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2018 Digital Marketing Strategy Proposal Template

This free template provides a quick and easy outline for how to not only win in the digital marketplace across multiple channels, but also how you can get clients and team members on-board (beyond politics or who gets the credit).

Download this free guide to have a consistent reference for how to format, visualize and deliver online success in 2016.

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2018 Digital Marketing Strategy Proposal Template

  1. 1. How this project meets business objective.
  2. 2. 1. OVERVIEW • • Tactic 1 Current State – Performance Conversion Chart (Visual) 2. GROWTH OPPORTUNITIES • Recommendation 1 • Recommendation 2 • Recommendation 3 3. TRAFFIC FLOWMAP • User Flow Across Channels • Digital Strategy Tactic 5 Tactic 2 App User Experience 4. CONTENT STRATEGY • Audience & Personas • Creative Messaging 5. SUMMARY • Timeline • Estimated Costs Tactic 4 Tactic 3
  3. 3. • WHAT’S WORKING – i.e. High Traffic - Over 1 Million page views in the last 90 days From more than XXX visits XX% traffic to top XX pages • WHAT’S NOT – i.e. Low Engagement or Conversion - Average visitor sees only X pages before exiting More than XX% of those visitors are unique X % of them leave immediately The remaining visitors will go XX pages deep before exiting Average time spent = XX minutes
  4. 4. Take one or two metric conversions from prior slide and make visual Source: http://unfunnel.com/blog/how-to-apply-social-media-to-lead-generation-objectives/ (Make sure you give your source credit)
  6. 6. Business Goal (i.e. capture leads) Solution (i.e. Home Page Banner) Steps to improve experience: Why this is important: - Step 1 - Step 2 - Step 3 - Step 4 • Integrating Google+ will also significantly improve SEO rankings (local and mobile especially) • Reduce the bounce rate with relevance via direct & organic traffic
  8. 8. Rule #1: Something similar to “Related content must be highly relevant”. Call out a main goal conversion here • Example 1 • Example 2 • Example 3 • Example 4 • Example 5 …and hammer it home.
  10. 10. Spell out Optimization Ideas - Idea example here: Use the right colors for your audience to draw attention to select elements. Don’t try to make everything jump out – or nothing will stand out. Do A/B testing variations 2 vs 4 colors for your web templates. - Idea example here: Avoid anything unnecessary. No Flash animations, no animated background and NO background music. - Idea example here: Create a clear navigation structure and prioritize page elements in a grid fashion (based on CTAs & Business Goals). Highlight an area that could use the most improvement, could be a form… 1. Are there any barriers? 2. How many fields should be required? 3. Does the form look secure? 4. Does it automatically populate? 5. What happens after you submit? 6. Any industry benchmarks? And drive home another main point – here!
  12. 12. Source: http://unfunnel.com/wp-content/uploads/influencer_cultiv_lifecycle_unfunnel.jpg (Make sure you give your source credit)
  13. 13. Source: http://unfunnel.com/wp-content/uploads/marketingcom-unfunnel-agile.jpg (Make sure you give your source credit)
  15. 15. Do you know who your audience is? If not, what is the plan to find out? Develop personas & how they are influenced…
  16. 16. Bucket your content into categories, what is your mix? For example: 1. Recycled Content 2. User Generated Content 3. Innovative Content 4. Influencer Content 5. Partner/Sponsor Content Spell out Your Content Strategy Example: Our content strategy will be defined by both historical data and behavior analysis of current audience & segments to determine messaging the will trigger a goal response.
  18. 18. Phase 1 What Phase 1 includes, i.e. strategy, concepting, layouts etc. $$$$ - Range Phase 2 What Phase 2 includes, content development, testing, website launch etc. $$$$ - Range Phase 3 What Phase 2 includes, monthly optimization, reporting & media costs etc. $$$$ - Range Copyright information goes here…. “All rights and intellectual property reserved. Ideas and recommendations in this proposal may not be used or reproduced without the consent of blah blah blah.
  19. 19. Join us… http://bit.ly/join-the-unfunnel