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Joints-Off | Low-Cost and High-Durable Offshore Foundation

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CDTI EEA GRANTS – Joints-Off | Low-Cost and High-Durable Offshore Foundation

JOINTS-OFF project aims to knowledge generation and the development of new offshore structures, low-cost and high-durable.

IDESA R&D&i | Focus on what matters

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Joints-Off | Low-Cost and High-Durable Offshore Foundation

  1. 1. Jackets applied to new low manufacturing cost and high durability for offshore wind research structures
  2. 2. Get technically viable offshore structures to depths of over 30 meters
  3. 3. ¿WHY? • Lower costs of production and maintenance of the structures of offshore wind • Minimize the environmental impact of the structures of offshore wind • Removing welded joints • Developing new advanced coatings to prevent the growth of • marine organisms
  4. 4. • Application concepts of tensegrity Structure type jacket
  5. 5. • Minimal surfaces Structure type jacket
  6. 6. Adhesion and settlement macroorganisms: -Crustaceans -Cirripedia (barnacles), -Tubeworms -macroalgae PROBLEM
  7. 7. • Generates serious economic and environmental problems • They decrease the stability of the structure and increase the possibility of biocorrosion
  8. 8. • Development of new non-toxic stabilizers for polyurethane modified commercial acrylic paints that inhibit the settlement of marine organisms and / or promote their detachment without any chemical reaction • Type design jacket new foundations based on tensegrity structures and minimal
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