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Lessons from 10 years of Jam, the boring slides from SDGC 2020

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Slides. With facts. And pictures. And lots of bullet points.

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Lessons from 10 years of Jam, the boring slides from SDGC 2020

  1. 1. Markus Hormeß & Adam Lawrence at SDGC 2020 Lessons from 10 years of Jam Jams, hacks and sprints in service design
  2. 2. globaljams.orgSDGC 2020 Safe space for discovery. •In the Global Jams, local Jams are simultaneous, physical events lasting about 48 contiguous hours*. •All local Jams share the same Secret Theme and timelines. (They can choose to be shorter, but not longer). •All Jammers (participants) publish their prototypes on an online platform. What is a Jam? * exceptions apply in COVID-year 2020 PicDamianBakarcicatFlickr Collage by N.P. at Global Jams
  3. 3. globaljams.orgSDGC 2020 Safe space for discovery. •Local Hosts are free to plan their own Jam within the deadlines. •Most use a service design / design thinking approach including street research, ideation, prototyping and street testing. •Local Jams are often linked to others around the globe. •In 2020, virtual Jams joined the mix. What is a Jam? Pic by Sarah Stern LA Jam
  4. 4. globaljams.orgSDGC 2020 Safe space for discovery. •Jams are often playful, but very focussed events. •There is a strong emphasis on prototyping and a motto of “doing, not talking”. •It is estimated that at least 10,000 people have experienced service design via Jamming. What is a Jam? Pic:BASF Collage by N.P. at Global Jams
  5. 5. globaljams.orgSDGC 2020 Ten years of Jamming •The first Global Service Jam took place in 2011. In total, 59 cities took part. •It was soon followed by Global Sustainability Jam (2011) and Global GovJam (2012). •Well over 1000 local Jams have taken place over the 10 years. •The smallest local Jam had 2 people; the largest around 500. About 30 seems typical. The Global Jams
  6. 6. globaljams.orgSDGC 2020 Pressure-cooker formats •Jams have much in common with hacks, sprints and other fast formats. •Hacks emphasise the clever or edgy use of tech. Sprints focus on building solutions fast (outputs). •Jams also have outputs, but emphasise understanding both problem and solution spaces, while promoting learning (outcomes). •“Jams can make innovation, but they usually make innovators.” Jams/Hacks/Sprints Pic: Sarah Stern, LA Jams Pic BASF
  7. 7. globaljams.orgSDGC 2020 A growing movement •Pressure cooker formats are becoming increasingly popular. Design Sprints are an obvious example. •The Global Jams have led to spin-offs like Cyclehack, Global Goals Jam and EduJam. •Organisations like adidas, Facebook, BASF and many more are also jamming. Other events Pic:BASF Picadidas/BASF
  8. 8. globaljams.orgSDGC 2020 Where Global Jams can help •Global Jam events offer a space for inexperienced designers to build confidence, and for experienced ones to try new approaches. •Global Jam events offer facilitators an opportunity to experiment. •Agencies can use Global Jam events to let their clients experience design. Many agencies also recruit at the Jam. Yes we Jam… Pic:BASF Pic Global Jams
  9. 9. globaljams.orgSDGC 2020 Where Jams are useful •Jams are a great introduction to (service)design methods and mindsets – empathy, experimentation, iteration. •Jams help orgs begin to explore new domains or changed reality. •Jams are a useful and productive way to connect to partners, customers and other stakeholders in community building. Jamming at work Pic:BASF Pic Global Jams
  10. 10. globaljams.orgSDGC 2020 Where Jams are useful •Jams fit well inside projects. They generate attention, focus interest and boost progress. •Jams let us prototype collaboration patterns and even teams •As you meet the whole person at a jam, they are great for team building and onboarding. •“Even better projects come after Jams.” Jam at work Pic:BASF Pic BASF
  11. 11. globaljams.orgSDGC 2020 Where Jams fall down •When too short, jams become meaningless. Two days is nice. •If the output of a jam is important, then the input will need serious attention. •Jams are easy to do, but quite hard to do well. •Like all pressure cooker formats, jams do not replace real projects. Some folks find that hard to understand. The limits of Jam Pic:BASF
  12. 12. globaljams.orgSDGC 2020 The future of the Jam •In 2020, Global Jam hosts and others have experimented successfully with online and asynchronous Jamming. •A new conference, CMPRSSD, will further explore the world of pressure cooker formats: jams, hacks and sprints. •For more, follow the news at www.globaljams.org Where next? Pic:BASF
  13. 13. Markus Hormeß & Adam Lawrence at SDGC 2020 www.globaljams.org #GSJam / #GGovJam / #GSusJam