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Troubleshooting Recruiting: Managing Global Teams - A Call For New Technologies

  1. Managing Global Teams A Call For New Technologies
  2. HELLO! I am Stefanie Stanislawski HR Tech expert and visionary. ▸ Advised and worked with companies such as Novartis, EY, Walmart, among others Product development expert. Founder of Predictive People. Mom of 3. 2
  3. 3 Every company, big or small is looking for talent
  4. Data and facts ▸ Only 15% of employees are engaged in their work. ▸ According to Smarp, these cost US employers $450 to $500 billion each year. ▸ At the same time we have 10 million unfilled jobs. ▸ People are no longer willing to work extra hours 4
  5. AI to drive HR forward 5 Internal sources of data Corporate communication(G Suite, Office 365), Slack Publicly available data Social networks, job boards Predictive People AI Ongoing engagement and stress scores Individual guidelines for managers and HR Access to tailored rewards and wellness platform Predictive talent pipelines generation
  6. Line managers are too focused on their day to day HR is overloaded with reactive and operational work Recruiters are always behind unrealistic deadlines Where’s the focus? 6
  7. Sales Manager 7 Disengaged. She is looking for growth. The best way to approach her is…
  8. Impact of COVID on the workplace 8 People’s mindset changed Global teams are here to stay
  9. The ecosystem The world is changing at breakneck speed 1
  10. 10 Ecosystem Networks Organization Talent
  11. 11 Ecosystem Networks Organization Talent Top performers will create alliances, collaborative innovation networks = teams of self-motivated individuals with a collective vision, enabled by the web to collaborate in achieving a common goal by sharing ideas, information and work. New “work codes”: ● Sound ethical principles ● Based on trust and self-organization ● Knowledge accessible to everyone ● Operating in honesty and transparency
  12. 12 Ecosystem Networks Organization Talent Permanent idea of “continuous improvement” ● Bring revenue ● Has a huge impact on people ● Incredibly productive workforces
  13. 13 Ecosystem Networks Organization Talent In this era of systemic skills shortages, reactive recruitment is not going to work. Everyone in the business needs to include recruitment in their activities and in their daily agenda. The new role of the line manager making people management decisions HR becomes an in-house management consulting firm model
  14. 14 The new recruiter Recruiter Data science Digital marketing Social media management Consultative sales B2B networking Career coach Content writer Reseacher Influencer Technologist
  15. Processes must evolve We must break many assumptions 2
  16. 16
  17. Next steps How are we going to get the tech we need? 3
  18. The future is closer 18
  19. Joining forces Personio is one of the most fast-forward thinking HR Tech startups out there But this is not a problem that will be solved by a single company, we need to start thinking BIG 19
  20. 20 THANKS! Any questions? You can find me at: ▸