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Agile Chennai 2021 | Hack to Embrace Innovation by Harsha Vardhan

  1. Hack to Embrace Innovation Harsha Vardhan VP Software Engineering Optum Global Advantage, India
  2. 2 “Because the future doesn’t just happen, We create it” - Hannan Fry
  3. of software design and development My engineering experience: Worked across diversified culture • India • North America • Latin America • Ireland and • The Philippines I enjoy: • Attending/contributing to Industry forums • Execution/POC/POV 22 years My interests: • Badminton, Driving What else I do: • Let’s do it - progress Vs perfection ! Myself • Practicing software engineer • Studied Mathematics and Computer Science • Prior work experience at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Ford Technologies, R1 RCM • An avid contributor to Agile and DevOps communities in India • Speaker at some of the leading agile conferences such as Agile NCR, Agile Network India, Agile Mumbai, Agile Gurugram, Lean Kanban India • Married and have two daughters VP, Software Engineering Optum Global Advantage, India Harsha Vardhan Introduction 3
  4. Agenda 4 New normal for Software Engineering 2 Innovation Ecosystem 3 Celebrate Code 4 Consumer Centricity 5 Call to Action 1
  5. New Normal for Software Engineering Over time, a lack of technical excellence diminishes your ability to deliver business capabilities.
  6. Current Embedded Machine Learning Models Integration of Process Discovery and Process Mining Cloud Delivery Past OCR/IDP Integration With iBPMS Multipersona Development Environment Future NLP LCAP Chatbots RPA Refactoring Monoliths to Composability Automation Everywhere Emerging Trends
  7. The Intersection of Applications and Software Engineering delivering Intelligent composable solutions Software Engineering Leader Application Leader Custom Applications Packaged Business Capabilities Technology Innovation Business Innovation
  8. Need for Innovation
  9. Innovation Ecosystem Framework Source : Gartner
  10. Best Practices for Rules of Engagement
  11. Innovation Ideation and Execution Ecosystem
  12. Celebrate Code ! Coding/ Code Reviews Low code/No Code Continuous Innovation Gartner - Low-code application platforms will be responsible for more than 65 percent of all app dev activity by 2024
  13. Innovation Tagging HIP (Hardening , Innovation and Planning) Innovation and Planning Innovation Tagging of User Stories/ Features Different from existing Spike Story Success Criteria Rewards & Recognition
  14. Hackathon - Hack to realize Business value Context Design Run Assessment  Business Use case  Solution alternatives  Tech Stack  The Event  Demo  Funding for production
  15. Align and Design Ecosystem Around Your Customer - an illustration
  16. Thank You !
  17. Source : Gartner