14. Pioneers of sports marketing in India Well respected and successful directors known for our integrity and commitment to clients WHY PMG Worked with the top Athletes in world sport
  15. 15. CONTACT US: Melroy D’Souza K.Akshay +91-99676 36386 +91-9223587358 melroy@pmgsports.org akshay@pmgsports.org