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Open Science, Open Innovation/John Wood

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Presented during the SA-EU Science Workshop

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Open Science, Open Innovation/John Wood

  1. 1. Open Science, Open Innovation An EU-SA Dialgue for Policy Professor John Wood Member of the Open Science Policy Platform, RTD, EC Chair of ATTRACT Advisory Board, a trans-European initiative to exploit Open Science and Open Innovation www.attract-eu.org
  2. 2. What is it, myth or reality?
  3. 3. Analysis Publication ReviewConceptualisation Data gathering Open access Scientific blogs Collaborative bibliographies Alternative Reputation systems Citizens science Open code Open workflows Open annotation Open data Pre- print Data- intensive 4 Sci-starter.com Runmycode.or g ArXiv Roar.eprints. org Impact Story Altmetric.com Mendeley.com Academia.edu Researchgate.com Openannotation.org Datadryad.org Myexperiment.org Figshare.com An emerging ecosystem of services and standards It's real!
  4. 4. Global collaboratories • They can engage in whole new forms of scientific inquiry and treat information at a scale we are only beginning to see. • … and help us solving today’s Grand Challenges such as climate change and energy supply.
  5. 5. The Data Harvest, December 2014 © RDA Europe The benefits of open data • The Citizen: All people will benefit from the products and services that are developed around open data and sharing – directly or indirectly. • The Entrepreneur: Open data is a source of inspiration for entrepreneurs and provides the raw material for new products and services. • The Scientist: Freely exchanging data will transform the nature of what it means to be researchers.
  6. 6. Three pillars of GO FAIR GO FAIR consists of three interconnected pillars: GO CHANGE aims to instigate cultural change to make the FAIR principles a working standard in science and to reform reward systems to incorporate open science activities. GO TRAIN is about locating, creating, maintaining, and sustaining the required data expertise in Europe through training and education. The aim is to have core certified data experts and to have at least one certified institute in each Member State and for each discipline to support implementation of data stewardship. GO BUILD deals with the need for interoperable and federated data infrastructures. In addition, it is about the harmonisation of standards, protocols, and services, which enable all researchers to deposit, access, and analyse scientific data across disciplines.
  7. 7. The Guru behind this movement
  8. 8. Philips Eindhoven Innovation Campus
  9. 9. Philips’ Eindhoven Campus
  10. 10. • There are 5 key elements in the new Open Innovation process: • Networking; • Collaboration: involving partners, competitors, universities, and users; • Corporate Entrepreneurship: enhancing corporate venturing, start-ups and spin-offs; • Proactive Intellectual Property Management: creating new markets for technology; • Research and Development (R&D): achieving competitive advantages in the market.
  11. 11. Initially the ATTRACT story: 6 of Europe’s top public labs + 2 leading universities join forces to spin their technologies to market • CERN – the Higgs Boson • European Molecular Biology Lab • European Southern Observatory • European Synchrotron Radiation Facility • European XFEL (X-Ray Free Electron Laser) • Institut Laue-Langevin (neutron science) • Aalto University, Helsinki • ESADE Business School, Barcelona • European Industrial Research Management Association ATTRACT Goal – move from open science to open innovation 17
  12. 12. MSc-Student Projects in Innovation IdeaSquare Benefiting from the technical knowledge of the researchers and engineers working in experiments and in other parts of CERN, a dedicated MSc-level program has been started in IdeaSquare targeted to multidisciplinary student teams, complementary to the domain of physics. This program is called Challenge Based Innovation (CBI), and it is organized and coordinated in collaboration with universities and business schools. It is open to participation and has currently participants from six countries Currently, some 100 students are working together in IdeaSquare - and remotely from their home institutions - on concrete prototypes addressing challenges faced by society.
  13. 13. IdeaSquare
  14. 14. Challenge based innovation
  15. 15. Speech of Oettinger “We are in the middle of a true revolution — the fourth industrial revolution. It will change our industries, it will change our economy. And it will have a profound impact on our lives. We are now in the midst of the next digital revolution which is precisely based on interconnection and communication: Any object, any machine, are now starting to be equipped with sensors in this "internet of things" - sensors able to communicate and to feed in real time into processes.
  16. 16. EDISON Project Overview: Building the Data Science Profession for Research and Industry EDISON – Education for Data Intensive Science to Open New science frontiers Grant 675419 (INFRASUPP-4-2015: CSA)
  17. 17. EDISON Objectives, Impact and Actions Increase the number of Data Scientists and Market for establishing Data Science Profession Data Science Competence Framework and Body of Knowledge Engage stakeholder communities Sustain platforms of communities of practice Create community of “champion” universities Interact with Expert Liaison Groups Define Model Curriculum and design tools Support for accreditation and certification Collaborating and sharing expertise and materials Services to education and training Create a Data Science profession Data Science professional profiles Interact with demand and supply sides Career path building and skills transferability IMPACT Objectives and Actions
  18. 18. Visionaries and Drivers: Seminal works, High level reports, Activities The Fourth Paradigm: Data-Intensive Scientific Discovery. By Jim Gray, Microsoft, 2009. Edited by Tony Hey, Kristin Tolle, et al. http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/collaboration/fourthparadigm/ DSci Champions March 2017 EDISON Data Science Framework 26 Riding the wave: How Europe can gain from the rising tide of scientific data. Final report of the High Level Expert Group on Scientific Data. October 2010. http://cordis.europa.eu/fp7/ict/e- infrastructure/docs/hlg-sdi-report.pdf The Data Harvest: How sharing research data can yield knowledge, jobs and growth. An RDA Europe Report. December 2014 https://rd-alliance.org/data-harvest- report-sharing-data-knowledge-jobs- and-growth.html https://www.rd-alliance.org/ HLEG report on European Open Science Cloud (October 2016) Emergence of Cognitive Technologies (IBM Watson and others)