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  1. 1. Understanding the Identifying the challenges Understanding the givencorporate brand PepsiCo for PepsiCo target group Designing the Understanding theIdentifying the new age communication plan for positioning of PepsiComedia to implement the the stakeholders & the products in the minds ofcommunication plan target group the given target group Identifying ways toImplementing the Identifying strategic establish strongercommunication plan by partners and the connect with PepsiCo ‘strans-media storytelling expected benefits sub-brands
  2. 2. Economy rises post recession Growth Commonwealth Games- 2010 2005 Yuva 2000Mahakumbh 2010 Choice T-20 World Cup 2010 My Zeal Youth has arrived Energy 1995 1989 It is time to choose my future
  3. 3. Leverage lean forward mediaBuild brand PepsiCo Structure consumer Lead in this space Engage stakeholders engagement models Drive linkage between Facilitate dialogues Drive stronger affinity traditional and new media and connect for different Partnership brands
  4. 4. Males  Females 0-12 Years  13-18 Years  19-24 Years 25-35 Years 35+ Years Village  Non-metro cities  Metro cities
  5. 5. Life-loving Go-getters 32% Online Media Consumption: Gaming, Information Different psychographic segments: Scienceseeking, CommunicationPolitically-conscious Positivists Preferred Books: Adventure, Gothic, Thriller,32% fiction 12% Life-loving Go-getters Drivers: Success, Technology News, Job seeking SpecificMedia Consumption: Blogging, Business, Online Behavior Music: Metal, Rock, GrungeIndependent-minded Books: Autobiography, History, Philosophy, Political Preferred 32% 12% 18% Politically- conscious Positivists Value / Attitudes:Drivers: Need for Affinity, Networking SpecificMedia Consumption:Confidence Online Behavior Happiness, Independent-mindedQawwalis, FolkBlogging, Information exchange, Trading Hobbies / Interests: Active sportsperson, Travelling 18% Music: Regional, Biography, Songs 32%Happy-go-lucky Dependents Apple,Mystery, Psychological, Natural science Preferred Books: FavoriteAttitudes: Morality, Equality, 12% 21% Value / Brands: Drivers: Boost Freedom Happy-go-luckyBehaviorNike, Creativity,Self-esteemStreaming, Chat rooms Online Dependents SpecificMedia Consumption: Online shopping, Destiny-believingInterests: SocialFantasy, Magic Hobbies / music, Music: WorldPessimists activities, Debating 12% 18%Destiny-believing Pessimists Jazz,Davidson, Motorola, Johnnie Walker 21% Preferred Books: Comedy, Favorite Brands: Harley Fusion 32% 17% Value / Attitudes:Drivers: Exciting life, Pleasure Wisdom, Passion SpecificMedia Consumption: Seeking advise, Matrimonial, Kill boredom Online Behavior Source: http://www.iimb.ernet.in/publications/review/march2007/psychographic-segmentation Hobbies / Interests: Reading, Blogging Music: Punk, Death-metal, Bhangra Crime novels, Horror Preferred Books: Religious books, FavoriteAttitudes: Spontaniety, Fun-loving Brands: Value / BehaviorAdidas, Sprite, Levi’s Specific Drivers: Respect, Security Hobbies / Interests: Socializing, Shopping Music: Ghazals, Bhajans FavoriteAttitudes: Cautious, Conventional Value / Brands: McDonalds, UCB (Benetton), Axe Hobbies / Interests: Astrology, Watching TV Favorite Brands: Bajaj, Amul, Raymonds
  6. 6.  Belongingness & Reassurement So,  Nourishment Current PepsiCo consumers are younger  Achievement are driven by achievement  Enjoyment want to enjoy life This will also attract Consumers whoFor “good for you” & “better for you” brands are more matureFor “treat for you” brands are more emotionalFor all PepsiCo sub-brands believe in long term relationship
  7. 7. Increase In Consumer-loyalty & Sales Increase In Brand Valuation Of PepsiCoSource: http://www.brandexpress.net
  8. 8. Government Opinion Leaders Government Institutions Consumers CustomerThey do bulk purchase, which isConsumer drives the demand inAn engaged consumer is a loyal anydriven chain, but consumers positivelysupply byconsumer AuthenticatesThey influence efficient salesPartnership with government willSo, product dependent onperformancebrandtowards the is imageauthenticate the brand consumer’s preferencesupportive supply chain partnersInvite him to share the experience of Opinion Leaders prejudice of the purchasingthe productSo, committee his mind bySo, Always stay on InfluenceRope in him throughperformingCollaboratetheambassadors tofor Recognize with governmentengaging brand bestSo,createmobile applicationsyouthcreatein every state likesponsor To • engagingimage positive campaignsdistributor a positive impact, Promotetools blogs and on theprimary education, environment ConsumersNarrate for initiatives, likechat • web theirinstitutes his success storysessions to communicate theprogramprotection and “Pulse Polio” for Sales,  scholarship at Point terminal Install Pepsi-bellsprogram Ofofficial PepsiCo websitesSupport consumerPepsiCo productsvalues delivered by to express histo enable the collaborations through educational institutes Create a pull& the minor infrastructure support toallits PepsiCo getting PepsiCosatisfaction on websites initiativesproducts institutes health Customers Institutions
  9. 9. How we will benefit from it ? It’s implementation Increment in consumers base of PepsiCo Goal Setting Increased number of loyal consumers of Identification of the right mediaPepsiCo products Mapping the sub-brands to consumer Increment in per capita consumption of psychographicsPepsiCo products Choosing the effective channel Activation It’s key features Transmedia Storytelling different stories, same theme different stories , different media convergence Participative campaign stakeholders contribute to the brand narrative open source ideation Authenticity
  10. 10. Consumer power Super consumers Brand democracy Consumer-brand partnership Brand as activist Brand as icon Low High differentiation differentiation Brand as personality Brand as reference Generic brand Value consumersSupplier power Source: Holytornado.files.wordpress.com
  11. 11. New Age MediaBecause EvidenceCustomer Says:• Don’t interrupt me, entertain me• Make it relevant• I want a dialogue, not your monologue Growth Rate of various media Year 2008 2009 TV Viewers 20% 16% Decreasing Internet Users 33% 58% Increasing Mobile Users 58% 60% Increasing Source: http://capitaline.com
  12. 12. Non participative Extremely participative Web 2.0 Web 2.0 Sermon Non participative User Participation Meter Conversation Extremely participative Mobile  Social-networking sites  Mobile Streaming websitesSermon Non participative User Participation Meter Extremely participative Conversation  Mobile gamesOutside Home  Chat tools home, not at Point of sale  Outside Mobile downloads  Blogs streaming/ TV participative OOH screens  Mobile Sermon User Participation Meter Extremely participative Conversation  Traditional media – with engagement models Non Web 2.0 hasTraditional Onlinetoll gates on major highways • at games  Mobile web ever growing Product  Mashups & Folksonomies •  Mobile applicationsSermonmedia in amusement parksNon participative participation UserStrong potential to engage numerous people, Participation Meter Extremely participative This is Conversation ATMs - 132Productcafés Million users users http://capitaline.com TV Cyber – 3.78 Million Source: and invite participation the Sermon Decreasing growthMeter User Participation rate, ConversationNewspaper “future” Events – “PepsiPepsi Academy Day” but can be revived Source: http://capitaline.comPepsi Lounge The product is the bestMy-card & Pepsi-gang membership way to engage consumerPepsi crown
  13. 13. Pepsi . Beverage reveals a 10 digitMy-card crown alphanumeric code My-card holder can SMS the code on toll-free number to increase his account score by 50 pointsMust for becoming part of “Pepsi-gang”Offered at the selected retailers in every cityOn the purchase of beverages worth Rs.500within a stipulated time frame. My-card holder needs to Pepsi register his card number at Academy by SMSing the details online Online Pepsi-gang is created account with an opening score of 100
  14. 14. A “Pepsi lounge” opened in every major city “My-card” holders feel the “Pepsi” belongingness exclusive PepsiCo products would be servedCard holders with high scores get premium benefits free passes for movies, cricket matches goodies signed by PepsiCo ambassadorsRegular events organized celebrate victories of India in international sports visits by brand ambassadors celebrate special days like Environment day
  15. 15. Pepsi Academy will be online at http://www.pepsiacademy.comIt will conduct contests based on current campaigns of Pepsi blogging ad-making slogan writing guess the end of ad gaming Online contests: on www and mobile web Mobile based contests: entry will only be accepted through mobileOnly registered users would be eligible to participate in the contests winners awarded hard-copy merit certificates by Pepsi Academy their account score increasesThere will be articles on current issues by PepsiCo brand ambassadorsThere will be stories posted by users the chosen ones will be later published in the newspaper
  16. 16. To create buzz, website would also feature Window of fame showing the picture & details of highest account score holder A graffiti wall where any user can post pictures or videos content would be moderated PepsiCo ads for different media in the form of story telling presented as a part of the larger story Linkage with social media websites “Pepsi Academy” updates posted on the homepage/ wall of members Voting platform polls on the best solutions to “guess the end of ad” polls on interesting topics
  17. 17. “My-card” holders may SMS crown code to increase their score Registered users would be sent SMS news for interesting facts PepsiCo updates Account holders may use mobile web to participate incontests conducted by Pepsi Academy Mobile specific contests would be conducted speed SMS mobile gaming ringtone making “My-card” holders may download PepsiCo theme smart phone applications, by redeeming account score PepsiCo advertisements, available on Pepsi Academy website
  18. 18. OOH Screens would be placed: at toll gates on major highways in amusement parks in sports stadiumsConsumer participates by sending SMS’s to thegiant screen put up by PepsiCoOthers can build up on that by sending reply SMSsContent would be moderated for public display
  19. 19. TV can be used as a new age mediawith new engagement models Web link would be promoted for behind-the-scenes footage of the ad Specially designed PepsiCo ads would be broadcasted in the form of story telling the larger story would end in speculation viewers would be prompted to guess the ending viewers would take clues from other sub-stories posted on different media best voted solution would be awarded
  20. 20. A column space would be bought in leading newspapers the weekly column “Joy of sharing” would be published on Sundays it would include refreshing stories of “My-card” holders selected by Pepsi academy picture of the chosen member would be published mobile number of the writer may also be published, so that readers can send congratulatory SMSsBest “writer of the month” will have his story and picture printed on the Pepsi cans
  21. 21. Install new Pepsi vending machines in 100 select cities at airports at railway stations in malls Put print ads in malls at cyber cafes at ATMsto prompt user to register with Pepsi academy Print Pepsi logo on the back of ATM receipts, which can be exchanged at Pepsi Lounge for account score Provide incentive to cyber café owners for setting the home page to http://www.pepsiacademy.com
  22. 22. A better AEventsthealllong new spiritsub-stories A greatGalvanize refreshing age the consumer Celebrate ourdelightfulof allbrands Pepsi year Celebrate year to all buzz converges & great across connect themedianext opportunity the new to of more winners Pepsi lounges Showcase the brand for theA one of its kind celebration that brings together all stakeholders and stories.
  23. 23.  India wins lots of medals in the  But there is a theft in the Indian  The detective comesCommonwealth games camp He finds a piece of paper that He gets a clue that medals are Guess the medal, city & sportwas mistakenly left by the thief hidden in different cities Win a seat in the finals
  24. 24. Web 2.0Product Mobile (Pepsi Academy & Social Media) India’s Boxing Gold medal is in Delhi Different media Different sub-stories One main story
  25. 25. Young Enthusiastic Bubbly Futuristic Liberal Successful Aspiring Liveliness Travel Life-loving Go-getters Change Campaigns Politically- conscious Positivists Dynamism Business Independent-minded Joy Music Happy-go-lucky dependents Belief Reward Destiny-believing pessimists Connecting Meeting Point Values Treat for you
  26. 26. Travel Reward Campaigns Invitation from Pepsi to the youth, to participate in campaigns like Primary education Environment protection Business Regular business trivia and tips through mobile & Travel websites The highest account scorer webwill require “My- of the month will get acard” number chance to work as an external The receipt will consultant to Pepsi Musichave “Pepsi” logo Selected songs will be Receipts will be made available on Pepsiredeemable at the And … Academy for free downloadairports for a 500 mlPepsi Pepsi Day for all
  27. 27. Chips Hungry Nourishing Tasty Party Snack Flavour Maturity Environment Life-loving Go-getters Connectivity Social media Politically- conscious Positivists Awareness RSS feeds Independent-minded Lifestyle Magazines Happy-go-lucky dependents Connecting Meeting Point Values Treat for you
  28. 28. Environment RSS feeds Magazines “Lays green toolbar” would beintroduced It’ll feature-- Green dictionary-- Green games-- Links to other green websites & PepsiAcademy website Run a column on the emerging lifestyle of the youth Social media Column named “vote for Notify Pepsi Academy Send the updates from members about updates your lifestyle” would run Pepsi Academy website to on the website through on the lines of “vote for the homepage/wall of all RSS feeds your flavor” the members
  29. 29. Strong Macho Daring Experimental Victorious Bold Aggressive Adrenaline Games Life-loving Go-getters Rebellion Blogs Politically- conscious Positivists Rebellion Blogs Independent-minded Dreams Comics Happy-go-lucky dependents Connecting Meeting Point ValuesTreat for you
  30. 30. Games Blogs Engage consumers through online blogging on Pepsi Academy websites on topics like -- “Current challenges for India” for Politically conscious positivists -- “Life is an adventure” for Independent minded consumers Comics Engage consumers through Engage consumers online comics, whose mainthrough online character is very adventurousadventure games Make the comics freely Scores would be available on Pepsi Academyadded to the “My- websitecard” account Post the link to various social media
  31. 31. Energy Power Performance Sports drinkRelatively newer Educate the Niche segment brand consumer Better for you Popularize it … but low A&M budgetAround commonwealth SoEnergy & Performance … Fatafat ! Develop it Sportsmen as brand ambassadors-- target different sports Target gyms and fitness clubs Forum on social media Induce taste-- sponsor instruments -- are you fit to represent India?-- provide free coupons for Gatorade -- “make your team” contest
  32. 32. Health Nutrition Longevity Light Ready to eat breakfast “Oats”- Increase “Breakfast Complete food awareness habit” Better for you Increase awareness… but low A&M budget Early adoption for Target the children So greater loyalty-- Ready Quaker breakfast for school canteens-- Quaker line of stationery Engage through social media communities Educate the mothers “Aaj kitna better lagta hai” buzz-- Quaker health camps for children “Healthy hindustaan” club
  33. 33. Tasty Tea time snack Indian Flavor Life-loving Go-getters Politically- conscious Positivists Fun Umm… Meter Connecting Independent-minded Meeting Point Values Happy-go-lucky dependentsTreat for you
  34. 34. Kukure ads prompt viewers to post “Umm…meter” created to Recipe owner would campaign their recipes on Pepsi academy test taste of all recipes to get maximum votes“Umm…meter” updates sent Top 3 recipes reviewed by Winner’s recipe as new flavor, on members’ homepage Kurkure team photo & recipe on the pack
  35. 35. Online travel agencies Travel generates $1600 Million revenue through internet Regional languages Regional language sites have grown to 34% of online market Online social media 25 million unique social media usersan opportunity social networking growth at 36% to connect better Search engine to be where the consumer is 73% of internet users search the web 1+ Billion queries per month
  36. 36. Companies who are like minded have common target group have strong connect with consumers have future growth potentialTravelMakemytrip.com Yatra.com Cleartrip.com Ezeego1.co.inSearch engine  mediaSocial Google Yahoo search AltaVista Alot Facebook Orkut Twitter Hi5
  37. 37. Makemytrip.com & Yatra.com Sites will require “My-card” number The receipt will have “Pepsi” logo, receipts will be redeemable at the airports for a 500 ml PepsiGoogle It will support “Pepsi-theme” on its regional search pagesTwitter & Facebook They will allow Pepsi Academy content displays Benefits Number of unique consumers from our target-group touched per day Makemytrip.com Yatra.com Google.com Facebook.com Twitter.com 12 lakhs 8 lakhs 648 lakhs 169 lakhs 2 lakhs Source: http://www.alexa.com