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  1. By Arisha Fatima
  2. What is stress ? Emotional/Physical reaction Change or demands Body & mind’s response
  3. Every Body Is Under Stress Say What !
  4. It Can Be Harmful Holy Mother Of God..!
  5. Or Beneficial
  6. Types  Mental (include depression )  Physical (any type of pathological condition)  Distress (way a normal brain cope with high level of stress) I didn’t see that coming !
  7. CAUSES OF STRESS ON STUDENTS * Academics * Extracurricular * Peers * ParentalPressure * TimeManagement
  8. Unhealthy ways of coping with stress Smoking Drinking toomuch Overeating Withdrawingfrom friends,family,and activities Usingpillsor drugsto relax Sleeping toomuch
  9. Stress management strategies Strategy 1 : Avoid unnecessary stress
  10. Strategy 2 : Alter the situation It includes :- 1. Avoid unnecessary things that makes you stressed out 2. Avoid the situations that makes your brain more stressed.
  11. Strategy 3 : Adapt the stressor 1. If possible try to adapt the things or situations with whom you can cope with . 2. Try to fight with the situations .
  12. Strategy 4 : Accept the things you can’t change 1. Try to accept those daily life situations in which you feel stressed. 2. Try to be situation friendly more in order to accept the things/peoples making you stressed out.
  13. Strategy 5: Make time for fun and relaxation 1. Do things which you love to do. 2. Do things which makes you happy. 3. Listen songs, watch movies or go through some good novels and books.
  14. Strategy 6 : Adopt the healthy lifestyle 1. Always remember "healthy outside starts from a healthy inside". 2. So start with changing unhealthy habits to healthy habits and make things your favourites.
  15. Thank You..!