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Akamai Kona Security Solutions - RSA Conference 2013

Designed to provide superior cloud computing security, prevent data theft and downtime and mitigate Denial of Service attacks by extending the security perimeter outside the data center, Kona Security Solutions are part of an overall web security strategy. They deliver unmatched cloud security solutions and offer protection from increasingly large and sophisticated Web attacks including SQL injection and Distributed Denial of Service attacks (DDoS attacks). Learn more about Kona Security Solutions: http://www.akamai.com/html/solutions/kona-solutions.html

Learn more about Akamai's presence at RSA Conference 2013: http://www.akamai.com/html/ms/rsa_conference_2013.html

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Akamai Kona Security Solutions - RSA Conference 2013

  1. 1. Kona Security Solutions - OverviewRSA® Conference 2013
  2. 2. The Akamai Intelligent PlatformPushing Optimization and Security to the Edge Massive Akamai Global Overlay Network Akamai Edge Server closest to or AT Origin Edge Server close Users Customer Origin to End User Web Server Akamai’s Intelligent Platform optimizes, Security embedded into Akamai conditions and controls Edge Servers at the edge the Internet ©2013 AKAMAI | FASTER FORWARDTM
  3. 3. Hybrid Defense – the “new normal”DDoS Protection (Network and Application Layers);Web Application; Direct-to-Origin; and DNS attacks Web Web Application Network Application Server or Database Customer Firewall Firewall (Origin) Server Database Akamai Web Site Security Traditional Data Center Security Massively scalable solution Limited scalability Coordinated response Self-managed or MSSP Highly differentiated Off the shelf solution Proven ©2013 AKAMAI | FASTER FORWARDTM
  4. 4. Akamai Kona Security Solutions Customer Origin with Akamai (Cloud) Datacenters End-User Origin Akamai Traffic Traffic10000 10000 1000 1000 100 100 10 10 1 1 ©2013 AKAMAI | FASTER FORWARDTM
  5. 5. Expansive DDoS and Web Application DefensesKona Site Defender Components (Included)• DDoS mitigation • Adaptive Caching • Network & Application layers • Content served from Edge during • Massive scale attack • Offload to origin. • Site Failover• Web Application protection (WAF) • Access Control • Rate Controls • NetStorage • Application Layer controls • SQLi, XSS, etc. • Log Delivery Service • Custom Rules • Security Monitor• Cloak Customer Origin • Compliance Management • Prevent direct-to-Origin attacks • ISO Security Standard (27002) ©2013 AKAMAI | FASTER FORWARDTM
  6. 6. Overview Moving the mouse over a graph line allows you to see the details of the data point selected. Stats by Geography Stats by Dimension The heat map can be used There are three windows to determine the geographic that allow you to select sources of the top specific dimensions (event attackers. This can be parameters) . viewed as a graph (shown here) or as a table. ©2013 AKAMAI | FASTER FORWARDTM