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Agile Mumbai 2022 - Kartik Dhokaai | AI Power Search

  1. transforming business with data & digital products RAPIDOPS – AI POWER SEARCH – REFLECTED INTELLIGENCE 5 NOV 2022 THIS MATERIAL IS CONFIDENTIAL ・ © 2022 RAPIDOPS
  2. About Me (Kartik Dhokai Off course )! Speaker and Panelist at • TEDx PortBlair • IIM Rohtak • IIM Visakhapatnam • Agile Network India • Leanpitch • STeP-IN forum. © 2022 Rapidops Inc. 2 ・CONFIDENTIAL What I like to do • Helping people to grow Agile Mindset • Help customers to deliver faster results • Defining Go-To Market strategy for the products • Keeping myself fit Sr Project Manager @ Rapidops Solutions Pvt Ltd “Give good to the Universe and Get back the best from it”
  3. Agenda • Brief about Traditional search • Challenges with Traditional search • Brief about AI Power Search and WHY? • How search can be optimized using AI Power Search? • Statistics after implementing AI Power Search • Implementation challenges • Key Benefits of implementing AI Power Search • Challenges in AI Power Search • Future of AI in Retail industry • Takeaways © 2020 Rapidops Inc. 3 ・CONFIDENTIAL
  4. Traditional Search • Traditional search engines provide users with a doorway into the information they are seeking but typically offer a very broad set of results that require the user to continue to search and refine. • These search engines are constantly crawling and indexing the entire internet, then ranking those results so when a user enters search terms, the engine is able to provide a set of links, (including paid links), that match the terms the user is interested in. © 2022 Rapidops Inc. 4 ・CONFIDENTIAL Ref -
  5. Challenges with Traditional search • If users are not well versed with exact search keyword, it will take a huge time of users to get the exact results or it’s either impossible to get the results. • Search spam • The comparison process is fragmented when using traditional search, forcing the user to continue navigating back and forth from the search engine when comparing products and services. © 2022 Rapidops Inc. 5 ・CONFIDENTIAL
  6. AI Power search and WHY? 1. AI Power search allows us to bring in the multiple dimensions of the users and the data available to produce the most relevant results. 2. AI Power search engines evolved through not only in text but also in tags, descriptions, category markers, business priorities, geolocation of the users, past behavior of the users, searchable metadata and other contextual factors in determining specific content relevance for everyone. AI Power search will help end customers to reduce the search time and help them to find the exact search results, avoid spam, and help customers with non-fragmented comparison between similar products and services. In a nut-shell, AI Power search has a capabilities of Domain aware, Contextual and Personalized, Conversational, Multi-modal, Intelligent, and Assistive. © 2020 Rapidops Inc. 6 ・CONFIDENTIAL
  7. How AI Powered Search works? © 2022 Rapidops Inc. 7 ・CONFIDENTIAL
  8. ML based method for Relevance Optimization AI-powered search engines rely on natural language processing (NLP) to read, understand, interpret, and analyse queries. ML based method covers millions of use cases and edge cases, which run from vague to precise. There are few techniques which helped in relevance optimization such as 1. Semantic Annotations 2. Text Analysis 3. Named Entity Recognition © 2022 Rapidops Inc. 8 ・CONFIDENTIAL
  9. Statistics! With this transformation, we helped our customer by integrating Customer Intelligence and Product Intelligence to create unique profiles for every customer. Customer Intelligence combined data gathered from user clicks, products selected, and shopping intent, to create a 360-degree view of the shopper. Product Intelligence identified the attributes of the desired products to provide recommendations with increased relevance. The implementation of the suite uplifted the shopping experience, including repeat visitors, revenue per visitor, and visitor-to-order conversion rate. © 2022 Rapidops Inc. 9 ・CONFIDENTIAL Conversion Rate - 9.7% Overall Revenue - 6.3 %
  10. Implementation challenges • Initially we received raw data from our client but unfortunately not having enough knowledge of products we have annotate the data such as Product type, Diamond type, Carat weight, and Manufacturer name based on our best understanding and with the help of our customers but unfortunately, we haven’t received the desired results. • Interacted with the customers and connected with the diamond manufacturer with the help of client to understand and get some parameters about diamonds more in detail. We annotated some more parameters as Cut, Polish, Symmetry, Price, and Gridle Thickness. • In third iteration we have added Lab details who certify the diamonds. • Few other parameters which we have annotated are Purity which is same as Carat weight, only Width and Height, and Gross weight. © 2020 Rapidops Inc. 10 ・CONFIDENTIAL
  11. Generalized Search © 2022 Rapidops Inc. 11 ・CONFIDENTIAL Tech stack – PyTorch library, Solr, Spark, Content based model, Kubernetes / GCP
  12. Popularized Search © 2022 Rapidops Inc. 12 ・CONFIDENTIAL Tech stack – PyTorch library, Solr, Spark, Content based model, Kubernetes / GCP
  13. Personalized Search © 2022 Rapidops Inc. 13 ・CONFIDENTIAL Tech stack – PyTorch library, Solr, Spark, Collaborative-filtering based model, Kubernetes / GCP
  14. AI Power Search – Key Benefits Customer Retention Help existing customers to come back on our platforms and serve them better. © 2022 Rapidops Inc. 14 ・CONFIDENTIAL Sales Increase Helping customer with the exact product will help us to increase the sales. More customer conversion System can quickly authorize employees, detect multiple employees in a frame, detect employees in low light and detect photos (in progress) Length of site visit Showing relevant results will help customers to stay on web app for longer period. Increasing Personalization Unlike current systems, all identification data and access management is centralized which simplifies operations and avoids data loss
  15. Challenges in improving AI Power Search Relevance © 2020 Rapidops Inc. 15 ・CONFIDENTIAL Omnichannel context is where user browser different products using different platform, which confuse the model to search relevant products for the users.
  16. Continue… © 2020 Rapidops Inc. 16 ・CONFIDENTIAL Customer behavior is another big challenge as in an image we are seeing that customer is walking on left aisle and looking at a products on right aisle. So, there are very high chance that user would be picking up a products from right aisle. Same way, it’s hard to predict user behaviors digitally as user would browse different products at different time and may be every other day a different products which makes it difficult for a model to help customers with a relevance search.
  17. Continue… © 2020 Rapidops Inc. 17 ・CONFIDENTIAL As we are seeing in an image that user is picking up a products from the store and care taking team of store can notify to the manager about product getting out of stock. With this, what happens digitally when products go out of stock, it will still be listed in search results which is not at all a good user experience. There are teams out in an organization who are trying to solve this use case with the help of AI Power Search.
  18. Continue… © 2020 Rapidops Inc. 18 ・CONFIDENTIAL Addressing Knowledge graph use case using AI Power search is bit challenging as most of the organization use content-based labeling where user finds it difficult to get the correct product in search in first attempt.
  19. Future of AI in retail sector © 2022 Rapidops Inc. 19 ・CONFIDENTIAL Source - According to the research reports, the market size of Artificial Intelligence in retail is expected to reach USD 31.2 billion by 2025 from USD 4.8 billion in 2021.
  20. Key Takeaways! • Implementing AI Power Search (Generalized search, Popularized search and Personalized search) will help organization to understand their product domain more in detail which eventually will help organization to market their products to right audience. This will increase the length of site visit of the customers on our application which would eventually help us to grow in our revenue. © 2022 Rapidops Inc. 20 ・CONFIDENTIAL
  21. Thank you! © 2022 Rapidops Inc. 21 ・CONFIDENTIAL