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Adetem Factory 2017 - Intervention de Mathieu Trépanier (Tsquared) : Unlock growth for your brand

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Adetem Factory 2017 : IA et Marketing, mythes et réalités.

Mathieu Trepanier, CEO & Co-Founder – Tsquared

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Adetem Factory 2017 - Intervention de Mathieu Trépanier (Tsquared) : Unlock growth for your brand

  1. 1. AI & Ideal Flavors for Vegans in the UK MathieuTrépanier – CEO & Co-Founder November 15th 2017
  2. 2. Reliability of surveys is at risk • Survey respondents give unreliable responses Audiences are fragmented • Consumers are watching several devices and cannot be reached cost effectively Low attention spans • Consumers have up to 8 second attention span online, not time for questionnaires CONSUMER INTELLIGENCE: Barriers/solutions to traditional research 2 The future? Behavioral research Precise audience targeting Non intrusive research
  3. 3. About Tsquared: Digital data science agency founded in 2010 3 Carole Brousse VP HR Jim Hershkowitz VP Operations Gilles Haumont VP Strategy & Luxury Caroline Thibodeau COO & co- Founder Dr. Mathieu Trepanier CEO & co- Founder Ivan Marinov VP Research & Development Charles Upchurch CFO Pr. David Dubois Academic Advisor Tsquared was created in 2010 to fulfill the vision of a new paradigm for consumer insights based on behavioral and non intrusive digital data • 19 multinational clients, growing fast • 23 geographies covered, across 4 continents • Offices in Geneva and Boston
  4. 4. THE REVOLUTION: How Tsquared is changing the Statu Quo 4 Studies with up to 150’000 people tracked Behaviors of 100’000’000 people tracked individually Insights with weeks or months delay from activity Result observation within 48 hours of activity Statu Quo Tsquared Revolution Purchase behaviors at aggregate consumer levels Purchase behaviors at (anonymized) individual granularity
  5. 5. 5 THE DATA: From Google & Amazon to other e-commerce sites Almost limitless possibilities to include other websites… Such as your own web properties and those of the competition … … … … … … … … … … … … … …
  6. 6. Our database covers internet users across 5 continents, with 171 available countries 6 0.3% - 0.99% 1% - 2.99% 5% + 3% - 4.99% No Data Coverage (%) of country internet users
  7. 7. 7 Revealing the detailed consumer journeys of millions of customers Time-persistent and cross platform anonymous ID Estimated age Estimate gender Search string Next click Millisecond timestamp Mobile or PC 1. Considering the lion king? 2. Or Billy Elliott? 3. Or another musical? 4. And what about parking? 5. Or stay home and watch TV with these great dim sum?
  8. 8. 8 Source: Tsquared Consumer Insights Person A: Paris, France Interests based on cross channel search data Paris MaleMay 1, 2017 35-44 yrs. Person A profile Local Time Keyword Searched Landing Domain 12:46:04 PM Gmail accounts.google.com 12:56:04 PM France24 france24.com 1:00:15 PM Euronews euronews.com 2:33:20 PM Espaces verts pour chien Paris evous.fr 2:43:20 PM Où promener son chien à Paris 2:55:20 PM Météo Paris france.lachainemeteo.com Local Time Product or Keyword Searched Action 9:32:00 PM Chien vêtement imperméable On-site search 9:33:15 PM Manteau Imperméable pour Chien Product page 9:33:55 PM Manteau Imperméable pour Chien Add to basket Local Time Video Time Spent 9:20:01 PM Musique 2017-2018 Nouveauté 00:15:55 9:55:01 PM Les meilleures célébrations du football 00:04:37 Pet accessoriesMail PetsNews Weather Sports Videos Music Hits
  9. 9. 9 Capabilities to unlock growth at the heart of your decision process WHITE SPACE IDENTIFICATION CUSTOMER JOURNEY OPTIMIZATION BRAND E-HEALTH ASSESSMENT Campaign ROI Media Planning CRM Enrichment
  10. 10. anti inflammato ry clean eating dairy free fodmap diet gluten free gmo high fiber high protein lactose free low calorie low carb low fat mediterran ean organic pescatarian plant based sugar free superfood vegan vegetarian whole foods natural -20% -10% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 0 20,000 40,000 60,000 80,000 100,000 120,000 YoYGrowth[%] Avg. monthly search volume Challenge: identify the emerging category needs or addressing a particular audience, and the right brand offering 10 Main ingredients ? Free from ? ? Benefits area? Incrementality ? Growing need to address ?Audience ?
  11. 11. (1) Tsquared can see the online searches and e-commerce purchases at the individuallevel Database linking (via AI) products sold on Walmart.com,Amazon, etc. with precise flavors, fragrances, etc. (3) Consumer specific flavor/fragrance scores per category (2) Products of interest to/purchased by a particularconsumer are matched via AI to the flavor/fragrancedatabase (5) Tsquared’ssegmentation toolboxis used to identify audiencesof interest (6) Audience specific, full product proposition including ideal flavor/fragrance profile based on actual behaviorand linked to incrementality potential!!
  12. 12. Result: a Coconut and Acai berry drink, targeted for growing Vegan consumers, delivering +7% new consumers (34% from competition) A non-dairy milk drink with coconut milk and acai berry, free fromAspartame, Calcium benefit 12 Brand consumer base From existing Brand consumer base Users before Users after From competition +7.1% user base, 34% incremental Penetration potential A product targeted to theVegan segment, particularly runners WHYTSQUARED:  Need based identification  Big data behaviors  Granular profiling  Penetration potential  Within 4 weeks
  13. 13. 13 Thank you! Tsquared Insights SA Route de Pré-Bois, 20 1215Geneva Switzerland www.tsquaredinsights.com mtrépanier@tsquaredinsights.com +41 79 549 23 88